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  1. criley4way

    New from Northern Michigan

    JBise come on down there are some great course and shops in the area. The Blue course is great fun for Alumni
  2. criley4way

    New from Northern Michigan

    Welcome back to the game
  3. If you are getting fit go to a location that does not have a brand bias. You want to be able to hit multiple brands and focus on the numbers. A club that looks great but doesn't function well is a vanity item. How the club looks to you can be a final factor but you will learn to love a club with a fat topline and weird offset if you hit it consistently and score well. It will "feel right" if the ball goes where you want. If that club is Mizuno, Titleist, Srixon.... OK if PGX is out of your budget then let the fitter know. If your fitting is about anything other than performance then it is about Vanity and you should just buy what fits your image and move on.
  4. Why do you think that this is your issue? Why 160? Are you hitting it square, straight and solidly every time? Best advice is to get something specific to your body and your swing. 160 might be appropriate or might be out of your body's capability. Posting a video is a good start or get a lesson. Good suggestion
  5. criley4way

    How should a golfer exercise?

    Really is this a debate? Having better strength, flexibility and explosive power is good for ANY sport. Baseball players train, gymnasts train, sprinters train, GOLFERS train. Getting hurt is a problem in any sport. Find someone who understands the golf swing or at least the motions of the swing and how to properly train. Learn good form and maintain balance. Do you need to be able to Squat 300lbs or Bench 400 to be a good player? NO Does having more power, better explosiveness and more flexibility allow you to achieve a better more powerful swing YES! Can you take it too far OF COURSE. There will be a point at which your genetics max out for dynamic power and the ligaments and tendons or even muscles are at their limit. If you can't control it and stay in balance you will have issues. <<Climbing down off the soap box>>
  6. criley4way

    LA Gridlock Today? 5 Major Sports Events On One Day

    Relative to LA and the area between the Rams, Clippers and Dodgers games anywhere in MI is a releif
  7. criley4way

    So, How Bad Do I Get Beat...?

    Unless you play lights out I say lose each match by 3.
  8. A bad shot is one that does not do what you expect it to do. If the shot starts where you need it to start and finishes where you expect them what is the issue?
  9. criley4way

    When does it make sense to quit?

    If I could shoot the temperature I'd be happy right now
  10. criley4way

    Relationship Issues Messing with Game?

    One key in golf is to get into the focused mental state to let the body do the work. If you are having stress or anxiety it is hard to keep it our of your game. Stress kills your game no matter where it comes from. Try meditation or another relaxation technique.
  11. criley4way

    Winter Depression Thread

    Just to be clear it is not bragging it is taunting.
  12. criley4way

    Howdy from SoCal

    Sorry to hear about the clubs. Where in SoCal? If you are near Torrance check out the clearance clubs at Plaza Golf. Great family owned shop with great people who support lots of youth golf. Alsoa good place if you like Scotty Camerons.
  13. criley4way

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    A lot goes into pace of play. The gap between tee times is key. If it takes most groups 8 minutes to play a hole (I know not all holes take the same amount of time) then we violate the first rule of operations (don't plan on 100% efficiency). Swings take almost no time. Walking time is low (a 6500 yard course should take 1 hr to walk). So pre-shot and waiting are the biggest issues. Figure 30 seconds pre-shot and 30 sec to get a club and plan. SO 120 shots give it 2 hrs. Now comes the rub. If we wait for every person to finish we get to 8 hrs. If it is just our cart partner then we get 4 hrs + the walk>> 5hrs. So on the weekend set up the course with the par 5 long so that few people are tempted to go for it in 2. Set up the par 3 & 4 shorter so people hit shorter clubs in. But in the end it is our responsibility to not wait to plan our next shot and pull a club. Be ready to go when the person in front of you tees off or putts. And get people to their ball with the right club ASAP. At the end of the day I don't think we care about the ACTUAL time on the weekend but rather the feeling of waiting. <<Putting on fireproof undies>>
  14. I agree that there are a TON of band-aid instructors who give advice that might get you part way through the sunday scramble. BUT I also think that part of this is the expectations of the students. When I go to a new instructor I ask for what I want. I am a long term student who will work on an item for weeks and weeks on specific parts of the swing. But I expect to leave with a clear idea of what I am doing, what i should be doing, How to practice and how to evaluate if I am making the right move. I find that often I will get in lesson advice and a long conversation and something about ball flight. If I find a good match I leave with a set of drills and practice set up with a simple metric of if I am doing it correctly. One of my favorite is 2 shafts with 2 strings between them. They help set swing plane. Goal is to come close to the top string at parallel to the ground on the backswing and not hit the string on either side.

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