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  1. I can see theyre logic behind it. Instead of looking at putter head, it allows you to visualize the aiming line on head more. Whether that works or not im not sure is worth $200 for a no name brand putter.
  2. Yeah I imagine that kid will walk free to steal again or worse but I guess the older guy got his clubs back.
  3. I find it funny that this Montgomery kid says he just wants to do the right thing.A thief wanting to do the right thing wow.Even as hes having a gun pointed at him he says havent done anything.I know we have laws but I swear when you break the law you gave up your rights.The man shouldnt have kicked him thats for sure.The ole guy definately needs to be talked to about seriousness of pulling a gun but his intentions were good and only way hes keeping that kid around till police arrive.
  4. It doesnt matter if they have tee times at 12 min intervals if the course wont mow the damn rough.Last weekend in our tournament the rough was as bad as ive ever seen.All I kept saying was if you want faster play then cut the freakin rough so you can actually find a ball.
  5. Ive used some old clubs and themwoods really hit good but the problem is the shafts in them cant keep up with head so you cant really swing too fast.Maybe a persimmon head in graphite shaft would be interesting.
  6. The way things are now im not exactly surprised.I wonder what the hell do you call a trackman? Guess we need to say " i used the track thingy."Hopefully one day everybodys panties wont be in a wad.
  7. Pooch driver as i call it.I do not believe in hitting an iron off any tee other than par 3.Driver has biggest head and a half swing or so will go farther than an iron.An iron is fine aslong as you hit it but a mishit iron off tee will cost you bigtime distance.Always used the bigger faced club.Its amazing though that theres alot of really good golfers who cant do it for some reason.Maybe an ego thing about swing easy with driver.
  8. Blowup holes are 100% pyschological.Has nothing to do with a consistent swing.As golfers we can be the dumbest people sometimes.When you get frustrated after a bad shot we let it stay in our minds too long.I was playing decent for first 6 holes last weekend but I let outside things cause me to rush shots and next 7 holes I blew up because my mind wasnt on my shots.Last 5 holes after problem went away I did good.By the way , slow play was problem.Tried to speed my game up to compensate for slow player.
  9. Sadly in todays world the bad guy seems to wind up trying to act like they have been violated instead of taking responsibility for their actions.If the guy doesnt steal the mans clubs then none of this happens. I agree that he shouldnt have pointed gun at man because if he had hammer back it couldve accidently went off.Hopefully the fear of death will make the kid rethink if theft is worth dying over.
  10. I would like to think his threats were just to keep the thief down and scared to run until police showed up.I doubt the thief would have let himself be caught if the guy just said "you stole my clubs im calling cops.
  11. You shouldnt have rescued them out of the trash bin.They will betray you too.Be best to try and sell em to someone who doesnt know how they act.
  12. I dont know but golf clubs can be like family.Guy picked the wrong children...uh i mean clubs to try to take.One thing is for sure.That guy wont be stealing anymore clubs.
  13. Yeah that was what I was thinking.Two day team.Two day individual.The only thing I would change was the number of players you can have.Not really fair for some to have 4, others 2.
  14. Then that's a stupid rule then.When I mean nature of game i mean using rule to keep someone from earning what they deserve by their play.Dont wanna see a damn timer taking away from someones effort.I understand you cant sit and wait for an extended period of time but for it to have to be an exact time thats not that long.For a ball to drop in cup even after 10,-15 secs or so is because its still not stopped moving unless an earthquake happened.Everyone needs to allow the play dictate what happens and not be like"oh he should be penalized. "
  15. No idea how a ball moving can be deemed at rest.If ball is moving barely in one certain direction and not oscillating the is not at rest to me.No different than when after a drop they will watch it and make sure its not moving before annoucing ball in play.