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  1. There is no right set of tees for people. Play the tees that make the game challenging and fun. This is a leisure activity not a profession for most of us. Shorter tees means more distance down the fairway and shorter clubs into the green. I would expect to play a variety of clubs to the greens. IF you are comfortable and it is fun hitting 3i or hybrid into 5-6 greens a round Great. If you want to be able to hit partial wedges into every green FINE. I enjoy 6,300 to 6,900, average 255 (per Arccos) off the tee and routinely play 4-Gap into the greens. I can reach a few par 5s in 2. That is a good fit. I don't want to survive 7,200 and pitch and putt 5,200 (at least not often).
  2. My favorite is the Sun Mountain (But a little pricey). I bought a Sun Tek from Amazon Robot Check
  3. The Blue Lizard is great. I also use a reflective umbrella
  4. The variation in weight is up to 7%. Now does that make a difference in flight?
  5. GAM just sent out the latest handicaps and they included a What will your Handicap be under the new system link. Mine changed by 0.1 stroke. So YAWN
  6. A few things to throw out there. Unless your course has a lot of deep bunkers or raised greens, do you really need and can you use effectively a lob wedge? Get your bag gapped. first make sure you don’t have. Big gap between your highest iron and strongest wedge distances. Next see if there is a space at the top of your bag to fill. also look Honestly at your game and see where you lose shots and address that. finally get fit
  7. Get a metal ruler to practice putting. Try the online coaching if you need less cost. A good set of lessons can be had for less than $400 private and less than $150 in groups. It is worth the time and $ to make sure you are doing things correctly. Practice doesn't make perfect it makes permanent and the hardest thing to do for higher handicap is to know what to work on and not what corrects the ball flight for that day. Get good fundamentals. It will save you years of pain.
  8. My goals are: Break Par 4 times this year Shoot under 70 at least once Reduce my Handicap to US Open qualifying Eligible (STRETCH) Play >10 stroke play tournaments Win 2 Average <75 Qualify for Championship bracket in City tournament This is going to involve a lot of work Fitness 5-7 days a week Increase explosive power Increase stamina Increase Stability and balance Increase average drive 252-270 Increase Club head speed: SuperSpeed training 3 day/week More consistent center contact Contact drills Lessons improved weight transfer <0.5 lost shots on drives per round Improved putting >95% at 3' (I gave away too many strokes this year with short misses) <2 3 putts per round: <1.8 putts per GIR 3' putts 20 in a row 4 days a week It seems like a lot but they are all geared to WINNING.
  9. Find a range that is open, Find a good instructor, work on contact in the full swing, get to the gym and improve your range of motion and strength. If you have the space get a putting green inside and work on the 3-6' putts. Just don't stay idle over the winter.
  10. Would anyone be interested in a Simulator Event. Maybe somewhere with food and fun as well? Possibly but not preferably TopGolf?
  11. I am in Ann Arbor but always looking for a good place to play, some good company and good competition
  12. I know SuperSpeed is measuring the speed with the training clubs but are others keeping track with their drivers?
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