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  1. haha...Wow Well, all I can do is hope he has a couple more really good years left in him.
  2. I play shorter tees than the numbers say I should but that's mostly because there aren't many courses around me that are over 7000 yds. I chose the 50-70% of golfers play the wrong tees based on my entirely anecdotal evidence of watching the other players I play with regularly or get paired up with. I see a lot of them just not capable of getting to most GIRs because they aren't long enough or are so inconsistent that they would be better off playing a forward tee so they can hit less club off the tee to keep them in play.
  3. I know this is probably sarcasm but as someone who missed watching Tiger in his prime I would love to see this. It would also be cool to see how the top guys on tour like Speith, DJ, Rory...etc stack up against Tiger when he is playing well
  4. The numbers are pretty close and well within my ranges but towards the longer end of what I'd try to actually hit a club on the course.
  5. The athletes are required to maintain a high level of performance on the field as well as a (lower) GPA. The majority of scholarships are 1 year scholarships meaning if you don't perform, get hurt, or if a new coach steps in and wants to take the team in a different direction you can lose your scholarship. I'm not necessarily a fan of the athletes being directly paid by the schools but I would like to see the restrictions on what they can and cannot receive from the schools loosened and the athletes to be able to make money off of their own likeness. It's the epitome of stupid that a s
  6. I don't see him as whiny--he just talks a lot and the networks know this so they always have a mic pointed at him. Other than complaining about that one hole back in the 2015 US Open I can't remember him ever complaining about a course setup or anything other than remarking on his own bad shot or bad break which he is only doing to his caddie anyway.
  7. I always know where I am in relation to par. I actually consciously started paying attention to my score because I don't want to be one of those people that is having a great round, but doesn't know their score, then when they figure out that they only need to par the last two holes to card their best ever score they freak out and end up triple-bogeying both holes.
  8. I'd like to see a much more in-depth breakdown of short game if possible: 1. Being able to see avg proximity to the hole by club and distance (instead of one or the other as it is now) + an ability to directly compare clubs. So I can look at avg proximity to the hole from 75 yds with my LW vs proximity to the hole from 75 yds with my SW...etc. This could be expanded to the longer clubs as well. Compare proximity to the hole from 150 yd with a 9i vs an 8i. 2. up and down % by club--am i better at getting up and down with my LW, GW, PW...etc
  9. I never said that golf was easy, just that it isn't any harder than any other sport. You don't need to be in incredible shape to hit a 95 mph fastball--Babe Ruth certainly doesn't look like he was in particularly good shape and he hit plenty of 95 mph fastballs. I will agree that some people think that golf is easy because pros make it look so effortless. It's easy to see how difficult it is to hit a 90 mph fastball, but it isnt easy to understand how hard it is to hit a little ball that's just sitting there onto a green 150 yds away
  10. I'll back you up on this and expand that its hard but no harder than any other sport. Golfers consider golf to be so hard because we measure our abilities against par and what the pros and low handicappers can do. How many people really think they can hit a home run off of professional or even high school pitching and yet so many golfers that never break 100 expect to hit perfect shots like the pros all the time.
  11. He is definitely my favorite golfer and he is in a weird spot right now in that even though he is a top 5 golfer, and was number 1 in the world, it sometimes feels like he is an underdog. Though he is not a short hitter by any standard maybe its because he isn't an absolute bomber like DJ, Jason Day, Bubba, or Rory and yet can still compete on with them on any course. I know its an ambitious thought but with how he plays at Augusta I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes his career with the most all time Masters wins even if he doesnt win any other major.
  12. 1. Get my handicap below 4.0 (on GameGolf-not sure if I will get an official handicap) 2. shoot under par for 9 holes 3. shoot an even par round 4. average 75% GIR over a string of 5 rounds Have a lot of plans to take a more methodical approach to practicing this year. Last year I put a premium on getting on the course as much as possible which certainly helped, but this year I am going to focus on the weakest parts of my game---short game. I have a putting mat at home to work on stroke and starting my putts on line and can do the same with short chipping around my apartm
  13. Maybe I misread the topic--I read it as do you point your finger down (but not necessarily touching the steel). I putt right hand low (righty) and while my left index finger used to get to the steel I no longer grip down that far and use a flatso 3.0 grip so it would be awkward to hang it off the end of the putter.
  14. My index finger on my left hand goes straight down the grip. I dont know why--it just feel natural, but by the comments in this thread I'm guessing that it isnt a good thing to do. Any particular reasons why?
  15. I've been playing the R15 for 2 seasons so I can share my personal experiences with it (full disclosure: I know little to nothing about club fitting and this info is just from me experimenting with the club). I've played a bit with the move-able weights and from my experience the biggest difference when you move them is how the club feels during the swing(assuming you keep them together rather than spreading them apart). I had them both towards the heel for a while to try to move the COG towards the heel where my predominant miss is and I found that it actually made me miss to the heel more
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