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  1. After plenty of research I ended up going with grafalloys pro launch blue 62g stiff. It is a different club, has bought the backspin back a few hundred revs but still is a high launching shaft, so still achieving good launch and the result is more distance and it's not going as sideways if I get it a bit wrong.
  2. Have had one game now with my new amp cell irons, stiff dynalite 90 shaft... Love them. I was playing an older forged cobra muscle back type iron for the last 10 years, liked them when I was playing a lot more, very unforgiving. Picked these up cheap and hit them really well for the first bash. Found I had to drop a club due to stronger lofts of the new clubs hit 9 where I would hit 8 usually for instance but I will get used to that. Way more forgiving, miss hit a couple and they didn't punish me as much as my previous would. Give them a run.
  3. Agreed. Getting out with the lads is something different to watch from the grindy review vids. He is also an ambassador for getting people with a disability into golf which I also admire him for, an all round good guy.
  4. I bought a cobra amp cell driver off the rack , no specing ( which is a first I'm a driver for me ). I have always run a stiff shaft In all of my drivers and consistently used to get a lot lower ball flight than the reg shaft. I have found with my swing any reg flex I played in anything always launched a lot higher than running stiff shafts. I will be looking forward to getting a stiff shaft for this club as it is already awesome stock standard.
  5. I can't help myself, my avatar picture is the side pocket of my golf bag, say no more. I have about 17 sleeves of balls in there all tour balls. When callaway, Nike, taylormade bring out a new tour ball, I immediately buy a box, play it and if I like them I will continue to use them. I am happy with most of the tour balls but mostly play Nike rzn platinum or callaway sr 3 at the moment.
  6. Have had a few games with my amp cell driver now and love it, was playing a taylormade burner 2.0 and sorry to say it won't get a run in my bag again. Also searching for a stiff shaft as only got off the shelf regular and still killing it so once speced with a good stiff shaft it will be unstoppable. Highly recommend giving it a go, awesome buy for the price.
  7. I subscribe to marks vids, I am looking for a new set of irons at the moment and I like the vs vids he does on similar clubs down to 2 to 3 sets now to hit, not a big numbers person but would love to have gc 2 hmt in my house, that he uses.
  8. Well in mph I think swing speed around 110-115 mph, ball speed high 160 low 170's. Way to fast for reg shaft anyway, have never run a reg shaft in any of my drivers. If I slow up with this new driver it launches very high of course because if the reg shaft but I am impressed with the length I am getting out of it even though I catch it a lot higher than my old driver. Have never really played around with specing drivers to much was lucky enough to be fairly long of the tee and just had off the rack stiff and extra stiff. Am playing my best golf in years and striking the ball well ATM and would like to get the full potential out of this new stick, so any info would be appreciated.
  9. I recently purchased a cobra amp cell driver off the rack with the standard regular flex Fuji fuel shaft. I want to change out to a stiff or possibly extra stiff. Any shaft idea? I would appreciate any feedback on a good shaft option for this club.
  10. I picked up a new cobra amp cell driver cheap off the rack, standard flex Fuji fuel shaft. I was playing a taylormade burner 2.0 with a stiff shaft. Have had only a hand full of games with the new cobra and the differences are evident. Higher launch playing same loft more spin but all in all cobra longer off the tee and more controllable. Will be putting a stiff shaft of some description in driver, will be interested to see the difference not have ever gone from one to the other before.
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