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  1. You're right. Tiger Woods is a better person than Phil. Don't know what i was thinking. I now want my children to grow up EXACTLY like Tiger. Why would I want them to be like Phil? So peace all you Tiger-worshippers, I now am on your side. Tiger is perfect. Phil is a piece of crap. So please save your whining.
  2. Mr. Excuses? What are you talking about? All he does is smile, sign more autographs than Tiger & Stricker combined, & acknowledge the crowd during a round. If you don't like that, fine. But don't make up crap to justify whom you like.
  3. The golfer I currently root for to win the most is Phil Mickelson. He is also the pro golfer I would most want to golf with. He's not a cold robot like Tiger. Tiger is unquestionably better, but he is way down on the list of pros I would want to spend time with.
  4. Don't agree. If you are a 20 handicap, why would you think you have any room to dispense advice? What is illogical is to use Butch Harmon as an example to defend the 20 handicapper's inane advice. Oh and by the way Harmon was on the tour at one point. So, if you've had your card, feel free to give advice.
  5. Why would a 20 handicapper give advice on how to get better at golf, when he/she isn't good at golf? That would be like me asking my wife how I can get my subordinates to do a better jobs of following my orders when she has never been in the Navy. Doesn't make any sense. Let the players that are good, tell you how they got good.
  6. Thanks for the detailed review. IMO a golfer needs to have a certain level of consistency in ball-striking before he/she should proclaim a ball effective/not effective. If you are above a 5 handicap, how do you know whether it is your swing or the ball that failed to perform? IMO, I tend to listen to the low handicappers when it comes to ball reviews and discard the musings of a 25. That person has no idea what a consistent swing feels like, let alone be consistent enough to rate the effectiveness of a ball. How does it make any sense to rate a ball on a poorly executed swing? Should NIKE, TITLEIST, ...etc develop a ball that performs well on a shank?
  7. I immediately ordered this device after reading this thread, however, I decided to try and work on my right elbow at the range before it arrived. I know no one is going to believe me but, 2 days after working on it, I shot an 80 with 3 three-putts. I have been struggling for years over rotating and did not realize the role of the right elbow could have on this issue. Before reading this thread, I would have my right elbow's angle at 30 degrees and sometimes smaller. And until I read this thread, I did not know how to fix it. This was a simple tip to incorporate and showed immediate results. Thank you IACAS!
  8. Loved the DVD. Experienced immediate results. If you have any issues with your short game, buy it.
  9. I am in the Navy so I am constantly losing playing partners to transfers. So, I have no qualms showing up alone to play. I can always join a 3-some.
  10. I am no advocating eliminating the right side from the swing, However, there is sound thinking behind pulling with the left side; 1. From a physics standpoint, a object in motion will stay on line more easily if it is being pulled vice pushing. 2. If you have a right side dominant swing, coming over the top is easier. I have seen a lot more pros warming up by swinging with just their left arm than pros swinging with just their right.
  11. Are you finding them too "whippy"? You can always change out the shafts to something stiffer.
  12. Norm3333


    LOL! So, let me get this straight, according to you everyone hates the MPs? Or, maybe just the people that have been in trouble complain about them? No, wait, according to you, even people that haven't been in trouble hate the MPs, right? Those damn MPs, I hate them. They keep hasseling these innocent soldiers. Even though I've never been in trouble, I hate them. LOL! You are an f'n idiot.
  13. Norm3333


    So, you really believe that in 24 years, I have not had any experience with the military police? Can you really be that dumb? Just keep clinging to this dumb position.
  14. Norm3333


    No, you are in the minority. I have been in the military for 24 years. I am not an MP. I have never heard anything bad about MPs. Maybe, the LA police department is what you are thinking about. But, not the MPs. I love when people give their opinions about a subject that they are completely clueless about. It reminds me of when my teenager tries to explain how life really works.
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