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  1. I simply like discussion and debate. When I ran for Mayor of Ilion in 2006, I organized the one and only debate that was held. Afterward I asked some uncommitted seniors who had "won", and they pointed to me! Donald Trump-"eat your heart out"!!
  2. OK. Not only is it a beautiful course, designed by Joe Finger, but it is scenic, being cut through the trees, and the deer are constantly roaming around. It utilizes rough, sand, trees and water to provide a beautiful setting and yet a very challenging course. The scorecard warns you that the distances on the holes are measured from the front of the tees to the front of the greens! On some par 3's, you have to do the math and add 30-40 yards to the distance specified on the scorecard. On one par 3, before my late brother and I read the "fine print" on the scorecard, we dunked a ball each,
  3. OK. I will calm down. Thank God I can still control my emotions and let logic and reason take over. I have stated it before and I will state it again-I do like this Discussion Board. Since I have been on it about 7 years ago, I have learned a lot. It is important to follow the rules, and post in a polite and courteous manner. Thanks for the intervention.
  4. I am an OLD person. Bigger print is better for old eyes that have seen much, both good and bad, but I can still eyeball distances up to 230 yards and choose the right club. ! I do not run away from anything-----including my proposed match with and against you at the Monster Course at the Concord Hotel, near Kiamesha Lake
  5. Prior to my sabbatical from this Discussion Board, I will post the videos of my golf swings on YouTube TODAY! I got the "gallery" of photos on my Verizon cell phone fixed yesterday!
  6. Par is a guide, NOT A LAW cast in stone. Weather can wreak havoc with any golfer's game. Three examples illustrate the point: 1. The Open Championship is known for its challenging weather: "If there is nae wind and nae rain, there is nae golf." When Tiger failed to BREAK 80 at Car-nastie a few years ago, because of the horrible conditions, he said that "par" was NOT 72. Rather, it was more like 77! 2. The Bing Crosby Invitational (I refuse to call it the AT&T) is famous for "Crosby weather". 3. What is important in golf is YOUR SCORE, whether it is match or medal play. OLD
  7. It was not "arbitrary". We Seniors know that because of fall weather conditions, cool air, high winds , and soft ground conditions, we cannot reach the two long par 4's in 2!
  8. For a while, I was not able to post on my own threads. Now, I am BACK!
  9. Thanks. I always knew what a handicap is and how it is calculated. I really never knew how to calculate a handicap index, until now. As I have already stated, I did not care what my handicap is since I play in scratch tournaments.
  10. HELP! At the courses I played from Sept 24 until Nov. 27, the slope rating was 106, and my total scores for 36 nine hole rounds was 1,413 (avg of 39.2) and par was 1,360 (avg of 38.0). So what is my handicap index?
  11. I fell asleep at 5 and just woke up. The videos of my golf swing are on my cell phone. None of the photos in "gallery" on my Verizon phone are viewable . Everything is black. I will have to go to the Verizon kiosk to have it fixed. If all goes well, my swings will be on YouTube tomorrow.
  12. Your advice is welcome and correct. I will tone it down since I do believe in The Golden Rule, and I would not want any of you to overcapitalize with me. The same applies to my use of exclamation points. I tend to be very expressive.
  13. I am going to review my handicap this afternoon and if it goes up to 15, I do NOT care! When I play in a tournament, I ALWAYS enter the scratch division . I do NOT want to win ANYTHING based on my NET SCORE!!
  14. I have been down and depressed, and UP and hyper. I definitely prefer the latter. My wife and granddaughter prefer NEITHER in me. They would rather that I be happy and normally energetic. It is my goal to get to where they want me to be!
  15. I agree. I understand that MI has many excellent courses!8
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