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  1. Um, my town is the hometown of Lou Holtz ( if you dont know him... you should ), and I just happened to be playing at my CC when he was out for a "Secret'' round. He played with me for a hole, then gave me a signed bal with the ND symbol on it. Thats my story..
  2. Is there a psychiatrist in the forum? Geez. Maybe youve recently seen The Dark Knight... thats a ver Joker-ish thought.
  3. Even if there were, the killing would have occured. Its was a random attack... on a sleeping civilian. Maybe the level of blood and sheer violence would have been less, but the surprise would have still been a surprise.
  4. Eh, depends on the day. When I shoot 88, or 89, its usualy pretty even. Like a 44 front, 44 back. I will have a day where Ill shoot 41, then shoot 47, or vice versa.
  5. +1. I was asked to caddy for our just graduated number 1 Varsity golfer, but he chickened out and went with a cart. Only being 15, I guess any help is better than no help. Maybe he'll surprise you?
  6. No, no its not. But Im definitely going to put a word in at the CC to see about this awesome improvement!
  7. Kinda. I know the workers at the club house, seeing that one was a Varsity golfer with me and the other one practically act as my older brother. Anytime Im out on the course, esp. in the Hi 100 in Ohio at times, Ill all them and they run me out a Gatorade, Coke, etc. Its very nice, and they get a reason to get away from the clubhouse (Only 100 members, and 10 golf). Thought this was close enough?
  8. 179.99 Sabertooth. Got it for 165 with a coupon. Go coupons!
  9. +1. I play amazingly alone, or with my best friend because there isnt any need to impress him, and I already am confident with my game. But when its with my dad, or grandfather, its like somewhere deep down I have to impress them, even if Im not trying to. Im trying to get over it... not sooo easy.
  10. Jan Stephenson must have been playing during the winter or something... I definitely agree with Gulbis... one of the best shows on TV, even if youre deaf.
  11. Sounds great! Ive also been preparing for out golf season. My team will have 0!, yes 0 Seniors this year, so us Sophys and Juniors have to work extra hard to keep a balance. I became a member at our local country club, which is in walking distance, and have played 9-18 holes a day with a bag or two of range. I havent shot over 100 all season, and have shot 14 over many a times. I pretty psyched about the season. Im really excited to see how we do with 0 Seniors!
  12. Hahahaha. That was worth opening. Very nice. If that makes you a scratch golfer... my dad would have gone pro by now.
  13. I have farmers tan, shoe tan, glove tan, and a Livestrong band tan on my right hand. I would be an odd sight in a Speedo. Haha.
  14. Jordasch


    You beat me to it! I had the same scenario, same problem. After the first bucket I wrapped my fingers in medical tape. Stopped the worsening of the present blisters, and helped prevent new. (I forgot my gloves in my old bag, was using my new one for the first time.)
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