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  1. bigoak

    2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Discussion Thread

    Socialists will love this golf course. disarm and equalize. plus save water for the environment. less chemicals. less fuel for mowers. all courses should be like this. easier to get a starting time. Horschel will lose fans for whining about USGA which should go the route of the NCAA plus a possible fine. The roster has been spoiled and pampered and now they're on a track with greens like many publix linksers face. Our greens have 4 kinds of grass and every turf disease known to man. But we pay and play. fortunately we don't have 60 yard run offs.
  2. bigoak

    Biggest jerk on the tour?

  3. gotta find a ball that will spin to stop on green or release from apron that is still decent to putt.
  4. bigoak

    Hunter Mahan Breaks Barclays Trophy

    should have used tin cup.
  5. a help but you still hit the ball with the head, not the handle.
  6. better to end it now than getting married, having a couple kids and then breaking up.
  7. bigoak

    Do You Have Concealed Carry Permit...

    watch the movies, the security guard is always killed first. an unarmed guard is a car without gas.an invention of simpletons who think they are smart. more yearly stabbings than shootings but that's o k? right! Would you feel bad is someone took your gun and killed someone else? What a stupid question. Would you feel bad if someone stole your car and killed someone else in a car wreck? Would you feel bad if you found out that you bought someone a drink and later they caused the death of someone else? Would you feel bad if you were texting someone and they wrecked their car killing 4 people? if you don't like guns, knives, phones, alcohol, drugs, don't own any.
  8. bigoak

    Do You Have Concealed Carry Permit...

    I have to have a carry permit but handguns are single shot target grade. I compete in sponsored matches. I would not use a handgun for home protection. I have 2 twelve gauge shotguns and a 410 shotgun. each loaded with buckshot or slugs. either load will do a job. that 410 with a slug load outhits a 44 mag. plus the carry range of a shotgun is not a mile like pistol/rifle loads.
  9. bigoak

    Bubba Watson....Fan or not a fan?

    You gotta like Bubba

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