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  1. Pierce lake is in NO way the most difficult course out there. Don't get me wrong I really like the course but not crazy hard. I thought Moose Ridge was harder.
  2. Agreed that launch, flight, distance, spin are fairly accurate. Be aware that some simulators have settings that pump up distances or have spin bias.Some of the beginner settings might increase distance 20% and have a draw bias. After the season plan on working on swing low point and contact intensely when the thaw comes.
  3. Great advice. A good foundation is a HUGE benefit. As others have said, mats will hide some contact/low point issues.
  4. I will be relocating to Chicago for work shortly. Anyone have advice for Golf (Play and practice) near Gold Coast and Lincoln Park? Anyone play weekdays early or late??
  5. criley4way


    Wedges are very personal. Some people like and play well with low bounce, some grinds have different effective bounces and some people use them for different things. Also the size and width of the flange is a factor. All that said. I agree 6 deg is a low bounce and will be more likely to dig in softer sand/turf.
  6. I would do it again. Easy and effective. And if you need to you can take them off for a bit (like a job interview).
  7. The key is what you expect. If you are trying to have fun and shoot 100. Just some range time might be enough. If you want to shoot in the low 80s and break 80 I would suggest find a pro, take a "trial" lesson discuss what you want, the amount of time you have to practice, and see what they suggest. Key is if you communicate well and you believe that they can get you to that next level. You will likely go through some growing pains and believing in the instructor is key to staying the course. I suggest a series of private lessons (1 every 1-4 weeks), plenty of practice time (range, drills or just set up), and having a feedback method. When I first started I spent 1 week just working on gripping the club. I went through the process for 15 min 2-3 times a day until it felt right, then did the same thing with alignment using tape lines on the ground. Good luck in the journey. Investing in the right basics and fundamentals is a lot of work but will pay off huge.
  8. Have you tried a 2h? I often hear the 3w is the most difficult club to find the right fit for and often the most difficult to hit. Look at your stats and the courses you play to see if there is a real need, try a variety of 3w , and see if there is a good choice.
  9. Have you tried making 50% speed swings to practice? OR Create "pressure" or stress in practice so it is more "normal"
  10. Taking notes is good but you need to aggregate them into stats. Note lead to perception issues and positive selection bias. The 3-putts sound like a ball striking issue on the approach shots not a putting issue. Then I need to ask if the approach shots were off because the tee shot was too short or in a bad spot.
  11. How are you going to go about these goals? Have you started with where you lose strokes? Are the 3 putts the results of poor distance control or 60' putts?
  12. That seems right but it also claims to be able to measure path, face, rotation and distance. I believe that it is supposed to be like a high speed camera putting monitor. I am trying to see if it is a video game or a real tool.
  13. Unless he was at the range for 8 hrs there is no way to purposeful to hit that many balls. Even in technical practice most people are not capable of making 100 much less 300 balls meaningful. I find that 50 is about my max unless I am working on a very specific task and not caring about anything else.
  14. Man that is demoralizing. I am at a 4,3 (traveling HCP not home course) and would love to get to scratch in the next 2 years.
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