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  1. I have the Arccos system. Distance: Dr about 245-60 with minimal variance. Hit about 45% of fairways. most misses just right or left. Few penalty shots. Hit about 55% of greens with most misses short. I am only getting up and down 35%. The place I am currently spending most of my time. Putting is fair and getting better. 32 putts per round. Mostly due to poor chips. I think I am not doing the best job of setting my self up for success and approaching the holes the right way. How much value have people gotten from playing lessons? Thanks for the comments Chris
  2. I have been playing at golf for years and am trying to break back into the low single digits. I am realizing that I don't score the way I would like. I practice my swing, putting and chipping regularly but feel like I under perform on the course, not taking advantage of my good shots often enough. I have a solid swing. On the range my distance control with full shots is good. My putting is technically sound. My Pitching is solid and improving. But I just don't score like I should. What has been a breakthrough thought or action for people to get to the <4 hcp level? I want to get to 0 but I'll start chipping away for now.
  3. When I am able my plan is: 5 min of 3' putts 5 min of 30' lag putts 10 min of chipping and pitching 10-12 partial wedges to a target PW 5 swings 8i 10 swings 5i 5 swings 10 3w 5 Dr If I have more time I go back to the practice green
  4. Absolutely agree. Have a friend or shop staff get you clubs that are reasonable (no blades and woods from the 70 with rust and bad grips). Take a few lessons and get the basics down. Figure out what kind of golfer you are (driven, fun, social) and get some form of swing in place. After that figure out the next steps. Don't spend $1000+ only to figure out that you aren't going to stick with it...unless you have cash to burn.
  5. That is true but as we all know the Odds or line will change as money stacks on one side or the other. The house wants to make money. They try to set a smart line but they do not like having too much exposure on either side. Odds on gambling are insurance for the casino. They try to make sure that they make money.
  6. Denny, People always say it is about the money. I agree it is about the money. The key here is to market/target to people who: Value POP Appreciate high quality course conditions Play frequently (kind of like a country club) Are willing to pay If these people exist (an i think they do) then one should be able to set a price that will maximize profit not Revenue. Current thinking says that cost is fixed, thus maximize revenue. I am suggesting that the cost can be adjusted to a set of conditions to maximize profit. If you try to fill more tee times this group will not show up, the people left are MUCH more price sensitive and thus profit will decrease. The decrease in profit leads to decrease in maintenance and jammed tee times...
  7. This can be a struggle. When I take a lesson I have a 5 min summary. What is the issue I am working on, what are the drills, how do I set them up, what is the feedback to know I am doing it correctly
  8. You are correct that the starter can not push a group of high handicaps. But the marshals can and just because people have higher handicaps doesn't mean they play slowly. I would advocate for the European philosophy. The course allows you to play tees (a <10 hcp CAN play the Blues or forward, only <4 can play the championship) and if you are our of place first, you get a warning, next you are asked to pick up and catch up to the group in front of you, last you are asked to return at a slower time where you will not interfere with POP. I can hear the argument that people wouldn't put up with it but the concept is to cater to people who want excellent conditions, predictable and fast play and understand the expectation. I often played in front of a senior women's group and they were constantly on top of me even though I was playing at a 4hr pace. No one in their foursomes broken 100 but they would ALWAYS play <4 hrs.
  9. Try the mitten your for partner play, or the golf week am tour for individual. Also their are GAM golf days during the week as well as GAM qualifying, Publinks events as well
  10. I always imagined a plan like: $50 rate guaranteed 4:15 min round if over 4:15 from 1st hole a $25 credit if over 4:45 the round is free. have a starter to ensure that times get off by their time. This shouldn’t be an issue if you have enough space between times
  11. Not what I was suggesting at all. I was saying that they are interdependent. Not being able to find the right space in you thoughts can prevent the body from executing a good stroke (Yips are a good example). Why isn't pre-shot routine be considered part of the mental game? Saying that physical condition does not affect decision making and ability to focus is just wrong. The science is clear that your physical state affects you mental capacity and decision making. I am not suggesting that having the right "mental game" will change your score drastically. But not dealing with stress or pressure well will increase physical mistakes and bad decisions.
  12. Maybe I am missing something but when I say "mental game" I am talking about my level of arousal/calm, about being conscious of my routine and being in the moment of the shot. All of this is to try and ensure that my body is in the place "most likely" to produce the shot in my mind. If I am sore or injured it messes with my "mental game". If I am stressed and can't quiet my mind or I am sad or whatever, I am less likely to get my body to the right place. How do you POSSIBLY separate mental and physical? And who can say that the right approach for DJ and Rory are the same? These are just different ways to help prepare to make a good shot more likely by giving your body the best chance of executing. "mental game" is like set-up or swing thoughts, a concept to make it more likely to produce a good swing.
  13. Welcome to the group. If you want to play on the weekends let me know.
  14. That is WRONG!! This is a sales point of view and possibly a top line thought. Ultimately it comes down to profit!! If I can sell 1 round a day for $10,000 with no labor cost that is better than 100 rounds at $100 with all the support costs. For players with means I have always thought that a well maintained course, firm fast greens, nice bunkers with a 12-15 gap and a guaranteed 4 hr pace of play would be a winner.
  15. I have long thought that courses need to differentiate and focus on segments. I will pay for quality conditions and pace of play (also active management of play). I also will pay for options of tee boxes so I can bring friends who may be of different skill levels. I also like. Well stocked snack shop with more than beer and hot dogs.
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