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  1. I agree that there are a TON of band-aid instructors who give advice that might get you part way through the sunday scramble. BUT I also think that part of this is the expectations of the students. When I go to a new instructor I ask for what I want. I am a long term student who will work on an item for weeks and weeks on specific parts of the swing. But I expect to leave with a clear idea of what I am doing, what i should be doing, How to practice and how to evaluate if I am making the right move. I find that often I will get in lesson advice and a long conversation and something about ball flight. If I find a good match I leave with a set of drills and practice set up with a simple metric of if I am doing it correctly. One of my favorite is 2 shafts with 2 strings between them. They help set swing plane. Goal is to come close to the top string at parallel to the ground on the backswing and not hit the string on either side.
  2. criley4way

    Practice For Relaxing

    There are times when working on routine is the purpose. I often work on just hitting balls with a calm mind.
  3. Let him play. Inform him of the infraction. Offer to let him play but forgo any place he finishes.
  4. There are a ton of people out there who give bad advice. Who are the respected instructors who say you shouldn't care?
  5. If you read the vision 54 books who advocate this process, they are suggesting that you commit to the parts that you can control. If I roll a 10' putt I commit to the process of starting it on line at speed. I can start the putt on line at the right speed and it can miss the hole due to imperfections in the green. I can hit the right shot have it land in the right place but have an unfortunate bounce. I have played the Stadium Course at PGA West and that is a course that I have hit very good shots that end up in almost unplayable locations. I shouldn't change my focus or process because of the things that I can not control and are almost random. That is my take on this idea.
  6. criley4way

    What Has Happened to Golf?

    Let's start with the kids programs. We used to have a bucket of balls for $2 and playing for $5. That is not bad. Agreed that it is expensive if you need the newest M3 or G400 and PGX irons, Muira wedges and scotty putter. But you can get get a good AreoDriver or RBZ driver for under $100, Clubs on clearance from a few years ago are <$300 and a decent putter can be <$100.
  7. criley4way

    What tee to play from?

    I like the way you approach tees. I know that a lot of people play for a White or blue tee but I think that is a remnant of the old Tips, Men's, Women's system. Why do you play? Decide if it is for challenge, competition, fun, company then think about the set of tees that accomplish your goal. It can differ day to day, week to week. Playing golf is an investment in time so make sure you get a good return on the time you spend. I wish that changing the tees to some other color set and maybe more tees would encourage this.
  8. criley4way

    Proper score keeping

    It is your league so do it however you want. If you are playing in a tournament by the rules of golf and for turning in a handicap write the number of strokes then adjust for ESC. But go have fun. Keep score with +1, dots, happy faces WHATEVER as long as everyone is good with it.
  9. criley4way

    Snap Hooking Woods

    Hit driver 100 yards. Try this by slowing the swing down. make a full swing just at slower speed.
  10. HJJ I agree. I use the line to help ensure my alignment and then I putt to a spot on that line. I the only way I can imagine not putting by feel would be to pace off the putt, correlate that to a stroke distance, correct for slope and grain and speed, then "measure" that stroke length. My head hurts even thinking about it.
  11. I also don't quite get the question. Every putting stroke should hit the ball in a predictable straight line. Gravity and green will or can alter that roll. I use the line on my ball to help me make sure that I am lined up in the direction I think. Then i focus on a speed and hit the putt. I don't know if that is feel or not?
  12. Trying to hit it off the tee is a common issue. If you slice with the long clubs and not the short ones, again this is common. I have found the 50% drill to be helpful for this issue. Take a longer club, hit a full shot at a slower tempo to 50% of the normal full distance. Once you have that stroke and speed feeling good, move to 65% then 75% then 90%. If you can't consistently hit a shot shape and start-line back up and hit one that you can. I just find it easier to work on technique and sequence if I am not trying to go hard.
  13. criley4way

    Another Penalty for Lexi Thompson

    If I were on her management team I would pay the Caddie to attend 2 or 10 workshops and pay for 25% of the money won due to adherence to the rules.
  14. criley4way

    Sub Par Round?

    Definitely sub-par but not a round.
  15. criley4way

    Putting Tips

    If what you are saying is that people misread relatively flat putts, I agree. Depending on the courses you play on there may be more flat putts.

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