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  1. I think this is a math problem. Given enough rounds each round will fall in a normal distribution. This is what the new sandbagging software is based on. A 4 hcp will shoot between +5 and -5 of their course handicap 97% of the time. A 12 to shoot 72 once every 32 years or something.
  2. Are you saying that each player has a gaussian distribution around their average score? Or that we only have a limited amount of control over our score. Sure there are days that breaks will be bad, execution will be off and the combination will results in avery high score while others execution will be poor but luck will be with you and it won't be as bad. But ultimately a player's skill and decisions set the range.
  3. Leslie is on the northside of AA. Welcome to the group. Come out and play (as soon as this is over)
  4. Iacas if you are playing in compliance with the order NONE. If ONLY you do it none. You and your daughter were safe and responsible. If eveyone did that we'd be fine But when people violate the guidance like they did in Chicago, we end up with groups. That allows for transmission. If the police are responding to a crowd they are exposed. If someone gets sick because they are infected in a crowd then they can put strain on the system, put health care workers at risk. In this circumstance it is not for the individual to make that decision because the choice doesn't just affect 1 person. It only take a small number of people to make bad choices for all of us to be harmed. The chain of events can impact large numbers. Look at the Spring Break crowds in FL. They were at low risk, were within the guidance and their actions have led to infections that are now taken back to their home towns to inoculate a new area.
  5. WHile I agree that golf seems like a safe activity, this is not the time to make that decision on our own. Simply by doing it resources will be taken up. Police will have to come out, course or clubs will get in trouble... I think that safe and responsible play sounds like a great and safe activity (I am dying to get out and play). But if we don't stand together we will all suffer alone.
  6. Very ture. We know very little because the virus has only been identified for about 4 months. We are making decisions on the best information available and the repercussions of what could happen. The article is great information but still not a good reason to ignore or revoke the shelter in place orders. If his predictions are correct then the curve should bend significantly very soon. The cost if he is wrong is just too big at this point to change direction without proof.
  7. Chicago is shut down due to people being stupid and selfish
  8. Saw that earlier. Thanks for the heads up
  9. Thank you for reminding people of this. Currently worldwide there are fewer Coronavirus infections than Influenza deaths. This is an epidemiology crisis not a true public crisis. More people in your area die from gunshots or car accidents than this virus. All that said. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home if you’re sick, clean surfaces well, and avoid crowds. Being in a golf course (as long as you aren’t sitting in a cart with a sick person) is one of the safest places you could be.
  10. Understandable. I hope you enjoy the fitting soon. And this week is demo weekend 1
  11. Absolutely I went in expecting Taylormade driver and woods, Not sure of the hybrid, Mizuno Irons (Player distance, MP or JPX) and Vokey Wedges all Stiff or Tour Stiff. I have a Titleist Driver (Stiff 6.0), Callaway 3 wood (Stiff; the cheap one I got out of the used club bin), Ping Hybrid (Extra Stiff), Srixon (Game Improvement) Irons 5.5 Hard stepped and Vokey Wedges. SO I was right on the Putter and Wedges. Everything else was WAY off. Numbers don't lie and the pros know their stuff.
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