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  1. Difference between LCD and Plasma?

    Woah!!! Those broads are about to kiss...
  2. Difference between LCD and Plasma?

    What is plasma ghosting?
  3. Difference between LCD and Plasma?

    THanks for the feedback...keep it coming.
  4. Difference between LCD and Plasma?

  5. I'm in the market for a big new TV. Anyone have any basic recommendations for this overwhelming process? Thanks in advance.
  6. Why are the Montreal Canadiens called the Habs?

    Guess i could have done that...thanks Iacas.
  7. New Grips!!

    Pics please...
  8. Most Overrated PGA Players?

    Ernie Els!!! The big sleazy, a.k.a Freddy Krueger. He just kinda sucks. Splurgio Garcia same category.
  9. Cobra Drivers

    The L4V X is louder than both of them combined. Can't argue with the results though. Loooooong.
  10. Advil, Aleve or Aspirin?

    Thanks for the feedback. I remember reading something about either Advil or Aleve raising your blood pressure...not sure though. Higher BP on the course would not be a good thing.
  11. I hit it so much better at the range..

    Who doesn't hit better off matts?
  12. Advil, Aleve or Aspirin?

    For back pain...anyone? Thanks
  13. Which poll would you like to vote on?

    Agree! Too many polls. Takes up all the new thread space.