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  1. I just switched to the R11 from the G10. I never warmed up to the R7 or R9, but after having spent several hours with it on the range and on the computer, I pulled the trigger. I love the club coming from my Ping - which I thought I would finish one more season with FWIW.
  2. I havent had all one brand of clubs in my bag since the starter set 15+ years ago. I am like most people who have responded and will put in my bag what works regardless of the name on the club. Although more recently (last 3 golf seasons), I have begun matching my driver and fairway wood. I am sure its mental, but I feel better over my 3w when it has a similar profile to my driver. I guess now that I think about it, my bag is as consolidated now as it ever has been between Taylor Made and Titleist.
  3. It was complete domination. I think she had the rest of the field unglued with the sheer gap she put between herself and the rest. Her approach (and putt) on 18 was impressive given that she was basically in tears. My daughter and I watched it. I am thinking she has a new hero!
  4. Last season was my first full season with a 4w in the bag. I often still carried a 3w as well (13.5), but found I was much more consistent with the 17* 4w then the 3w from both the tee and the deck. The 3w is sitting this season out.
  5. LOL that's funny. My wife has a Ladies cobra driver and that thing sounds just awful. Almost like those old school wiffle ball bats we had in PE class.
  6. I agree with much of what's been written. It also has everything to do with what you feel comfortable swinging. I went through a period where I carried long irons and even used them from the tee to the complete opposite where i held 3 woods and 3 hybrids and started my irons at the 6. Ultimately, I think I was using the forgiveness of the hybrid as a crutch for my poor ball striking and inconsistent swings. (My 2i tee ball days were years ago when playing several times a week...ah the glory days) I still have that problem (poor swings), but not like I once did. I now have a more traditional setup 1,3,4 woods, and a lonely 21* hybrid before starting my irons at either a 4i or 5i. That largely depends on how I am feeling about my 60* at the time. I will tell you that adding the 4w was the best thing I ever put in my bag. Its a solid option off the tee and easy to hit off the turf. Good luck!
  7. Well I bagged it. The monitor showed about 6 more yards with less spin then the G10. I also took the new Nike VR tour 420 for a spin and the numbers were nearly identical to the Ping. I really liked that stock shaft and had it not been for the $400 price tag, I may have given it more serious consideration. In the end, I was more consistent with the i15 and just fell in love with the feel of that club. I won't get it to the course for another week, but I will definately post a report.
  8. I can't play golf - but play well enough a few times per round to make me think I can play golf I hit 90% of my shots fat - just my driver occassionally (seems to appear randomly after about 5-6 fairways hit) I hit the ground with my driver when swinging - See above. The earth often catches my fury prematurely when I begin to feel confident. I hit my PW 110 yards - 135 here I can hit my driver 240 yards, but usually 190 and sky-high - 285 here. I make a good 'd' player on a best ball squad I hit my 7i 150 yards - same here I finish on my toes and fall forward - only if I am really trying to kill one I chunk when chipping - Normally its thin for me I shoot in the 90s - Normally in the upper 80's I have fun when playing, but want to quit after most rounds or practices - I have lowered my bar really really far to avoid this I swing too long, too hard, too fast - Only if its a logo ball of a former employer... I've once broken 90 - I've once broken 80 I think I know more about the swing than I really do - I know nothing about my swing other then what the result tells me I've gotten rid of my slice, only to exchange it for a hook - been there over and over I lack most swing fundamentals - only to the trained eye I try to hit the ball - Great Success!! (think Borat) I lose balls all the time - only on courses that have hazards I'm not a good short game player, or putter, it just seems so because my long game stinks - If the game were only tee and green, I could be a world beater!
  9. So after resolving to play this entire season with my G10 from last year, I found myself at my local pro shop killing time during my daughter's lesson. Today was the 4th lesson, and consequently, my 4th day at looking, holding, fondling the i15 in the shop. I finally broke down and took it out for a spin. Some background: I have been playing the G10 (9*) for a little more than a season now and have been very pleased with it. I have the pro launch red stiff shaft and generate a swing speed in the 110-115 range typically. I was not on a launch monitor, but spent about an hour on the range with my driver and the i15. During the course of the demo, I had three shaft changes, and finally settled on the Diamana Blue. All I can say is wow. My G10 gives me a great ball flight, distance, and forgiveness, but I have struggled to move the ball with consistency, but gladly gave that up for the forgiveness and the fairways hit. I would not say I have held complaints about my G10, but the two hang ups I have had (if any) would be workability and feedback. The i15 has fixed both of those, at least for me. The feedback on hits was much better then with my g10, but I could not tell if there was significant distance sacrificed. On center hits, I would say the distance was similar, maybe with the i15 edging it by a few yards. Without the benefit of the launch monitor or being on a course to see the difference, its hard to say conclusively. What I will conclude, is that for me, working the ball right and left was much easier. I know this is a fade biased club, and having always hit neutral, I halfway expected to fight a slice or have to over compensate somehow. I was absolutely wrong. I am going back to tomorrow to see if I still feel the same way. If I do, I may wind up with a new gamer this year. I also plan to get it on the launch monitor so hopefully distance can be confirmed one way or another. I will post the results when i have them. FYI - i did not hit the G15. No particular reason. Hope this was helpful.
  10. I have never played in it, but I have a friend that has played the last 4 years or so. I asked him about the participation and he stated it wasnt uncommon to have numbers improve dramatically about 2 weeks prior. Plus the economy doesnt help much. It sounds like an awesome event, and the cost isnt so bad either considering all that is included.
  11. My two favorite hybrids are the new titleist 909 and the old school Nickent 3dx. I have played one or both in 17,19,21,21.5, and 24. From my perspective (and often lousy swing) you should definitely give them a look and serious consideration.
  12. That's hilarious. I use the standard headcovers, except the one time when I lost the cover to my nickent 2h and put a 76ers branded tube sock over it - if for no other reason then to irritate a pretentious friend I was playing with the next day.
  13. Maybe all you need is a new shaft. I have a ping G10 and it was a completely different animal with the Diamana Blue shaft on the launch monitor. Same club 9* with a pro launch red gave me exactly the trajectory I wanted. If you *must* get a new driver, I would swing the Titleist 909 - and of course don't leave out the G10. Its the first driver I have had in a long while that doesnt have an imminent retirement date.
  14. Isnt mid ocean the one where michael douglas frequents/lives? I cant speak directly about those clubs, but I was in Bermuda with my wife a couple of years ago with and didnt play. If I had it to do over again, no way would I miss that opportunity to play on such a beautiful landscape.
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