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  1. Aflighter

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    I think it goes back to what Brooks said about American players being spoiled because they didn't play overseas living out of hotels and stuff toughened him up.Looks like its true.
  2. Aflighter

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Imagine what Koepka would do if he put any importance on non majors.
  3. Aflighter

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    Calm down and remember that everyone isn't the same.20-30 extra minutes shouldn't be any reason to get upset over especially since you were first ones out.My question is was there anyone behind you having to wait because then its a problem.My problem is in situations like you said is in afternoons when you trying to get done before dark.That aggravates me.
  4. Aflighter

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    You are what your hcp is.Championship flight will require consistency and more skill which a 7 8 or 9 isn't gonna have.You will get beat pretty good and prove nothing unless you get a lot better.
  5. Aflighter

    Incorrect Course and Slope Rating on Scorecard

    Doesn't really matter because the total yardage that scorecard says seldom matches what the real distance is.Usually they inflate they're yardage on card.
  6. Aflighter

    Jackie Gagne: Hole-in-One-Queen or Cheater?

    I say cheater.He'll I can't chip in 16 times in 6 months from fringe much less 16 aces.
  7. It's just for fine tuning.I can hit pretty much any iron and its gonna go pretty good but to get precise on shots then fitting helps.
  8. People and they're phones.Just don't know what vibrate is apparently.Play with guys that think they have to hear when they're phone goes off cause they can't take time to check it in between shots.
  9. Aflighter

    Par 3 opening hole

    I don't because it should be faster to hit 2 tee shots shorter distance and putt out compared to hitting 2 longer drives and 2 approach shots.
  10. Aflighter

    Match Play Opponent "Too Nice" - Gamesmanship?

    That's what I'm thinking.He was talking because he was scared of you.If he was better then he wouldn't talk like that.He was clearly trying to apply pressure with the birdie talk.Just pay him no mind and smile then beat him.
  11. Aflighter

    Golf Strategy Choices

    Id take 1 on first one but you need to define how deep rough is for 2 and 3 is layup but not 100 yards back.Close as possible.Of course 175 yards might not get any closer than hacking out of thick rough from 100.Rough I generally see around here your not getting out of.
  12. Aflighter

    How To Break 80. Read Original Post!!!

    Geez that's one ugly swing.Only watched the 6 iron shot but geez he's got a Lot of body twisting.Know a guy that swings sorta like that but he knows where its going.
  13. Aflighter

    160 yards to break 90?!

    I agree.From all the tournaments I've played its the driver that kills most golfers scores,even the better golfers.Learn to keep your driver in play and chip and putt decently then you'll break 90 consistently.The iron play and second shots are what gets you breaking 80.
  14. Aflighter

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    Usually the British Open is the best competitive wise and drama .Unfortunately its on ugly looking courses.Masters with that drama be awesome.
  15. Aflighter

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Yes I agree he shouldn't have tried the flop at that time because double is a killer compared to bogey.Thing is he shouldn't have tried that bunker shot from fairway either but he was playing aggressive and pulled that off so he probably thought he could do it.

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