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  1. Was there even spike mark in her line? Maybe she thought she can mark her ball anywhere in front of the marker.
  2. Ill repeat a line from Happy Gilmore. PYSCHO!!!!!!! Ha.Seriously are you a glutton for punishment?
  3. Does he know they make razors?
  4. Unless you play from the tips then sometimes the hcp for that hole wont make sense.Id imagine its based off playing from the tips. It might be hardest hole from tips but the tees on up its not.
  5. As bad as that sounded and that did sound horrible in kids tourny to get upset like that.In our amateur tournys we get threats like "ill break your dam neck" or almost get into scuffles haa.I feel bad for Jane because shes not getting a proper teaching from her parents.By the way, the BMW remark was not called for.Love the Bimmer.
  6. Watching the women play, I wonder why they dont tuck their shirts in on LPGA?
  7. Thats a good idea.Starting on 9 will keep the others from being slowed by them.Of course the unfortunates that have tee time around the time they get back to 1 will be waiting but itll only be 9 hole slow play compared to backing course up for 18.Personally if they are that slow then im not gonna cater to them just cause you can get their money every week.Depending on the course they shouldnt be out there more than 4hrs because theres no excuse that theyre being held up.Since they are walkers I doubt the course is long and spread out.
  8. Just remember it could always be worse.Imagine playing in a suit and tie like back back in the day.
  9. No way that Phil's last hurrah.His game especially his short game is as good as anyone in the game.He looks like hes finally figured out his putting.He still has much length as anyone.I think the only thing that will hurt him is those hot summer days.Honestly think the weather screwed him at US Open.When a 46 yr old has to play 36 holes i a day then hes done.He will always be a factor at the Masters.
  10. I dont know what it was called decades ago but growing up it was always called the British Open.Afterall it is played in Great Britain but I guess you could call the Scottish Open British too.
  11. This pretty much and of course play bad probably cause im bitchin haha.
  12. No kidding.Love how they dont like people with phones taking pictures yet camera men can snap shots all day long as players are swinging.The need for someone getting a pic right at impact isnt worth screwing someone up.
  13. Cheapest is mizuno jpx gap wedge $19.99 used.Most expensive is M2 driver and SC putter,$250 each.Irons $200 Other wedges $60 Other woods $150 and $100 staff bag.So thats $1030 for everything.
  14. I would assume its the 2nd,3rd groove on irons.
  15. I knew the moment I hit putts in the PGA Superstore that the SC I liked was perfect for me.Even the misses seemed better than the others.I know ive used probably over 20 putters and except for the Oddyssey Versa 9 blade, nothing compares to the feel.I dont swear by clubs but with an M2 and SC Golo 3 putter, all I gotta do is hit some greens.