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  1. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Never got an invite?
  2. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Is anyone playing tomorrow?
  3. Iacas understood but as was mentioned so it is precise way to measure vs a slightly less precise. Would notches on the pencil be an issue? what about tattoos on the side of his finger? I get it is an artificial device but it is not providing a recommendation outside information. I guess I think it is silly and not likely to make much difference but don't see the advantage it offers or where the line is. All that said I wish it wouldn't happen because I just see it slowing the game down.
  4. seriously what aspect of the game do they think they are protecting? If you have a tour yardage book, laser mapped green book and a pin sheet what advantage do you get from the compass? If the argument is that judging the distance is part of the game fine. Say not stepping it off, no yardage books. If reading the greens is an integral part of the game then say no green maps and no aim point. At the end of the day I see this as missing the point. The best in game can stick it close from anywhere. If they hit their lines they will make a bunch of putts. Really the game is a bout execution not knowing that the pin is 4' from the edge or that the slope is 2.5 vs 2.7 deg. Either let them have all the mapping and measuring they want or take it all away. I don't care which (although NONE might speed up the game).
  5. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Getting excited to meet and play with eveyone
  6. Only matters for "Official" events. Anyone who would notice and complain in a casual round has issues. I play in many events and I can say for certain that I have never looked at my opponent or playing partner's bag. I wouldn't be shocked if someone I plaid against had 15 clubs. I have my own game to focus on.
  7. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    I would also throw out Eagle Crest and Leslie park as good options.
  8. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Only course I have played was Moose Ridge which was very tough but fun. I am in for anything
  9. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    I can do it the weekend of the 28th.
  10. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    I can do the 28th but weekdays are tough.
  11. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    July 8 it is the week before the city championship so the course should be in good shape. Also we should consider Eagle Crest and Washtenaw Country club.
  12. Last summer I had some time off and was able to hit balls every day for over a month. I was able to chip for 30-60 a few times a week and did a lot of putting drills. I was playing great. I was scoring well and making putts. I played on the simulators all winter and got used to shooting low numbers. I got out on the course early this year and played really well (a few rounds under 75). Suddenly I just can't score. Some of it is the course i am playing but most seems to be in my mindset. I can't seem to find that calm and relaxed state for more than 3-4 hols at a time. What do people do to find that free flowing comfortable place in the game to play from? Thanks
  13. criley4way

    2018 TST Michigan Outing - Interested?

    Is there a date and location yet??
  14. criley4way


    Thanks for the link. I tried that and lost an Arccos Sensor.
  15. criley4way


    Anyone have a good solution for a counterbalanced putter?

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