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  1. Aflighter

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    In our tournaments id take 5 hrs every time.Its usually pushing 6.It is hard to go under 5 when our playing for something other than fun and you have 120 man shotgun with various skills levels.Also courses are setup tough and were playing 6500 plus yards and some are spread out.The country club types take shorter time because tees are near greens instead of driving qtr mile to tees. Yeah I misread that ,sorry.Single can make 2 hrs easy with nobody holding them up.
  2. Aflighter

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    Yeah I agree.No idea how a 4sum can play in 2 hrs unless they are running to they're balls and hitting without even taking 10 secs to get info and also not concerned about if others are hitting.Even if your hitting fairways and within 15 ft of hole every time it still doesn't add up.Even lady's tees I don't see that.All courses are not created equal however.No rough,small greens,short tees and very good playing can really shorten your round.By myself I can play in 2 hrs but not in a 4 sum.
  3. Well I know one of our Amateur tour champ flight guys that is really good but I'd still say is 4 to 5 strokes worse than the average pro in the top 50 id say and still shoots 70-72.I was thinking of one of the top pros I think would shoot 8 to 10 under the rating.Rating of 74.5 with 140 slope at 6900 yards and I think they shoot 60-63 on the par 71 layout.
  4. Just look at the course rating plus slope and subtract probably 8-10 strokes
  5. Aflighter

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Yeah its when Reed acts like this that makes me not like him even more.I figured Speith was one of the few that got along with him but after he spouts off like that about him I doubt he will care for him now.
  6. Aflighter

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    I agree.Even though I could care less about a team golf event.You could see it was like the Americans had been crying afterwards.They had that look in their eyes or they had been drinking.
  7. Yes I would play them and on top of that is call white house and ask him to play along.
  8. Aflighter

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    Because at any minute he could turn it on and win holes unlike the others....but I doubt he will cause he looks tired.
  9. Aflighter

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    Yeah I wasn't shocked by Rorys play because he has habit of disappearing on final rounds.Justin on the other hand I was shocked at his bad play.Always saw him as a steady player but clearly 10 million dollar pressure got to him even though he's already rich.
  10. Aflighter

    2018 Tour Championship - FedExCup Finale

    Crow...Yum Yum.
  11. Aflighter

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    C'mon now.Just saying what they say.Personally I wouldn't tip that much either but I don't have his millions.
  12. Aflighter

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Good thing since Tiger hasn't heard of tipping.Maybe Phil can cover him.
  13. Aflighter

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Not being able to increase driver distance no matter what I do.Hit on upswing still goes about same as hitting my old way with ball in middle of stance.
  14. Aflighter

    Kicking the Clubhead to Hit the Ball?

  15. Aflighter

    Trying to figure out if this is a joke??

    That's nothing.I tried the stubby by cleveland few years ago and I felt it made you putt better because face was just lil bit bigger than ball in form of a cube.Its basically 1 square of that 2 square putter they make.Its a training aid but its legal for play.

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