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  1. If he doesn't break Jack's Major record, everyone will say his legacy is not what it may have been. Wake up.
  2. The fact that his actions would affect his play which would in turn ultimately affect his legacy. I didn't realize this was all so hard to follow...
  3. Nobody was asking this question in May of 2010, cheech, 'cept me. Hence the writing on the wall. I saw this coming, the lemmings still don't.
  4. Seemed to be the same thing that's wrong with Dwayne Wade's knee. It's a rare issue doctor's are calling OnlyHurtsWhenThey'rePlayingBaditus. Tiger's symptoms have been more frequent the last couple years.
  6. I don't think he's driving it accurately enough to win at Merion.
  7. People get so caught up over words. I wish as a society we could take ourselves less seriously and just laugh. That said, in the venue and manner he said it, the comment crossed the line. Whether it was stereotypical or racist is semantics and splitting hairs. Sergio doesn't need to try so hard to show his poor character. We've all seen it on display enough already. It annoys me that Tiger's race is always an issue.
  8. Wednesday night I shot a 40 with only one birdie and I missed two three-footers. Still not sure how I did it.
  9. I can't bring myself to root for a bad person. I find poor character very hard to stomach. I also cannot help but take issue with so many people choosing to support such a man. I get that he has built a strong following over the years and I find it a little sad that most people can't stand to have their image of him burst. So after the true colors were shown, people will still say things like "he's not the first person to cheat on his wife." Haha, how is that for rationale? If Tiger represents the type of person you can support, well then, I guess that is your choice. But please know, it's okay, there are some very fine players on Tour. They don't get spoon-fed to us by the media as much, but they are out-playing Tiger and none of them have displayed the poor morals, ethics or edittquete your hero has. And Iacas, everything about you makes you look at least a little egostistical.
  10. LEMMING ALERT!!! LEMMING ALERT!!!! I forgot to add, professionalism and class have also been in declined since Tiger's first F-bomb and club throw in front of the gallery. Newtogolf, how is it that Nike has controlled your thoughts for so long?
  11. Tiger has only helped to decline personal ethics and morals. He's done wonders for the game though.
  12. That's another solid swing. Agreed, your clubface is closed at the top of your backswing. That should promote a hook, so why you're slicing seems counterintuitive. It has to be a timing thing. I'm leaning towards what jboren says in his last paragraph. I think your body may be getting too far ahead or your arms and the club. That could lead to an open face, even if it's closed at the top of your backswing.
  13. Two key things I see here. Before I start, you have a nice tempo and generate some nice clubhead speed. Nice weight transfer and a very nice follow through and finish. Pause the video at two spots. 1) Your takeway is the big issue. I tried freezing the video at the time when this is most obvious and put it in this reply, but I couldn't get it to post correctly. But pause just before you begin the takeway and then move it frame by frame from there you'll see what I'm talking about. When you take the club away, you open it up, and I mean it's WIDE open (I used to do the same thing myself). That normally would create a slice (as the face would still be open at impact) but like inthecup said, you've probably learned to over-correct that error and you really force it closed, so much so it's closed at impact (and probably still turning even more shut) which is going to generate a hook spin on the ball. 2) Pause it at the top of your backswing. You have the club pointed way to the right of the target line. They call that 'across-the-line.' One big problem caused by an across-the-line position is a hook. Again though, I think you're getting into that poor position at the top of your backswing due to the way you're taking the club back. Ideally, the shaft should be parallel to the line You're breaking your wrists, which opens the clubface and is making you take the club back too far inside, leading you to be across-the-line at the top. Next time you're at the range, work on keeping the clubface square to the ball as long as you can on your takeaway. As you rotate normally it will open properly.
  14. Not only do Pros have perfect swings, they also have the best equipment tailored to their swings, the perfect balls tailored to the swings, and they're playing on perfectly mainicured courses. That all helps them to spin it like they do. An amateur playing on the local muni won't ever spin it like that, nor should they worry about trying. My ball can hold a green, normally. That said, last August I played a course that hadn't watered their greens in days and they were like concrete. Not even Ben Hogan's ghost would have been able to spin one back on them. haha It looks cool, but don't worry about ever pulling it off.
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