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  1. Poulter should have had him ejected from the plane.
  2. The issue I have is why go straight to ejection? How about a warning first? If the PGA is going to eject viewers for this type of behavior than they need to enforce the rule equally at every PGA event. Look at the fan behavior at the WM Phoenix Open, but they accept it there because it's "part of the tournament".
  3. Oh, poor little millionaire gets his feelings hurt cause someone yells for his ball to go into the bunker.
  4. Over the top punishment IMO. As long as it wasn't said during his swing, Poulter needs thicker skin. If he would have yelled "get in the hole" would he have had him bounced? Likely not...he hit a bad shot, and can't deal with it.
  5. ..and why does Brooks Koepka get a Catch-All thread? He hasn't earned it yet. 🙂
  6. How can you even logically conclude Spieth is closer "only IF" some putts fall. He hasn't even won all four period. There's really only one way to look at it.
  7. Here are pictures of the battery powered shop fan (Ridgid from Home Depot) that I rigged up to my push cart. It has threads on the bottom to mount on a tripod. I drilled a hole in the cover and use a knurl head bolt to hold it on. I also cut some hard foam wedges that are Velcro to the bottom on each side to keep it from wobbling.A full battery charge will get me a full round on just below max speed. I've got quite a few positive comments from folks on the course and it really really helps on hot days.
  8. Agree 100%. I pay $18 for a haircut that takes 20 minutes...First I don't believe I should tip in the first place ( I paid her price for the haircut) but if I don't tip her well enough I have to worry is she going to cut my hair right the next time? My course snack bar has a tip jar...why should I tip when all she did was ring up a gatorade and candy bar that I took out of the refrigerator and carried to the counter. Many fast food places have either a tip jar or request a tip when you pay...why would I tip before I've even had service, but makes you wonder if they may screw with your food. I don't understand those that don't have the club boy clean their clubs but still tip them anyway? I do tip casual dine in restaurants, they start off at 20% when I walk in an can only go down from there depending on service. I also tip the cart girl. I
  9. And those are all things the course should be doing anyway and shouldn't rely on tipped employees to do.
  10. You are correct, it was Koepka. Got them mixed up, though Dechambeau's interview was interesting as well.
  11. Listened to a Feherty podcast this weekend that had Dechambeau. He said if he is playing with very slow players he will purposely do things to get them put on the clock (hang out in the porta john,etc). Said once they get put on the clock it forces them to play at his pace.
  12. This got me curious and below is what I found on the USGA site. https://www.usga.org/HandicapFAQ/handicap_answer.asp?FAQidx=11 Q. Can a score from a round played alone be posted? Are there any exceptions? A. Playing an entire round alone/unaccompanied doesn’t meet the definition of "peer review," which is essentially having a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with others and the ability to form a reasonable basis for supporting or disputing a score that has been posted. These scores are unacceptable. It’s not considered playing alone when a player is accompanied during the round (e.g., fellow competitor, opponent, caddie, marker for a tournament, friend riding in golf cart). (Note: a player does not need to have a scorecard attested to verify it was an accompanied round.) To clarify the exceptions, the player must be accompanied for at least seven holes to have an acceptable nine-hole score to post, or 13 holes for an 18-hole score. (This aligns with the “Scores to Post” procedure, here.) For the few holes played alone, the player would post according to “par plus” any handicap strokes the player may be entitled to receive (e.g., a player with a Course Handicap™ of 18 plays a par 4 alone so the score is “X-5.”). This usually occurs when a player starts or finishes a round alone—e.g., a player joins a group or a player forges ahead solo despite weather/lack of daylight, etc.
  13. As others have said, hydrate prior and continue to drink throughout the round. I play in south west GA and only walk, typically 27 holes. It's not uncommon to play in 95 plus degree heat with humidity. The things I do to manage the effects of heat: 1- Hydrate prior. (very important)! 2- I use an insulated drinking mug. I fill with ice and gatorade that I keep with me on my push cart. I'll go through 3-4 bottles of gatorade in 18 holes. I also have 2-3 bottles of water I freeze the night before to provide cold water in addition to the gatorade. 3- I have a large umbrella on my push cart to protect me from the sun as I'm walking. 4. I've rigged up a battery powered 10" fan on my push cart (Rigid from HD), I can get a full round at high speed with one battery. (I get some weird looks with this, but oh well. It puts out a good amount of air and It keeps me cool) 5. Eat snacks throughout the round. For me it's primarily grapes, raisins, etc. 6. I walk at a leisurely pace and allow faster players to play through.
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