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  1. One more vote for Hawaii. Move to Honolulu, play year round golf. Meet some friends on the bases to play more golf. Meet some friends with nice country club memberships, play more golf. Island hop, play more golf. The weather is beautiful, the women are beautiful, and depending where you play, the greens are beautiful. Half the holes on every course could be made into a postcard!
  2. Yah awkward is right! Ya figure Kelly would pick up on his body language to lay off, but she kept pressing and he didnt seem too happy about it....
  3. Aloha, I actually travel to and from Hawaii to the mainland quite often and on the majority of my trips I make sure to bring my golf clubs. As others have pointed out, make sure that the vehicle you'll be traveling in will be able to support a hard case. If not, you'll definitely be in a bind. If you will be taking a taxi, theres no doubt in my mind they'll ding you a few extra bucks for the hard case or even a golf bag being an "excessive" size. In regards to the airlines, I've always prepaid the second luggage fee up front for a second piece of check in luggage. The first o
  4. Well how many of us can actually say they played golf with obama? I can! LOL, well we werent really playing together but he was about two holes behind me and my group. Here is a pic of my buddy with Obama in the background. At first we werent 100% sure but the many men with high caliber rifles were all over the place. I was very tempted to hit into his fairway and see if I could get a handshake! This was on 12/28/2008 at Olomana Golf Links in Waimanalo. I also got video of him too carrying his own bag up toward the clubhouse!
  5. Think its missing the "l" at the end of the url http://www.newhorizonsgolf.com/square-face.html
  6. Aloha, Couldn't commit to playing a full round of golf today, so I did the next best thing and went to the range. Actually I stopped off at the golf store and picked up a new set of clubs on the way! :) I've sat through a couple fittings in the past couple weeks and the recommendations I got were kbs 90's, or project x 5.5 or 6. Ironically enough during my fittings, the stock steel stiff shafts on the burner 2.0's actually felt the best to me. I picked those up today and hit the range and it was a real eye opener. Going from graphite to steel my tempo was way off. My dista
  7. Thanks guys for the tips! I'll hopefully be hitting the greens this weekend to test out the tips if this rain goes away! Thanks again!
  8. Aloha, Are you open for trades or cash only deal? Thanks!
  9. Aloha, Since I started playing again, I have found it very difficult lining up with the flag and hitting the green, especially on shots longer than 140 yards and out. My ball flight is straight with only a very small draw if any at all, however, I find myself time and time again hitting a good ten yards or so to the right of the green. I use the train tracks method to line myself up with the flag, but when i lay a club to down and step back or have a playing partner watch my alignment, its always drastically off to the right. Any tips conventional or non-conventional to help me
  10. Aloha Golfers! Its been 18 months or so since I took a break from playing golf and once again the bug is working its way back into my system. After ultimately dropping down to a 14, after my break I find myself stuck as a low 20's handicapper. Ironically enough, after getting a recent fitting, my swing speed has actually increased dramatically (108 mph with a driver, and about 80 with irons), yet my game is nowhere it used to be. Looking forward to getting back into the game and the helpful insight this forum has provided me in the past! Thanks!
  11. I feel your pain. my last couple rounds look like this: 16 over on the front, 1 over on the back, 4 over on the front, 15 over on the back, and 3 over on the front and 12 over on the back. Cant seem to put it all together in a single round....
  12. Let me first thank everyone for their thoughts. I didnt imagine I was going to be alluded to male or female genitals but then again I did solicit your thoughts. :P I am still on the fence as to where I stand. What makes it tough is the fact that EVERYONE in the group has a GPS device, so why the heck do they keep asking what the yardage is? I can imagine if one of them did not have a device, but again, we all have something to tell us the distance. It seems the group is split on this, but I do take away the notion that I should win based on my skills and not what a device tells me. Than
  13. Hi all, Haven't posted in a long while as I havent been able to play as much this year so far.... I just had a three day run playing four rounds with my normal golf buddies and we decided to do the whole skins/greenies thing. I have a laser range finder and everyone else has GPS units (i too have gps software on my phone, but dont really use it). When we arent betting, I have no issues answering the question, "Hey can you pin this for me?" or "Hey, how far out is the flag?", when we get to the par 3's. But when we started betting, I felt it was not in my best interest to provide these di
  14. So me (player 1) and my buddy (player 2) is playing against our other two buddies, let’s call them player 3 and player 4. Player 3 hits his ball over the green (and a bunker) down a steep hill, and rolls down and ends up in 8 to 12 inches of long grass preventing it from going into the water (all though we did not see it at the time). Player 3 can’t seem to find his ball and thinking it may have gone in the water (and still within the 5 minutes) decides his ball his lost. He states his ball is lost and he is going to take a drop. Right after he hits, I find a ball and say “hey, is this you
  15. I think you can get "good" playing once a week. I have been playing now for about 22 months (had two months off for tearing rib cartilage) and have carded about 75 rounds. Some of the weeks I played either once or twice a week and on one crazy weekend we played four rounds (two on sat and two on sun). Fortunately here in Hawaii, there isn't really any winter so playing during the winter months is almost the same as playing during the rest of the year. Interestingly enough as I have found that as my game got better and worked out the kinks of my swing, i have gone to the range less. I actu
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