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  1. Day 23 worked on punch shots in backyard for 20 minutes. Hit 8 iron half swing with foam balls into fence. Keeping trajectory low. Hit too many balls into trees in my last round, gotta get to the green or fairway with recovery.
  2. day 22 Played a round of golf today at a new course. started off bad and the rest of the round was pretty good. driver still needs a lot of work, but was getting real good with a few holes left in the round. fairway wood needs work. most of my shots were hooks, and need to work on the range shots. putting was good, except for one hole i opened the face. irons hit the greens but not exactly where i aimed. a little bit left a little bit right, but still on green. very hard to course manage a new course, but was fun. will definitely play the course again.
  3. day 21 worked on my driver for 40 minutes on the range and put weights in a bunch of different positions. looks like putting the weight all the way back made me find the fairway the most and gave me more of a tighter dispertion. will be playing a round with my brother tomorrow, I have to tune it in so I can destroy my bro.
  4. Day 20 Putting in living room for 15 minutes. Stroke feeling good. Perfect speed at all the different distances of 5,10, and 15 feet. I was losing confidence in my blade putter and was considering a mallet. Think I have my groove back.
  5. Day 19 Practiced 9 holes today. 3 wood is pretty automatic, but driver is giving me nightmares. Getting great ball striking from my irons, but need to get my yardage dialed in. I think it was pretty good, but it was windy. About a 1-2 club wind today. Putting was ok, at least I didn’t 3 putt. It just rained here so my 8 iron chips weren’t rolling out very far. Switched to lob wedge and just carried it to the hole. Worked better on the soft moist greens.
  6. Mixed Bags Making A Comeback?

    a lot of companies now has gone bankrupt, sold off, or acquired. Because of this I think they had an exit clause on there contracts or just don't have a sponsor anymore and just go with whats available. Sergio was basically kicked out of TaylorMade. They low balled him a sponsorship offer because all there superstars are taking up most of it now and sergio isn't really liked or winning much anyway so they just gave them a take it or leave it offer.
  7. 2018 Honda Classic

    he isn't happy he didn't make the cut from his last tournament, he is going to tear up the course at the honda classic.
  8. John Daly was ahead of his time

    the good old days. i saw the marker where he teed off and hit the green on a par 4 over water. huge drive, beast mode. this was before all the technology of today.
  9. Favorite Golf Podcasts?

    i like no laying up
  10. The benefit of lessons

    if you play a lot or plan on playing a lot definitely get lessons. i know most people don't play enough to justify lessons and just out there to cut it up with friends. more like hanging out with friends while playing golf. lessons are good, but practicing a lot after the lessons is the key.
  11. Golf Sunglasses

    the oakley golf lenses are good, but i find the baseball lenses even better. I have both, and I use a white ball and i find the baseball lenses works best. I use to never use sunglasses but once i got a tiny bit of irreversible eye damage from all the years i played golf without sunglasses, i started wearing sunglasses to not further damage my eyes. i use the flak 2.0 with prescription lens. my prescription is very weak, so i alternate between my different lenses, just snap them off and snap them in. I love my flak 2.0, will probably buy another one in a different colour to match my outfits, lol.
  12. Rethinking Chipping Strategy

    less loft = less carry = more roll out more loft = more carry = less roll out 8 iron is the high percentage chip where you bump and run. highly repeatable, more forgiving, very boring. do this if you have a lot of green to work with. lob wedge is the hero shot where you have to hit it perfectly so you can carry it to your spot with a little roll out. higher degree of difficulty, but looks awesome i.e. Phil. do this if you don't have much room on the green.
  13. you definitely need your back when you swing. you should get the lumbar support and also the shoulder setter. its the thing that pretty much ties your arms back so you have the correct upright posture. do stretches when you wake up to get your back and shoulders loose. yoga and stretching helps a lot.
  14. a friend of mine had the same problem and went to a chiropractor. felt it and said you probably could be fixed up with acupuncture. so he got the acupuncture done and WOW, all gone. I say try some acupuncture, nothing to lose, only gain.
  15. Iron help

    new toys give you more confidence. how is your distance, AP3 are distance irons. I think you should stick with AP2 or do a split set of AP1 or AP3 long irons and AP2 short irons.

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