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  1. Golf is a great game in part because I can play with anyone (PGA pro, absolute beginner or 3 year old) and have fun. I don't need you to hit the ball well to play my game. Just keep up on pace and be good company. Sorry they are being rude (unless they are friends then all bets are off). Play with better people.
  2. I ordered the book. It might be coming today 😉 The concept of overlaying the shot map makes perfect sense.
  3. To be fair. He did say he "Can put inside 12'" not that he averages 12'. So the question (as I see it) still is a reasonable one. Let me rephrase it for my self. I can hit my gap wedge inside 15' about 30% (about 105 yds) of the time and average about 30'. At what point is it reasonable to attack vs play for the center?
  4. I guess that is the problem. I am trying to figure out what I am asking. I know that I need to hit solid consistent drives, eliminate wasted shots, miss in better spots and not blow putts by. How to figure out what the plan should be.
  5. I have been working hard on my game this year and have chipped at my handicap. I have been regularly shooting in the mid-70s. But today I played a match with a former college player and realized that I am not on that level. I need to hit more consistent shots and hit smaller targets to leave better putts. How do/did people break into the par to sub par scoring?
  6. Details are important in the rules. Thank you for the interpretation.
  7. I recently played on a course which had 3-4 bells to indicate that the fairways was clear on a blind tee shot. The bells were on large wooden posts (telephone pole sized). There was no local rule about this. WOuld you consider this an immovable object and would you get relief for swing and stance and line of play? Thanks
  8. Distance control, direction or green reading or all of them?
  9. I fail to see the logic in giving strokes on the hardest holes. If everyone bogies the holes they should and pars the holes they should you get 18 pushes if everyone gets a stroke on their handicap holes. All net par. If the same is applied but you give strokes on the differential 1-x then the High handicap wins all the hard holes and loses all the easy holes? It should come out the same just by a different route. Why is that "wrong"? If you are playing medal then it doesn't matter and you give X strokes.
  10. This is a constant debate but we can solve both issues at once. Give everyone their strokes. A 4 handicap "should" be likely to bogie the 4 hardest holes. A 10 should bogie the 10 hardest and an 18 should bogie all 18. If you give EVERYONE their strokes. It is Even for 1-4, 5-10 the 10 and 18 get a stroke and 11-8 only the 18 pops. It makes more more pushes but makes the math easier. JAT
  11. Why does that seem silly? Every time I call IT tech support they ask if the computer is plugged ; If I have turned off and rebooted? I always see it as a corrupted file.
  12. Go get lessons. A solid base makes the game much easier. It Can also give you people at the same place in the learning curve.
  13. a 13 smack talking a +2? This is going to be fun. I'll get some popcorn to watch
  14. Pace of play is an issue when it dictates your flow. If you have to wait for the group in front of you, it is an issue. If the group behind you is hitting into you or waiting on you it is an issue. I played as a 3-some in our normal saturday group. I walked and we finished in 3:27 even waiting on a few shots. The 2 groups behind us finished about 10 min intervals but the last group was over 40 mins late. That is a problem. But I have played with the same group and been at the right pace playing in 4:30. No waiting no rushing.
  15. I have recently moved to Srixon 585 irons. They are great. I hit them high and far. However, when I want to chip or take something off the shot it is hard to lower the trajectory or take just a little bit off. The ball always seem to come off the face hot.
  16. YouTube and any online instruction can be a good resource but you have to know what you want and need.
  17. Different course and different town. Usually there are a few low shooters even in Los Angeles +3 would be top 20.
  18. Don't Forget a new Greens keeper who had come of the approach/landing areas rock hard and a combination of greens (partially due to the different base in some greens from what I have been told). Saturday was tough with the weather and a lot of new/strange tee boxes. And 37th is good.
  19. As with any sport lifting helps. Olympic lifts are excellent dynamic lifts and train the body to develop power(force/time). This training is both muscular and neural. This type of explosive movement is exactly what is needed in a golf swing and why you see so many professionals doing this type of lifting. A major reason it is not used more frequently in gyms and workout routines is the risk of injury from using too much weight or bad form. The strain of getting the weight moving and stopping it can be many times the static weight and can injure joints, ligaments or tendons.
  20. It was a tough weekend, very hot and humid, the course was dry and firm. Lots of big scores. I didn’t see you this year
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