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  1. Yesterday in tournament play our other twosome kept driving and parking in front of our cart and hitting before we did basically because they wanted to play fast. Granted these were older guys out in the heat but if you dont want to play in heat id suggest you stay home. The guys putting out I would say is ok if one of the guys had trouble and is a ways away.
  2. Yeah shes cheat alright and shes good at it.Shes so good at cheating that shes running away with another tourny win and nobody has caught on yet thru 3 rounds. Its amazing how she can cheat so much to make that ball go in the hole so much. I think they need to investigate her balls because they may be remote controlled.
  3. Yeah but that response is also a reason he wasnt gonna win tournament. You gotta have the fire in the belly and he doesnt. Think they said earlier alot of guys were treating it just like another trny and then they said them guys never do anything.
  4. No way this guy is anything better than a 20 hcp but I do give him credit for finishing 18. Seen lots of guys play bad first 4-5 holes and start talking about quitting after 9.
  5. This ball is super awesome.......but it has a tendency to come off clubface of irons hottt.I think once you switch to them and get your yardages dialed back in then you will be ok. I bought a sleeve of the S3 whites and I can say they are clearly the best ball ive ever hit.
  6. Just from watching that 6 iron shot, his wrist are breaking wayyy too early before hitting the ball. The clubface is in front of his hands.No compression at all and he seems to have lunged forward thru shot.
  7. I vote for the slowpoke, rageaholic, wont shut up dude.All three can cause my game problems putting up with that. You can cheat, make excuses all day long and thats your problem but when your taking all day and having a hissy fit all day then your hurting my game.
  8. Shes handled it better than me. I would have flipped em all off and took a couple months off. Can only imagine what John Daly would have done. I imagine he would have popped open a beer and said bull....t.
  9. A little bit too late for Lexi and Anna.
  10. Why would you even want to play the provisional because you would be hitting 4 if you did where as the original if found within 5 mins you could take unplayable and hit 3 or just try to hit it.Sorry, forgot you said you already hit the provisional again before finding ball. I would think once you hit the provisional again then your stuck with playing it.
  11. If you truly love golf then ofcourse you would want to play professional. The competition playing for something is what I love about golf. Yeah, playing with friends is fun but playing for something you can always remember is what makes it fun. Depending on how well you wanna live depends on how much you actually have to travel and play.
  12. Well id like to think the rule would not let someone move a ball away from clearly a bad spot compared to the Lexi situation.
  13. I wonder if his mind was on that tramp ex wife he had.
  14. I actually thought it was funny. He just dropped it right where caddy had to put flag back in. If he had slung it away into the grass somewhere for caddy to have to go retrieve then that wouldve been a douchebag move.
  15. Well unless your old enough to have watched them both play roughly the same amount of times then your opinion on this poll doesnt hold much water. The younger generation ofcourse will say Tiger while I would imagine the older ones would say Jack. I cant say because I cant stand Tiger so im biased. Im old enough to have seen all of Tigers wins in majors and he definately was dominant and put fear in others. I also saw where most of his wins were from others doing nothing more than him running away with it shooting 65s. In that case the supposedly better fields were actually weak minded. Cant speak for Jacks career. I can see where the amount of majors won can be a factor but that doesnt always tell the story. We really need opinion of someone in there 60s or 70s.