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  1. Depends ... could be anywhere from a 8i to 52 wedge ...
  2. I hate taking Mulligans especially if we are already slow ... I have suggested to people to just drop where you think it went out ... hell drop on the fairway if you want ... but for the love of god keep pace!
  3. polo shirt and shorts 99% of the time ...
  4. I am OK with collared shirts ... but that is as far as I want to take it ... I could care less what you wear ... just keep a good pace ... I would really pissed, if I had a play a 5hr round behind guys with white socks! Plz!
  5. I have only done it twice ... felt really bad about it. I did it once when I did not realize it, because I sliced over some trees ... the guy yelled at me and kicked my ball, but I honestly did not know because I could not see the ball.
  6. Agree ... to take lessons first ... I wish I knew about a still head, and rotating around my spine. I wish I knew that the ball starts where the clubface is pointed, and curves away from the swing path ...
  7. I definitely "play it forward" even when others in the group want to play a set back ... I just don't have fun when every approach shot is long for me.
  8. I love the game ... I hate when I nail a house ...
  9. I golf for fun ... so yes shaking off a bad shot is easy ... the ones what stay with me are the ones that hit a house ... I have gotten better, and do not slice near as much as I used to ... thanks to TST. In fact, I sure I have not hit a house in 2016 ...
  10. Tiger ... I started playing late in life, but it was while Tiger was tearing it up. When I watched golf on TV, it was all Tiger.
  11. Stevie's book talked about the Seals, so the article was not too much a surprise to me.
  12. A really nice looking putter! I like the black.
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