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  1. Is it true that baseball grip will help to promote draw due to increase in the right hand power to turn the club face over? In that case, it's it a perfect grip for left-hander who play right-hand golf since his right hand is weaker than left hand?
  2. I tried to position the ball about 1/2 inch outside the toe my driver and it seem to work. The way I hit it is like a baseball player striking the ball with the arms fully extended and the shaft and my arm forming a straight line. Is there any problem hitting ball like this? I was told by a pro that you lose power since the wrist is in a fully uncock position upon impact with the ball.
  3. When I have the ball going too high, it loses distance and that's what I don't like. Not sure if you guys face the same issue.
  4. My f-speed seems to have a high ball flight and drop off the sky when it runs out of steam. I usually gets it to around 220-230 yards. Is it my swing or the club?
  5. I'm using a Cobra F-speed and agree that it has an awful sound. If you are not used to the club, it give you the feeling that you have just mis-hit the shot. Lately, my stock shaft seem to give a very high ball fight. Is this the case for all of you out there?
  6. You are spot on. I guess I was mimicking Moe Norman without even knowing such swing existed. I thought I was the only one on this planet who has this weird swing. It actually feels quite comfortable and give me amazing striking accuracy. With a one plane swing, I never have to worry about the angle between arms and shaft, that is usually mind-boggling for me especially when I need to have clear head for the downswing. Just that I feel this swing is unorthodox and subconscious about it. Looks like I should keep the swing after all. Any comment?
  7. I noticed all golf professional hang their hands down freely during setup and hence there is an angle between their arms and the shaft. During the downswing, I also notice that the angle is maintained, and they are able to hit it on the sweet spot of the club face everytime. My preference is to extend my arm out so that it is almost inline with the shaft, and during downswing, my arm and shaft form a straight line without much of an angle. To me, this is the best way to avoid hitting fat or top shot as I have already stretched myself so the impact can be more precise as long as my body remain stable. More over, I feel that by having the arm and the shaft form a straight line, I'm maximizing the radius of the swing and hence should hit the ball further. Is this totally crap? Does anyone have the same swing pattern like mine? Do I lose distance or power doing this? I don't seem to drive my ball very far.
  8. That might be true. But being closer to the pin, their chance of writing a 4 is on the scorecard is higher than me. Don't you think?
  9. You can say you don't care about distance. But when you play with 3 of your regular buddies who can always outdrive you, and the distance between your ball and the longest drive is 40-50 yards, you will start to have second thoughts.
  10. rckwd, I agree with you. Somehow the burner just give me that confide that my cobra driver doesn't. Once i fix my slice problem, I may want to try out titleist 909. I just love the sounding of it. :)
  11. rckwd, I realized that you are using TM Burner as well. How far do you hit with it? Have you tried other driver? With the Burner, does it promote a higher ball flight which could rob you distance?
  12. The different that I have tested was around 20-30 yards, which is quite substantial. I believe may not be due to the draw biase, but more because of the launch angle and the roll. Seems like the cobra promotes a lower flight and create more roll. May be i just need more practise and gain more confident with the cobra club.
  13. The cobra no doubt gives me better distance, but comparing sound and feel, the TM is still better. Both of them have the same loft. When I was using the TM, I was so confident and never had any slice. After switching to Cobra, I started to develop some bad slice (2 or 3 in 10) eventhough I get greater distance. I think main contributor could be due to my confidence level with the driver. Should I just go with what gets me to the fairway most and forget about that extra distance?
  14. Thanks. What you said makes perfect sense. May be the cobra is a little lower launch and cause the ball to roll further.
  15. Interesting is that when I use the draw driver, the ball flight is still straight, not draw. :) Does that explain why the distance is shorter? My pro used my driver before, and it clearly shows a nice draw.
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