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  1. nope, its a waste of a club. the answer isn't to get a new club to fix your faults, but to get more practice to fix your faults.
  2. Driver: 2017 M1 9.5° 3-wood: AeroBurner 13.5° Irons: MP-69 (3-PW) Wedges: SM6 Vokey 50°, 54°, 58° Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport with SuperStroke 3.0 slim, 50g counterweight I upgraded my driver because i had a TaylorMade R11S. only upgraded because my driver is just to old now.
  3. make do with 58. i use 58. i have 46,50,54,58. perfect 4 degree gapping. if you are going to get a 60, you probably need 50,55,60 for proper gapping. 5 degree gapping. just make sure you have consistent gapping with all the same wedges. I had a forged blade cleveland gap wedge, and a cavity back cleveland sand wedge. same brand, but different clubs, and i tend to hit them both the same distance. i use sm6 vokey now.
  4. look for a cavity back. ping has always been known as a forgiving old man clubs. they are appealing to younger people now, but still forgiving. I love forged irons, i would get a mizuno cavity back iron.
  5. Day 39 Putted for 15 minutes in the living room. I have a straight line in my carpet and use that to work on my stroke from 5, 10, and 15 feet. stroke is good, will work on it more so I don't choke on the course. will try to hit the course tomorrow and play.
  6. Day 38 practiced on wedge shots from the bunker for 50 minutes. sand is a little wet and not fluffy like normal. used 54 degree sand wedge to get out from 3 different spots of the bunker (front, middle, and back). up close was easy, but middle and back really gave me a hard time. I guess I am getting cute with it and just need to blast out of the sand. plugged a few balls in the sand and tried to get those out, what a pain in wet sand, bladed most most them. going to work in the sand again when it is dry.
  7. Day 37 Went to the range and practiced my half wedge shots for 40 minutes. lasered a target 35,50, and 75 yards and hit about 20-30 balls for each. i picked a landing spot i wanted to land it on and tried to get it really honed in.the shorter distance was easier, but when i backed it up to 75, you really have to try to keep that same tempo and speed to achieve similar results. it felt like i was doing that, but my dispersion was all over the place when i started, much tighter now, but still needs work.
  8. Day 36 practiced my takeaway for 20 minutes. Saw a video on Facebook and over analysed my takeaway. Start good and finish good. Will try it in the range tomorrow if I can get some time.
  9. DAY 35 putted on practice green for almost an hour. I used 3 balls and put them on the same line 5,10,15 feet away and putted. I started with the 5 and went back to 15. Worked my way clockwise. I had a slight break, enoughcto over think the putt and miss. I started to hit it firmer to make sure it goes in. Got on a roll and finished strong.
  10. Day 34 Brought my wedge to an empty park and practiced for 30 minutes. Used my 58 and tried to chip it into several targets on the playground. It was actually a lot of fun trying to get it under things and over things, and into things. My favourite shot to test my skill was go low enough to get it under the bridge and high enough to clear the monkey bars, and land it into the entrance of slides.
  11. Day 33 putted for 10 minutes to get a smooth stroke with old putter that is lighter. I use heavier putter for fast greens and lighter putter for slow greens. Playing course soon with slow greens and have to beat my brother.
  12. Day 32 worked on driver today for 30 minutes. Went from slow swing to speeding it up to full speed swing. Really focused on take away and follow through. Hitting less distance, but now more control and consistency. A lot going down the middle of the fairway now.
  13. Day 31 played a round of golf today. Course was tough and had narrow fairways and crazy elevation changes. Also it had slow greens. It was tough putting shots in play, but was able to scramble to save par. After the turn it was starting to flow. I had a lot of great birdie opportunities, but left a lot of short putts and was still able to finish with par. Need more work with driver, but the rest of my game looks pretty good.
  14. Day 30 worked on bunker game. I used my 54 degree sand wedge for 35 minutes. Green side bunker and worked on getting it out and carrying the green short, medium, and long. Short was easy. Medium was ok, most of them being short of the flag. Long was tough, a lot to carry and my dispersion was everywhere.
  15. Day 29 used a towel on the range for 55 minutes. Put towel under right armpit. In the beginning the towel kept dropping, finally at the end I was able to make pretty good contact without the towel falling. Really helping me on the backswing and follow through.
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