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  1. Exactly.He doesn't have the mentality.
  2. Yes he's a 1 time major champion but so are quite a few.His putting is always question mark is why I don't have much faith in him.He's been playing long enough that you know what he's got.
  3. I believe its gonna be a 3 man race but in reality maybe just 2 man race.Don't have much faith in Scott.Takes a major champion to beat a major champion in a major.Speith may be the only one that can get hot and possibly put some fear in Brooks.
  4. Yeah he is so much better than the rest with no weaknesses.His mental game is tops.He sure can take all the drama out of a tournament but I'm starting to root for him because he gets disrespected so much.He doesn't have flair he just beats he'll out of everyone.
  5. I have same issues since I'm a short hitter but 450 yard par 4 is tough for everyone.Yes long hitters have shorter shots but they are still gonna have medium length shots in.If you are decent with chipping and putting then you can still make pars on that hole.Birdies are tough but as long as you don't have more than a couple long holes then your tee selection is fine.
  6. Yeah sergio is acting a lil childish but unfortunately others are not gonna give anything like he has in past if he felt someone was done wrong.If that happened to kuchar,sergio would have conceded next to make up for it as I would.I wouldn't want to win a hole I didn't deserve cause of s gimmie mistake.
  7. He is awful for sure waiting to figure things out after his playing partners have hit.I guess he has to have his moment too since they are on tv.Problem is its not just Holmes.I saw Thomas ale his sweet time also only to lay up I believe on 17,not sure.
  8. You know I always take Phil's side on any argument but he was in the wrong and he knows it but like he said he does some stupid stuff.
  9. This right here might have a lot to do with it.Some will pay 9 hole rate and then say well they won't mind if I play a few more.Courses probably don't wanna have to keep track of who paid for what.You think they will be watching at turn looking for the 9 hole group?Nope. Courses also are not designed for you to play pay per hole.
  10. 1987 black firebird just like knight rider.Awesome car especially as it got older.You didn't even need a key to turn it on.Just turn the key cylinder and it cranked.Tell me what other car can do that.Haa
  11. Darn it ,I missed that.Didn't get to see any till last hole of regulation and the extra holes since I watched free.Read on here about it being free.Sad part is there's no other 2 golfers that you get get and have people pay to see.All these good players can't stack up against legends.
  12. We'll they may have not let u play through cause it was opening hole.I would have waited till 2nd hole to let u play thru too.I give people extra time on first hole because they might have not warmed up.
  13. Course playing harder because its not hard with bare lies making it longer since you don't get the roll out.Your old course probably didn't have much rough either and greens were probably slower.
  14. I mean by all the new clubs and new balls.Now I'm not saying the new clubs are that much better but every year there's something new out that's supposed to be better.The research and development business of these company's get paid to create new stuff.That's what I mean about the money.
  15. Golf has the same problem nascar does.Its all about money so nothing will be changed or stopped.Research and development will keep others from being able to compete better with the top golfers and top teams.If they stopped all the advances in technology then what would be the point of all those jobs developing it.Imagine if there was cure for cancer well guess what?Medical field just lost lots of money plus people would live even longer.
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