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  1. cold

    My Swing (cold)

    Hi all, Here is a recent swing. I think there has been an improvement although I still am making this move where the angle of the club changes drastically on the down swing? What do you think? Thanks, C
  2. I haven't seen or heard anything yet. So I'm still "pending."
  3. Dear friends, I would like to inquire as to where I can buy golf pants and, perhaps more importantly, what is a golf pant anyway? I reside and shop in Canada. Golf Town has some decent sales but it seems that a 32 inseam is all they can provide. I am a 34 inseam, no more, no less; either of which make for a rather uncomfortable stroll down the fairways, or through high brush and grass. I will not have it. The true issue in my search stems from the question, "what is a golf pant exactly"? Dress pants aren't really golf pants, are they?... Khakis...? Oh my. If I only knew I could venture into my local sears or Mark Men's Warehouse and go to town. Kindly yours, Cold
  4. I ordered one last Tuesday and haven't heard anything back yet... and the folks there are mia. Anyone else having issues?
  5. cold

    My Swing (cold)

    Happy new year all, I have attached two updated swings. Sorry for the "suspense" on my drive video :p I would appreciated any continued input; if there is any noticable improvement from your perspectives and any suggestions of what to continue to work on. Some things I'm working on (in the following order): 1. More relaxed posture and not pushing my butt out (I intentionally created the S shpae in my spine as I was told that is how it is supposed to be). This allowed my to have the club closer to my body and I feel more comfortable. I think I should excercise as I have put on a lot of weight in my mid section in the past year. 2. Creating more lag on the downswing / staying more connected there. 3. Shortening my backswing / plane on the backswing 4. Slowing down my back swing. Another thing: when I start my downswing with my hips, I feel like my right arm is stuck behind my body, which is why I feel that I come down over the top? Maybe I should bend over more to leave more room for my hands on the way down? Thanks! (videos are driver and 6 iron) edit: i want to get front video as well but it's ddifficult when the range is busy
  6. cold

    My Swing (cold)

    Thanks for the clarification. I will look at that when I make it out to the range this week. In terms of a "connected swing" where the armpits maintain contact against the body... Is this how all good ball strikers swing or one of a few different possibilities? I ask because I always was told to "swing big" meaning that you should make your swing as long as possible, which appears (probably due to my limited understanding) to contradict keeping the arms close to the body (which is very compact).
  7. cold

    My Swing (cold)

    Hi, Thanks for all your input so far -- it is much appreciated. UTTexas you are correct that I tend to pull the ball, especially my irons. Often enough I hit it pretty straight but I can't confirm how I am aligned. I used to golf a few years ago a couple times a week and learned to hit the ball with the swing I have relatively well. I am starting to get it into again right now. My eye opener was watching a PGA Tournament in person. The ball flight and trajectory is a world apart. My sand wedge, for example, is extremely high. I would guess 10+ stories but that is probably an exaggeration haha. The consistency is lacking and I feel all over the place especially with my driver. You bring the club under a good backswing plane (especially with the driver). The club head goes behind your hands too quickly/ too early. You then lift up, left arm bends, club goes across the line and down, then over the top move. 1. When should the club go behind the hands? 2. If I shorten my back swing, would that help eliminate some of these issues? It does appear to me as well that I am swinging past parallel at the top which is really overkill. Work on your posture first. Tuck that tailbone in at address, suck in your abs, and let your head hang down naturally. 1. Could you elaborate on what you mean by tucking in my tail bone? You lose connection almost immediately. At the top the hands are high and the arms are off the body. From there it looks like you don't have enough lateral movement. The combination of high hands/disconnection plus a turn to start the downswing is a bad combo. It throws everything over plane. You should try and keep the pressure points in your armpits intact (tee drill would fix that). You can't exactly see the lateral movement, or lack thereof, from the DTL view, but it looks pretty apparent to me. I would do the stop and go drill where you are working on pressing the left foot into the ground to get the hips to start moving left. That should get the hips moving better and help with synchronizing everything. EDIT* Shoulder turn is a little flat as well. 1. This is the drill where you have a towel under your armpit and it does not fall off throughout the swing, correct? 2. High hands meaning that they should be back further behind my head, correct? 3. With lateral movement, do you mean that the hips slide forward during the downswing? Further do you mean my head should move backwards during my back swing? 4. Could you elaborate by what is meant by a flat shoulder turn? Am I leaning too far forward? Thanks! edit: I'll try and get some front facing footage, thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Too cold for golf, so I am spending the winter in the golf dome. Currently: Improve my ball striking -Only hit with 3 iron at time being -Only hit my "hard to hit" driver from 10 years ago -Look into lessons -Look into assistance online -Look into training aids -Excercising
  9. cold

    My Swing (cold)

    Here is another driver swing where I am a little better balanced:
  10. Hi, I would appreciate your help re. my swing. All comments are welcome, thanks. This is with a 3 iron. This is my driver:
  11. In Canada the big golf store is called Golf Town. I noticed that they only sell iron sets with the standard True Temper shafts. Does the shaft type matter less for irons? Are any of you particular to the quality of the shafts on your irons? Are most golf stores like this? (At Golf Smith you can buy the gold TT shafts for $13 each... the Rifle shafts are $32 each ) http://www.golfsmith.com/cm/browse/s...on-shaft-steel
  12. Thanks for your help guys. I just ordered both books and look forward to the reading over the winter.
  13. I once owned two books which were written by a gentleman who was considered a pioneer of the idea of different swing distances for different pitch shots etc... One was a book on chipping and pitching, the other was on putting. Both were quite lengthy volumes and very detailed and scientifically oriented. Anyone have any ideas on who the author may be?
  14. I am a little perplexed about all this talk about best ball strikers I hear from various folks as I go about my daily life. What is it about Ben Hogan that made him a better ball striker than anyone else in the world? Are we talking primarily about consistency? Is it ball flight? Next thing is when reading people's comments on other's swings. This may be attributed to inexperience, but what makes Sergio Garcia's swing so glamorous when compared to the rest of the tour pros?
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