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  1. Choosing the correct irons

    Uhh, these guys you are destroying, what scores do they usually shoot? they had low handicaps, they were on the golf team with me or for another high school. You have a 28 HDCP, yet you hit the sweet spot consistently on your irons? for the most part, yes. thank you for the suggestion, but I hate the feel and look of game improvement irons. which ones do you suggest?
  2. you know it is a problem when golf courses have to change the original and beautiful layout to accommodate professional competition.
  3. Anyone have excel for windows or numbers for mac? need a formula for handicap, trying to keep track of my handicap.
  4. that's right, just keep your balls with your balls.
  5. in the cold i use a low compression golf ball. or keep my regular balls in my pocket to keep it warm and switch every hole. I have those 5 hour hand warmer things that you shake and they stay warm. I keep my ball in my pocket with the hand warmer.
  6. Pro Shop Hat Sales

    mostly brand names. probably 75% brand name and 25% course logo
  7. Choosing the correct irons

    sounds like you have a fast swing, you are looking at a stiff or x stiff shaft. if you're getting used, you are limited to what's available. If you plan on playing more then once a week or once a month, you should look into game improvement irons, something with a cavity back with perimeter weighting. This will help slightly missed shots stay more on line and won't lose as much distance. On that note, I also recommend players blades. This will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong, you get instant feedback. If you aren't hitting it pure, you will know by the exaggerated slice or hook. This will help you find your faults and work on actually hitting it in the sweet spot. Game improvement irons is like a bandaid for your swing. My 1st set of irons were from a garage sale and they were blades. I hated golf at the start, and everyone else was beating me and improving fast with there game improvement irons. Fast forward a few years later, I am destroying all my friends because I learned to play with blades and learned to hit the sweet spot more consistently. When we compared our irons, my iron wear was dead centre, while there iron wear was all over the face. They played off the crutch of the game improvement irons and never had to improve because the club was doing all the work. If you don't want to get good and just play and have fun, I recommend getting game improvement irons. blades take time, and it won't be fun in the beginning, but very very rewarding in the future. I highly recommend you focus more on your putting and chipping, this is where you can shave a lot of strokes.
  8. that can work, but I would recommend (44, 48, 52, 58). or space out your wedges more, (44, 49, 54) or (44, 50, 55). Depending on the course I am playing, shorter courses i remove longer club (hybrid, fairway wood, long iron) for wedge (46, 50, 54, 58) or longer courses trade wedge for hybrid or fairway wood and use (46, 52, 56)
  9. Tournament prep, 1 week

    LSW? I would like a copy, thank you.
  10. Tournament prep, 1 week

    I have a tournament in a week, what do you guys do to prep the week before a big tournament? What do you each and everyday leading up to the tournament? What should I focus on, what should I practice? Go to the range more, play more rounds of golf, mix both, massage, rest, workout, play alternative sport, etc...? Thanks for your help, looking at things I can do to maximise my chances of winning he tournament.
  11. i think your right now that I'm thinking about it. all the top level balls seem to be very similar. on short chips I do see the difference with it checking up more on the urethane balls apposed to the alternative.
  12. Wrist/hand injury

    i would see a doctor. im a bit hard headed, and let my body heal naturally. I give it a few weeks and my body was ok. I usually take advil liquid gels and i feel great, but that would just be a bandaid to potentially a bigger problem. how old are you? what physical condition are you in? what is your height, weight, bmi, etc...?
  13. yes, better then average. his flexibility and height = super distance. his height alone gives him extra yards, just like the big easy ernie els. ernie is tall and has a smooth swing and it goes far pretty effortlessly. Let that be a short person, it would be 50 yards less with the same swing.
  14. Increasing club head speed with ghost balls

    That is a lot of speed, what are you trying to do with that speed? Are you trying to join a long drive contest? What you need to focus on is consistency and not swing speed. I have gotten beat by senior citizen scratch players because they are automatic with there shots. not long distance, but right down the center every single time. drive for show, put for dough. what kind of golf do you play? do you play completions, tournaments, or just for fun? If you are playing for fun, grip it and rip it. if you are trying to win trophies, money, club championships, etc... your going to need to focus on keeping the ball in play.
  15. Ten Minutes to Pain Free Golf

    should i do this at home then drive to golf course? should i do this the night before i play or everyday?

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