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  1. Don't Forget a new Greens keeper who had come of the approach/landing areas rock hard and a combination of greens (partially due to the different base in some greens from what I have been told). Saturday was tough with the weather and a lot of new/strange tee boxes. And 37th is good.
  2. As with any sport lifting helps. Olympic lifts are excellent dynamic lifts and train the body to develop power(force/time). This training is both muscular and neural. This type of explosive movement is exactly what is needed in a golf swing and why you see so many professionals doing this type of lifting. A major reason it is not used more frequently in gyms and workout routines is the risk of injury from using too much weight or bad form. The strain of getting the weight moving and stopping it can be many times the static weight and can injure joints, ligaments or tendons.
  3. It was a tough weekend, very hot and humid, the course was dry and firm. Lots of big scores. I didn’t see you this year
  4. I recently had a tournament and a friend's event all outside in 85+ deg and 90% humidity. The keys for me were to Cooling towel, water, Gatorade, good food (turkey sandwich and banana) and an umbrella. Use all of these early and often. Also if you are walking go at your pace, don't rush to keep up. Take a few extra seconds to catch your breath, wrap your head or get some water. Finally, I found that taking my hat off in the shade and using some cool water was a big help. Good luck
  5. Being fit will only help any athletic activity. That said, if you are sore, muscles tight or recovering might have an impact on your swing. Getting a stronger body might change how the swing feels and you might have changed the swing unconsciously. Having more flexibility should improve your swing until you allow the range of motion to take you out of good positions. If you have more flexibility but it isn't in the right proportions you could be making a longer swing but one that is now out of balance. No way to know why without a swing video.
  6. Good instructors and a nice facility
  7. Almost always at the gym. I have been doing RIPT90 and am on day 37 3x10 Lunges Squats goblet squats jumping lunges
  8. I have had good success with the Kendall academy in AA
  9. I worked the proshop at Skylinks so I know the dead times.
  10. There are always times it is empty. Go out 1 hr before sunset, or 30-60 min before twilight starts. Mot days super twilight is busy for 30 min and then dead even at Sepulveda or Skylinks
  11. Sounds like fun and good practice. Go forth and have fun
  12. Be open to what the data says. Try a lot of clubs. Tell the fitter about your game but go with an open mind. I recommend thinking about what you consider valuable. You will always find one club that is longer than the others or one that is more accurate. If it is longer by 10 yards and 50% dispersion the choice is clear. But is 2 yards worth $500 for an iron set? Would you trade 3 yards for a more compact head or ability to shape the flight...
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