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  1. Reval = German cigarette brand. But I don't smoke anymore.
  2. At least you don't have to pay a greenfee when playing on your home course. When you are making your license they teach you the basic swing and you have to be able to play HCP 54 so you can go and play on the course alone without a Pro. Then you get a membership card so you van play on other courses. BTW, in Germany you need almost for everything a license. Even for fishing. Or hunting - takes 3 years and is very expensive. :-(
  3. It definitely is a barrier. Golf got a lot cheaper the past 15 years - before that memberships were like $50.000 and only affordable to rich people.
  4. Well here in Germany and in german speaking countries you indeed have to make a sort of license (called Platzreife) to play Golf on courses that are members of the German Golf Association (DGV - similar to the USGA). Normally all Golf Clubs are members there. You have to pass a written test about rules and etiquette as well as a playing test with the local pro. All clubs offer packages including lessons etc... And then you must be member in a Golf Club - otherwise they won't let you play. So Golf in Germany is quite expensive - you need about 10.000 $ to start here with Golf - not counting your equipment.
  5. At least he had a decent lie.
  6. My nationality is german + american (2 citizenships).
  7. Oh, you mean the revolutionary "Speed Pocket" in their Speed blade irons? From their website: [URL=http://taylormadegolf.com/taylormade-irons-speedblade-overview/]http://taylormadegolf.com/taylormade-irons-speedblade-overview/[/URL] [QUOTE]What’s a Speed Pocket™? A deep slot behind the clubface that allows the face to flex and rebound faster, increasing your ball speed and launch angle to boost your distance dramatically . You also get more control because your shots land on a steep angle and stop fast. Quick review: faster ball speed, higher launch angle, longer distance, quick stops. Yes, you need a Speed Pocket. The Speed Pocket makes all other irons inferior. It’s nothing personal. It’s innovation. The Speed Pocket gives SpeedBlade irons the fastest face of any TaylorMade iron ever , creating a potent combination of ball speed, high launch, long carry and steep descent that’s never been possible before. You’ll hit shots you never thought you could -- higher, longer, closer to the hole. [/QUOTE]
  8. Meanwhile I don't like the company TM anymore. Somehow I have the feeling they think the golfers are stupid - introducing new equipment every few months that carries the ball longer, longer, even longer... All they do is cheat with lofts and extend the shaft length.
  9. I thought "it's Bubba-long...." I hate that guy.
  10. Toe shank sounds scary... :-O
  11. Originally the PW had about 50* loft. Nowadays a 50* wedge is called "approach" or "gap" wedge.
  12. And why is the 46* iron called a wedge?
  13. I think this whole thing is ridicolous too. Why don't sell sets starting with a 1 iron? And PW nowadays with 45* loft. Who pitches with a PW?
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