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  1. criley4way


    Thanks for the link. I tried that and lost an Arccos Sensor.
  2. criley4way


    Anyone have a good solution for a counterbalanced putter?
  3. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Reach out and come play.
  4. criley4way

    Putter Advice

    355 is on the heavy side but will depend on shaft length. There are 2 weights: Actual weight and swing weight (perceived weight). Shaft position is key as it will affect the natural tendency of the putter to open and close. I'd disagree that indoor is not a good test. A flat indoor area is perfect. The key performance you should be looking for is the ability to start a put on line at the correct speed. The only other feature I would consider critical is loft to get the ball up and rolling. If you can start a putt on line with the right speed the rest is reading greens. Doing initial testing on breaking putts with real grass allows for you to misread the green, mishit the putt and make it. This is a scientific study process. Reduce variables
  5. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    I'd definitely be in for this. Given some time I can make most days work.
  6. criley4way

    Putter Advice

    Focus on the putting that matters most and do it in a controlled way. Find a straight putt 3-4’ and see which outter lines up the best and you make the best stroke with. Then repeat at 8-10’. Last tey some longer putts for soeed control. This should give you a decent idea on which one works for you. Do this several times with many reps but not more than a few in a row with the same distance and putter. If 2 are very close figure out which one you like better. Putting is 100% about getting it in the hole. Therory is great but unless you are going to spend a ton of time workkng on the stroke, figure out what works and go practice sleed control and face control.
  7. criley4way

    One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

  8. criley4way

    Driver - range vs. on the course

    Be careful of thinking that equipment is the solution to your issues. properly fit equipment will make things easier but will not fix a faulty swing or a poor mental process. This is totally right. There are several types of practice. Block practice is great for working on specific feels or moves. Random practice is much closer to playing golf. If I am working on a technical piece I will hit dozens of balls in a row to a single target and with a single club. I will hit balls as long as I can stay focused on the specific thought or move. I also advocate making the same move 2-4 times per swing. When I do random or other practice I will hit no more than 3 balls at a target with any club with a single flight or trajectory. I always have a line and a target to aim at. I always go through the whole process of picking a target, finding an intermediate spot, getting my feel and hitting the shot. I then assess the shot. I will often play golf holes from memory. I hit a shot then determine where it would end up and hit the next shot to the green. If the range is close enough to the green I'll even putt. I also try to take 30 seconds between shots to change the feeling.
  9. criley4way

    Driver - range vs. on the course

    One thing I would suggest is that you shouldn't hit more than 3 of any one club to a single target. After several shots you are auto-correcting the shot. That is not the way that you play so you are practicing something that will not represent the way you play.
  10. criley4way

    Hi from Metro Detroit

    Welcome! Ann Arbor here
  11. criley4way


    @Tlazzol and @Bravio I have a group that plays at 6pm on Thursdays. We are doing Stonebridge and Lake Forest but always open to play on weekend. You are welcome to join us any time. Just give me a few days.
  12. I am in SE Michigan like you are and play in spikeless Adidas. They are super comfortable and secure. If you are looking at mist or dew they are fine. I would suggest the type with smaller spikes (think footjoy) vs the larger nubby ones. Also keeping them clean will make a big difference. If it is raining or sloppy I tend to wear my spikes.
  13. criley4way

    "Putting is a huge part of the game."

    It seems to me this is perception vs data. The data clearly shows that there is a bigger spread off the tee and in the approach shots for pros vs others and low vs high handicaps. To get to a new level these are the factors that will get you there. Once in that range the short game will get you on the right side. Yes a good short game will help me save par more often but not shoot lower scores over time. TO me the biggest thing that we can do to improve the putting is practice 4-12' putts. This is where higher handicaps give up easy to get strokes. If you are shooting 90-100 and want to quickly break 90 once an awhile maybe you can get over the line with some better chipping and putting. Same with breaking 80 for someone shooting 80-85. But if you want to go from shooting 95 to 85 you need to get closer to the pin putting for birdie. As a single digit trying to consistently shoot under par I simply need to hit more greens and get more birdie putts <20'. I made that mental change and boom I score better. If we assume that our expectations are set by our scoring range. If we are at the low end of that we feel great a see the improvements as significant if we are at the high end we look for the reason. But there is a factor of human nature here.We write off the big numbers as bad luck or flukes.
  14. criley4way

    Puzzle Solving Thread

    Wow slow first time 12:59
  15. Day 3: So tempting looking at the putting green but not open. I did a quick range session. worked on wedge trajectory. Lots of hands forward pitch shots. Then tried a drill folding the right arm on the back swing. It worked well for the short irons but not for the long irons or driver.

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