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  1. Favorite (no order): Rickie Fowler Gary Woodland Steve Stricker Most disliked (no order): Bubba Watson Ian Poulter Webb Simpson
  2. I respectfully disagree with you on that. Tiger has ALWAYS had a noticeable "dip" in his swing. At certain points in his career it has been more pronounced than others, but I have never seen any correlation whatsoever between that and how well he plays. If he tried to get rid of it, not only would he lose some power, but he would also be changing an aspect of his swing that has been a constant throughout his entire career and every single swing change he's ever made. Trying to get rid of something ingrained that deeply in your muscle memory is extremely difficult and would probably lead to mas
  3. Well it's hilarious to me because Brandel is, in my opinion, completely missing the boat on what's causing Tiger to struggle and is just trying to find something random to nitpick about his swing so that he has something to talk about. But in reality the increased lateral bend (same thing as what some people call secondary tilt) is a good thing for Tiger's swing and also protects the back more and if there is a mechanical flaw in his swing right now, that certainly is not it. I personally believe his issues have to do with how hard he's trying to swing left on every single shot. He claims he's
  4. Brandel with some (hilarious) insight as to why Tiger struggled so much today
  5. Never mind guys, I found it. Evidently it is actually called the pre-set drill, which makes sense All it took was a simple google search of "golf preset drill" and I got this video as the third result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKHCGNT-hPw While I pretty much stumbled upon and figured out this drill on my own from watching Fowler's and Horschel's preshot routines, what I've been doing is exactly what is described by Faldo in the video, as well as what Paula is doing in the video in the OP Anyway, this is a great drill that I'd recommend to anyone. It makes it near
  6. Thanks for all the responses so quickly. Since there doesn't seem to be a definitive name for it, I'm just going to call it the preset drill from now on because I used "preset" in my original post to describe the position used in it and "preset drill" just rolls off the tongue nicely
  7. The drill i'm referring to is the one that Paula Creamer is using in this video. She presets her arms/hands so that the club is parallel to both the ground and target line while maintaining her address posture and then completes the swing from that position after a short pause: Billy Horschel and Rickie Fowler also rehearse that same position as part of their preshot routines on most shots I've started using this both as a drill and as part of my preshot routine and it has helped me a lot with setting the club on plane. However, it would be helpful if I kne
  8. Pretty bad decision in my opinion. Foley's other students have the best swings on tour right now and I think the only thing holding Tiger back from being on par with Rose or Mahan was his injuries
  9. My real name is Ross Baker and one of my many nicknames is Raker (just a first/last name combo, no other significance) and 2rakez is a spoof name of the rapper 2 chainz. Very random, but I'm a pretty random person. I came up with that name really recently actually, it's only my username on one website other than TST so far
  10. All the videos except the last few are set to private. Also, you'll end up with videos that are much more viewable if you turn your phone sideways so the videos record in landscape rather than upright like these. Anyway, it looks like you have a good solid athletic swing that is a good base to work from. A few things I noticed were: 1. It seems like your takeaway is a little more to the inside than ideal, although it's difficult to tell for sure without a down the line view so I can't be sure. But you did say that you have a tendency to come outside to in through impact and an ins
  11. "Exploding through the ball" doesn't really seem relevant to this swing thought, you can still swing at whatever tempo and as hard or easy as you want to. I think the intended benefit or goal of this is to make it easier to use your body more efficiently, as it really helps keep the larger muscles in control and leading throughout the swing which, if executed correctly, allows you to swing hard or "explode" through the ball without having to rely on timing as much. That's what I get out of it at least
  12. I struggle with both my swing getting too armsy and too steep sometimes (I think both are caused by overfolding the right arm), and I just tried this and I was hitting my irons more consistently than I have any time in the past few years. When I first read this tip it seemed like it would affect distance negatively, but I was dead wrong, I was hitting it as far as I normally do with what felt like swinging at 80% speed. Thanks for this, real gamechanger
  13. Footjoy Contour series spikeless are hands down the most comfortable golf shoe I've worn. I got a pair like 2 years ago and the bottoms are kind of worn down now, but I still wear them to practice and as an everyday shoe because they're more comfortable than any non-golf shoes I own.
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