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  1. I've been having a read through the 'my swing' section too.. Some pretty good posts in there also (probably where this post should have been) although I do find some of the tips hard to put into practise due the back handed grip. I have always played cack handed never played normal grip, must have been the way I picked up the club and no one corrected me t the time, now I find it impossible to play with a normal grip!!
  2. I've recently been trying to work on my style of swing.... I'm a cack handed player but I wouldn't say I lacked in power as such, I seem to struggle between clubs ie no real distance difference between 6i 5i or 4i all around the 200y mark with my driver being around 260y. Is there anything I can do to try and help this? Or has anyone else had problems like these?
  3. Hey, just thought I would introduce myself with being new to the forum!!