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  1. Depends on where in the Detroit area you go. I am near Ann Arbor. Leslie Park, StoneBridge Eagle Crest Washtenaw Country Club Pierce Lake Link at Taylor Any Interest in this?
  2. It sounds alot like Tiger having issues with cameras clicking during his backswing. Or people moving. He is hyper focused, a tiny glitch leads to a poor shot that could cost him $100Ks so I hope he grows out of it but it is hard to say it isn't understandable.
  3. It depends on how close the reality is to the feel. Some changes are instant, you make the change, it feels right and it just becomes normal. Others are hard to feel the right way to do something. In that case first you need to find what the right and wrong way feel like. That can take time. Then you need to be able to do it right all the time with the new feel. Then that new feel needs to become the new normal. That could be just having a new feel to the swing or it could be making the feel just your swing. I am in the middle of a change. For me I knew the right motion. I could manufacture it using tools. Then I found a feel for the right movement. Now I am in the phase where I can find the right feel 80% of the time but it is still my "new swing". Next phase is to be able to find the feel at will with all clubs. Then we will see if it is ever without thought or I just learn to play with the new feel.
  4. Thanks I spent most of the winter working on the stroke. Lots of focus on rock back and let the putter weight do the work. I found out that I was hitting it so on short putts it was getting jumpy. Been doing a lot of work on the swing speed, body stability and staying on the plane. Swing feels good but need to get out and play more. The 30 day COVID challenge was really solid
  5. Have a great time. Father/child times are amazing and special. Playing golf is a small perk.
  6. Thought that using the information was assumed but TRUE. I began to understand the concept of strokes gained and separation value last year and went from 7.5 to 4.3 by refocusing most or all my efforts on better contact and a more predictable shot shape. And did it with a bad putting year (meaning missing 1-2 putts inside 4' per round)
  7. Go read the Book. Separation value. You do hit a lot of putts each round but the difference between and average putter and a great putter is just not that big.
  8. Start with finding where they are now. Set up to a target. Put a club or alignment stick on the target line, against your heels and across your shoulders. They should be close to parallel. After that if you are pulling the ball then club path and face are left of the target. To put the ball on the target line the face should be closer to the target line than the path.
  9. Clearing a corner should be evaluated as a BIG risk/reward. What do you really gain vs how well do you need to hit the shot.
  10. If you hit more on the upswing, the club will be more closed compared to the swing path. It puts the ball further forward in the arc.
  11. Sounds like a ton of fun. I'd be interested If PA can get anyone to play with them like New Jersey maybe we could do a bigger event
  12. Always go back to the basics. For me that starts with setup, weight shift and contact working on 90 90 swings for contact with a 7i trying to hit a small draw 75 yards. I lay down a pair of alignment sticks and tee up every ball. I will hot 50-75 balls like that each day making sure that the ball starts right of target and comes back. After that I like step drills (feet together, swing the club forward 12", and back, step and swing smoothly) and pump-pump-pump-release drill (Take it to the top and shift the hips, drop the hands 3X, then swing through). Just what works for me to help get the sequence and rhythm back.
  13. Yep. A concession in Match play is not an offer.
  14. First question is what irons are you playing? I hit my srixon z585 about 140 and my Vokey 56 about 82 on a full shot. That is why I I now have a 52 and 48 deg Vokey in the bag. But also a true full Sand wedge might not be a good shot with your clubs
  15. Good perspective. I wouldn’t suggest making all rough long but rather position tees and rough to increase the reward /reward of hitting a spot and the penalty of missing the fairway or being out of position. Big accurate hitters will always have an advantage over shorter or less accurate ball strikers. I am suggesting that the balance of distance vs accuracy is too skewed towards distance and the balance needs to be reestablished.
  16. Shorter hitters can still make good $$ in the modern game it is just much harder for them to win consistently. Is it just the length or how they have lengthed the course or which courses can be lengthened that is playing into this. It seem to me that more and more of the holes are relatively straight long with penalties on one side. I see few course with significant doglegs where short is in the trees and long is in the junk. When Erin hills had some holes like that they USGA softened the rough. Unless there is more penalty for missing the fairway and missing the landing area the big boys will bomb and gouge.
  17. You can create and maintain 2 sets of clubs on your account. I think you can change the composition of the set paired to the phone but would need to go back and forth. It will keep each club separately.
  18. I think this is a math problem. Given enough rounds each round will fall in a normal distribution. This is what the new sandbagging software is based on. A 4 hcp will shoot between +5 and -5 of their course handicap 97% of the time. A 12 to shoot 72 once every 32 years or something.
  19. Are you saying that each player has a gaussian distribution around their average score? Or that we only have a limited amount of control over our score. Sure there are days that breaks will be bad, execution will be off and the combination will results in avery high score while others execution will be poor but luck will be with you and it won't be as bad. But ultimately a player's skill and decisions set the range.
  20. Leslie is on the northside of AA. Welcome to the group. Come out and play (as soon as this is over)
  21. Iacas if you are playing in compliance with the order NONE. If ONLY you do it none. You and your daughter were safe and responsible. If eveyone did that we'd be fine But when people violate the guidance like they did in Chicago, we end up with groups. That allows for transmission. If the police are responding to a crowd they are exposed. If someone gets sick because they are infected in a crowd then they can put strain on the system, put health care workers at risk. In this circumstance it is not for the individual to make that decision because the choice doesn't just affect 1 person. It only take a small number of people to make bad choices for all of us to be harmed. The chain of events can impact large numbers. Look at the Spring Break crowds in FL. They were at low risk, were within the guidance and their actions have led to infections that are now taken back to their home towns to inoculate a new area.
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