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  1. I am hearing almost 10” in A2. Maybe no Chili open next weekend
  2. When you are out playing with friends and they hit a decent shot but not their best what do you say? What do you say when they congratulate you on a less then good shot? Apparently I am too hard on myself and too nice to others??
  3. I have played 12 but have not idea my average cost..
  4. If it is a public course and the course says that the practice area is open to the public feel free. It is nice to play the course and the range so that the course gets some revenue but have fun.
  5. Played today but Man it was cold. Scored well but didn't feel great.
  6. It is a service that requires a membership so it is stealing. sounds like you won’t get caught but it will cost the course $$
  7. IT is starting to look grim. Simulator league starts tonight.
  8. NO question I am a better player than 1 year ago. Handicap is down from 7.5 to 4.5. An equipment update has yielded longer and more consistent drives. Renewed focus on ball striking has resulted in more greens hit in Reg. And better ball striking has resulted in more 8-15' putts and more birdies. This is the first time ever that I am routinely making 2-4 birdies per round which has led to routine scores in the low-mid 70s. The goal for the winter is to increase ball speed: Lessons, working on consistency of strike, fitness and mobility work and SuperSpeed training. Par was in danger at the end of this year (dropped shots due to to aggressive a line or a poor strike). With elimination of those shots I expect that <70 will happen next year.
  9. Lol yeah 0 would be easy. 20 is harder
  10. I have tried and it is amazingly difficult. Even 0 can be a Challenge. Current Drills: Make 20 3' putts in a row. Using a 90 to 90 swing hit balls all starting right of target, drawing and finishing center or right of target. Reverse for fade.
  11. I feel your pain. Snow last night but none stuck. Looking like <30 every weekend for the rest of the month.
  12. 1st Snow here yesterday but non stick. Simulator Season and swing mechanics start next week. Time to work on Speed.
  13. Boggie The height of the hands is dependent on your body. If you can make the same turn as DJ GREAT but it is only a good thing if it doesn't cause you to loose your levels balance and plane. hitting the ball with a predictable flight and center contact will do far more good than stretching to get the hands to an unnatural position.
  14. DarkFrog, I know but I kind of thought that golf instruction by definition was Relevant. Now to work on Six-Sigma for my approach shots 😉
  15. Going with SuperSpeed and a fresh TPI eval and exercise program
  16. Patch makes some good points about taking notes,setting goals and asking questions. When I take a lesson (and I do frequently), I always make sure to leave with a set of drills, goals and metrics. Like all goals they should be specific, measurable, achievable, and timely. You need to leave a session knowing what you will be working on (Not just better posture but making sure to bend from the hip when taking your stance, know that you will get into the position by standing tall and hinging from the hips while keeping the abdominal tight, you can confirm that it is correct by placing a hand on your stomach or hanging a club from your shoulder..., if it is a dynamic act then the goal should be something like starting all shots right of the target line and turning back towards the center-line 90% AVOID "hit it straighter", and Lastly you should set the time for your next lesson before you leave. Setting a lesson could be a specific time OR when you reach a certain measurable goal. Good luck. It is a journey but if you take it in small bits you will get there.
  17. Simple solution is have 4 or 5 sets and call them by handicap or driving distances
  18. Finding a coach is like dating or looking for a home. You need to find the right one for you. A few items I would throw out. Cost and commitment are a key questions: How much time will you commit? Do you understand their communication style? Set up an interview. Most instructors will chat for a few minutes but if you like them I would offer to play for 20-30 min to discuss how they would go about achieving your goals. Some will not tell you details but give you a general road map. After that it is about results and trust. Especially when you are starting out thing may get WAY worse if you are making a big change and you have to believe that they know where you are going and that it will work. Just my experience
  19. It is Fuji Persimmon aka Japanese Persimmon.
  20. Erik, I do HIIT training 5-6 days per week in addition to range time and any other training. I am looking for the best outcome. If it is just a fitness and strength thing I can do that other places. I want something Golf Specific to get more speed and stability.
  21. Erik I understand the space requirements. Do you know if the plans are complimentary or if one is better than the other??
  22. I just love to compete. It is a great way for me to focus my efforts, get a reference point and have some fun.
  23. It has been a challenging year but in general I am improving. Went from a 7.5 to a 4.5, have been threatening par, regularly making 2-4 birddies a round. Heading into winter I will be working on speed and start line.
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