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  1. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Yeah, he got a hot putter at end.
  2. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Yes but im talking about this tourny and where they stand right now, not the year.Looks like harmon is playing really safe.Dont think Rickie can make up two strokes unless leaders make mistake.
  3. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    I dont think so. That lil guy is in complete control of his game and best yet hes best putter out there left.Unless Koepka gets a hot putter I dont see anyone that will threaten. Pretty much 2 horse race.
  4. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Well i have to agree about his comments. This golf course is not setup for the toughest test that a US Open is supposed to be. Id like to see Thomas or any of them shoot that low on a.......real golf course.Haaaa.
  5. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Ill be pulling for the lil guy Harman to take down the big hitters. That guy is tough as nails and has a sweet smooth swing with strong putting.A 3-4 man monday playoff be awesome too.
  6. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    I got a feeling the golfers near top will come back.I feel -5 might be the score.That first page has guys that I wouldnt have much faith in.Fleetwood I dont know much about but Matsuyama, Speith, Garcia and Kaymer are ones to watch out for.
  7. Plumb Bobbing (Putting) Master Thread

    Ive tried it every now and then and im looking to figure out if its gonna show me something but havent seen anything to help.The best way I can see the break is doing a camillo.
  8. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    That length is lil misleading.I see lots of downslopes giving them huge rolls on drives. Dont know what altitude is and if its helping. That 7800 is probably only playing to 7400-7500 playing distance.
  9. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    It was Azinger.He said just hit the ball after all the finger, foot stuff was explained to him and naturally Rose 3 putted from 4 feet after using aimpoint.
  10. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Yeah but you said this before Rory and Jason kept hitting driver into the fescue and sinking there chances. I have to admit felt the long hitters would be favored but its exact opposite. The shorter hitters are doing well.
  11. 2017 U.S. Open Discussion Topic

    Not to thrilled about another US Open without any trees coming into play. Its pretty much bombs away and just have to hit out of thick rough. It really favors the strong guys. A tree doesnt care how strong you are, your not getting thru it.
  12. Looper Golf - Caddies on Demand

    Unless the guy can read greens and know the course im playing then I wouldnt do it.Honestly a guy whos going to spend 4 hours of his time with you at the course and actually knows all this probably isnt going to be cheap.
  13. Geez, if your supposed to have hands looking like that then im either doing something wrong or not playing enough.
  14. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    No, im serious.When I joined I believe it gave you some to choose from or put your own. I just went with the athlete one instead of the kitty or whatever was on there. Im from NC, soccer would be probably the last thing id watch.
  15. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    No, actually the club throwing is funny and understandable.Im talking more about his presence around the fans not even looking at them and staring straight ahead plus the media drooling didnt help either. That avatar was picked randomly.I dont even know who the hell that is.Haa.

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