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  1. Old persimmon fairway wood

    Want to thank you all for the help - I will put the wood in a safe place and watch it age. Again, appreciate all the help!! CJ
  2. Old persimmon fairway wood

    It are at least 40-70 years old. Do not know when he bought it, and it may be older than that. I know I remember seeing it in his bag 40=45 years ago, but it was bought how long before that - your guess is as good as mine. I can tell you he lived all of his life in Baltimore, MD and he probably bought the club there if that helps.
  3. Old persimmon fairway wood

    Thanks for clearing that up. Thought my Dad had bought better clubs for that time period - guess I was wrong!! I'll keep it anyway as a remembrance.
  4. Old persimmon fairway wood

    Scott, Hope this is what you need - sure would like to know where my Dad found this one, because I am out of ideas for searching the internet!! Thanks - CJ
  5. Old persimmon fairway wood

    I have an old fairway 7 wood that belonged to my dad and have been unable to find out any information about the club. It has V.I.D. stamped on the bottom plate and in the wood on the side. It has a steel shaft and the original label on the shaft says it is a light weight. Would appreciate any help in letting me know anything about this club. Thanks, cj

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