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  1. Yeah ive seen that before and was curious to how they say theyll send you money for clubs.Like what happens if theyre value doesnt match yours.
  2. Their clubs are also illegal from what I saw from guy thats in the know.The spring effect and also your not hitting the same clubs the pros use.Id post link if I can find it.
  3. I wonder if he still gets the seven figure appearance fee just for playing one round? If he did then hes laughing his way to the bank.
  4. Yeah, what he said.
  5. I voted 8. The only one id say that isnt stupid is the sprinkler head one because some folks would claim its in their line when its not just so they can take drop.
  6. Put some poxy on hole and there shouldnt be any probs.
  7. Well the world needs ditch diggers.
  8. When I hit anything with that loft I pull them bad or hook em to the left.Big reason dont hit a 3 wood cause I cant hit it straight.
  9. Whatever. When you see Rory say cmon with his yell , that comes from within.Pure emotion. Reed has to act like hes having a seizure and over do it which looks fake to me. Watch my two favorites Phil and Sergio play. You wont see all that stuff. Sergio gives lil fist pump like phil does, no yelling.
  10. Reeds excitement is fake. Rorys comes right out at moment it happens. Reed just does it to get crowd going.
  11. Now you know where Willets brother got his ideas.
  12. You know its just setting up for europe to make huge comeback as usual.
  13. I could tell at the masters he looked frail and had lost weight. Could see that he may be in trouble. Sad day to lose someone that was a great man all around.
  14. You get jumped on for rooting against Tiger because he has alot of lemmings that follow him.Lemmings are them yellow lil creatures that follow each other around like cows going to feeding time.I dont exactly pull for Jordan cause his actions can be irritating especially his commentary about why he misses a putt or shot but hes a good kid and its hard not to like him. The other guy we all know where his morals are.