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  1. Just wondering how may golf balls can you have in your bag when playing 18 holes is there a limit?
  2. I read in golf digest once if your only a weekend golfer your average should be around 96. So what doo you guys and gals think? Think this is a true or false statement? Thought this would be kind of fun, too see how many crazy answers we get. BTW I just joined and this is my very first thread on this forum. When I mean weekend you basically play 1 round a week in the Great Lakes area From April 15- Oct 30th for a guestuation. LOL
  3. Can you believe it I can play the game? Hello everyone can't believe I joined another forum a great BIG thanks to sole wolf and snofrog for getting me here. I think this will be a lot of fun till the snow flies in 8 months LOL Hopefully a lot of tips and tricks from aLL of you. Later SLeDHeaD
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