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  2. I tested out Hole19 on the Apple Watch on Friday, it worked pretty well on a 9 hole course. I'm going tomorrow and try it on a 18 hole course.
  3. Thanks guys I will start on my next round.
  4. Hi all. New to Sand Trap. I've been playing off and on for 5 years. Just playing with buddies. Never thought I would be good enough to play in tournaments by myself or track my handicap. The last couple of years I hovered around 90's to high 80's. Bogey golfer. I have had flashes of a great game but it would leave as fast as it came. I have always been a good putter. My best score ever was a +12. I recently bought a very nice set of used forged irons and everything just clicked. The last 3 outings I have been dialed in. I literally cut 10 strokes off my game +6, +7, and +5. Should I start a Handicap index? I don't think that I'm going to play any tourneys in the near future. I would hate to make my buddies feel like they aren't keeping up with me. They were playing before me and have always been trying to improve their game. They are all bogey+ golfers.
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