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  1. Does anyone have experience or head to head with the Swing Caddie 300? The Mevo and the FlightScope name are my first instinct but I always like to hear about performance.
  2. I am looking to improve my wedge play and scoring. As part of this I am focusing on proximity to the hole with approach shots. I would like to take the DJ path and look at using a launch monitor to refine my carry distances with quantitative distances. Does anyone have experiences with these system and any good recommendations max of $500?? Thanks Chris
  3. A few things to try on the range or practice area. 1. Hit a club no more than 3 times in a row. Ideally a different club, shot, trajectory or line for each club. 2. Take a seat after each swing. try and hit 20 balls in 1 hr. 3. Play a course in your mind. Hit driver off the tee to a specific spot on the range. See the outcome. BE REAL about the location of the shot and play where your shot would have landed. 4. Hit short shots to balls lying on the range. Hit it high, low but target a small area around the ball 20 yards away not a flag 150 yards out. 5. Find a practice green that allows chip shots. 6. Make 20 3-4' putts in a row. 7. Hit 10 30' putts in a row to under 2'. 8. Hit 10 (not in a row) 15 yard chips to <5', count the number of tries and do better next time. Switch spots after each 10 balls. 9. Hit 10 (not in a row) 30 yard pitches to <3', count the number of tries and do better next time. Switch spots after each 10 balls. 10. Play 9 holes Worst ball scramble with yourself. Make it harder by playing more balls or playing drawback on the green (Pull the chips back 5 paces or putts back double the distance to the hole)
  4. Wow 100: 1st year 90: 1st year 80: Year 15 (after a 10+ year layoff) 70: 2015 in competition
  5. Agree with the above. IN the end the technology won't make you hit the ball 30 yards further. Finding the right head and shaft for your swing will give you a more consistent flight and better average distance. Will it beat your old driver by $500? Maybe. I recently went in to get for clubs. I expected to need new irons, hybrids and a new 3 wood. The 3-wood I recently bought from the bargain bin was awesome but I found a driver that was longer (10-12 yards), higher and straighter. But it was 1 of 8 I hit with 4-5 shaft combinations. Not a better club, just a better one for me. I bought the new driver for that improvement but would have happily left the other (+2-3 yards and minor height and accuracy improvements). Go. Try. see what the change is worth to you
  6. If I can afford it I will replace any time performance is a "significant upgrade". I know that is subjective. If I hit a driver 10 yard further and tighter>>worth it. If I hit irons that don't spin like they did when I bought them >> worth replacing. If the Iron trajectory is not holding the green any more >> worth replacing. If a putter give me better consistency of contact and lines up noticeably better >> worth replacing. Wedges need to be replaced because they don't bite and spin. And Always worth a look after a big swing change. Everything for me is about scoring so if there is a significant impact on score then I'll consider it.
  7. Props to you for being that focused on not what you teach but on teaching itself.
  8. You are mixing arguments. The rules say that an athlete can not accept money or anything in kind as a result of their golfing. Agreed the rules allow for scholarships (or at least they are accepted). But you dismiss the argument too quickly. I am suggesting that the rules are not being reasonably applied in the modern era. The rule is intended to keep armatures from profiting from their play. I am arguing that the "golf" tie in is weak. The commercial is selling an activity monitor not golfing performance. She is engaged in multiple activities other than golf. I would accept your argument if the ad were suggesting that the watch made her a better golfer or impacted her game at all so that golf was at the core of the sale and therefore the monitization. So exact same commercial and she is swinging a cricket bat is no issue. WEAK.
  9. So we all seem to agree that Kuch wasn’t cheating the Caddie. Then this comes down to he should have given him a bigger bonus. The bonus is a form of gift. So are people saying that since Kuch is wealthy (or st least has made a lot of $$) we get to judge how generous he should be with his money? Shouldn’t the bonus be between the 2 of them? Are you all saying that companies that do well should be shamed if you don’t think they give their employees enough?
  10. You say it is simple and clear. But it would not be a violation if she were making money as a model. I am seeing this as she is being paid to be a model in an add. Apple could have had her pose in athletic wear on grass. Is that a violation? My point is that being a professional athlete is about being paid for your athletic prowess not modeling. You may say she wouldn’t have the opportunity if not for her golf. OK so if she gets a scholarship valued at $200k isn’t that a much more direct payment for her golfing skills and play?
  11. I was saying Kuch would make 0 but still have to pay the caddie. If there is a bonus Great! It is like when I get paid my bonus at work. It is money I negotiated in my contract but not guaranteed. I can get a nice $$ but I can also get 0, often due to things beyond my control. Mid you get a bonus it is a gift.
  12. Why don’t we narrow the rule and make it simple and clear. Amateur are athletes who do not play/participate in that sport for money. If we don’t narrow the rule the line will always be strange. Is Steph Curry a professional if he appears in a golf add? What about a social media star who is a beautiful model who happens to also be an amazing golfer? Should she not be allowed to make a living and chase a dream of playing professionally? Does anyone really think that Titleist is going to have an add campaign based on amateur players any time soon? And if they did how does it taint the sport? Would you really feel put out if the person who won your club championship got free clubs from Callaway?
  13. My favorite place to get pancakes when I was a kid was Sambo’s. They had a big tiger mascot. It grew into a medium sized chain (1100 locations) and then was shut down due to the racist perceptions. Turns out that the name was a combination of the two founders’ names Sam B and Newell Bohnett. They adopted the Sambo story from an Indian fable.
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