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  1. Hey there fellow golfers.. I just wanted to share my experience with some like minded people. So I was playing the other day and noticed a fellow playing an old set of Hogan blades. I have always been obsessed with Mr Hogan's career and life so I was drawn to them... They looked a lot like a set of mp32's I have but the sole on these clubs was much wider in the middle. They are the Hogan Radial Irons circa 1983. I left the course later that day and went on EBAY and found a set for 50 bucks.. I offerd them 35 and they were sent to me the next week. I played a round and found that the se
  2. hey there.. I played with a guy who had the aeroburner in matte black and I hit it and I loved it. So I got it at Sports authority for about 250.. I went to play a round and couldn't keep it in the fairway. The shaft and head are too light for me.. the stiff flex shaft felt like regular flex and I had to really slow my swing to get a square hit. Im a 7.7 hcp and I think I jumped the gun getting this Driver.. subsequently I went back to my RBZ driver and gave the aeroburner to my brother who is not a great golfer. he loves it! that's my two cents! good luck!
  3. 85 on Sunday at a beautiful course I had never played before! 86 on Monday at a beautiful course I had played many times before both days it was a tale of 2 nines. Sunday was 40 front 45 back, monday was 46 front 40 back. Im happy with both days. I had many birdie chances just could nail the putts. Parred many and gave many back with a couple blow up holes. But for my level of play... that's ok. lol
  4. aw man I know the feeling.. having a back injury on top of it is so frustrating! last week I had to force myself to stay away from golf. Kinda reset my brain and I went back and was playing well again. I also looked at why I was miss hitting so many shots. and came to discover my grip was way to strong. adjusted it and now I'm on the up tic again. golf is a fickle bitch!
  5. I feel your pain about the snaphooked drive. I have the same problem but its also getting better. I feel like if I work on a flat left wrist at the top and try to not use my arms to start down from the top...i get a straight drive.. If I even curl my hands a little at the top im going left. I believe ben hogan had the same problem and fixed it with the flattening of the left wrist at the top.
  6. 41 today on a par 34. very ugly par on 1! Im talking...snap hook into the left woods that popped out onto the fairway...then a skulled 8 iron that runs up to the green!! then 2 putt for par. lol Ugliest par in the history! the rest of the day was bogeys with pars sprinkled in. a couple of poor chips and 2 very bad long putts were my downfall today. My driver is longer than ever and straighter. And hybrid work is good... right now the only thing that is eluding me is the pitch, chip and bump and run shots to get me close. 1 double is good for me. I'm noticing the work I'
  7. haha! I may as well play lefty crosshanded
  8. so guys.... Last year I scored a set 5 - pw of Used Mizuno MP-32 irons really cheap (80usd). I went to the range.. I was super impressed with the feel of them and the ball flight... however I did notice that I lost quite a bit of distance.. that is to say.. for example.. my 9 iron from my previous set... taylormade burner 2.0 I could hit around 140. the mp32 9 iron would only be good for about 130. so about 10 yards. and on an "off hit" even less due to the obvioulsy smaller sweet spot. So I went back to my Burner's and have been striking the ball well.... Here's the situation no
  9. haha! I saw that and I jumped out of my chair... pointing! "Honey!!! Look! Steal your face shirt on his Caddy!" She looked up from her ipad... with a sarcastic.... "greaaaat" lol
  10. my handicap would be better if I didn't smoke while I play... but that's something I can accept! lol
  11. Im pretty streaky too.. The other day I couldn't hit a solid shot in 9 holes and didn't card a very good score. I went back out today and played 9 and even though I scored better than the other day... I still feel like my game is off. I feel like im playing like I was last year and I worked so hard over the winter adjusting my grip and studying swings and going to the range. I started the spring hitting the ball great. No more over drawing (Hooking) the ball. I even worked out a baby fade with my driver. But now I feel like I'm grinding out bogeys. Pars are scarce and birdie I havent
  12. I know this is an old thread... but I've been having this dilemma also. I went to the range yesterday to work out some kinks in my fairway wood striking... I couldn't hit my hybrids straight at all. I was hooking and slicing them and my 3 wood all over the place.. I may as well have taken them out of my bag during my last round. So I started to mess with my wrist position at the top.. I was under the impression that I had to have a flat wrist at the top... however.. I took a swing with a cupped wrist at the top...and I started smashing the ball straight with a slight draw at the end and I
  13. 44 don't wanna talk about it.
  14. welcome! I just gotta ask. what were you using before the mp-32's .. I have a set of 32's and I love them.. however, I just switched back to my taylormade burner 2.0's because I was just losing way too much distance with the 32's. I hope someday I'll upgrade in a few years to the more modern mp clubs by mizuno. The 32's are a beautiful club and they feel great.. I just like the extra distance with the irons.
  15. Hey everyone.. Im from the Boston Area and I gotta tell you all... we got beat up this winter. There are some courses in the area that aren't even open yet. some are with multiple temporary greens and many area's under repair. One course in lowell mass sadly lost 8 out of 9 greens due to the terrible winter. I am currently logging rounds at Unicorn golf club in Stoneham mass. They are in decent shape. The greens are ok and starting to come back. My USGA Handicap index is at 8.1 and I've got two more rounds to go at Unicorn to get my GHIN index. I just found this site by acciden
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