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  1. Fair enough. Could be nothing more then Spieth venting versus laying the blame directly on the caddie.
  2. Really? I understand having the caddie assist in yardage and club selection but IMO ultimately it's up to the player to know what club to hit. It's hard to believe that a player would rely that heavily on a caddie...."Here hit this club and aim right of the sand trap"...
  3. Is Spieth out line here by laying the blame on the caddy? U.S. Open: Jordan Spieth blasts caddie Michael Greller after poor shots Jordan Spieth got after caddie Michael Greller during the first round of the U.S. Open on Thursday at Pebble Beach Golf Links.
  4. That's the whole point of traditions....otherwise they aren't.
  5. I've got an ad blocker installed so I didn't notice any redirects or ads. However, I thought the fundamental videos for setup were very good.
  6. I'm a decent enough golfer, high 70s low 80s generally but I've been having some problems recently with consistency on ball striking. fat, thin, heavy fade and pulls left. I was confident is was something in my setup at the root of the problem. Found this website with very easy to understand videos on Fundamental Setup with very easy to understand videos on Swing Fundamentals. Like I said I "thought" my setup and grip was good...nope. I may have thought or it felt right, but it was wrong and causing bad shots. I was able to change and properly setup my grip, set up distance from ball, and had some drills to do to get the feeling locked in. I also changed how I made my backswing. I don't know these people and have no affiliation, just thought I would share. I was quickly able to integrate the lessons into my setup and swing with immediate result. As I said before I had a lot of fats, thins. pull left, heavy fade, etc. with the occasional good shot. Anyway, those lessons have got me making solid contact in the fairway. My biggest fault was being too close to the ball, that felt natural to me. but it was wrong. This fixed it..for the most part no more heavy fades and draw! Give them a shot, it can't hurt. Golf Fundamentals | Free Online Golf Tips This golf swing basics section of the website is dedicated to beginner golf tips for less experienced players… As a beginner, the amount of lessons and tips on this site (let alone the entire Internet) can be a bit... Robert
  7. I'm a big fan of the Clicgear and think you made a wise decision as well. I've just recently got the Cooler Tube and the valuables/GPS bag. Both are very good purchases and both can be left attached when folding up the cart. I golf in the Georgia heat so the cooler tube keeping my drinks cool is a big benefit. I also have the cooler bag, I will put 4-5 frozen bottles of water in there and it keeps them well insulated. If you use the GPS/Phone holder I strongly recommend the spacer, it raises the holder up and you gain the use of the left side of handle back for pushing. Look at the bag cozy as well if using a standbag, it will keep it from turning as you play, it's nothing serious just annoying for me so the cozy was a good purchase for me. I also bought the seat but don't use it much (haven't used it for about 3 seasons). The course I play on maintains pretty good pace, however if you play on a slow course it does come in handy to sit down occasionally while waiting on the golfers in front. Finally, if you play with an umbrella I found the clicgear umbrella fit in the holder more snugly than other brands, It's minor but annoyed me enough to get the clicgear umbrella. Enjoy the ClicGear, you will not regret it.
  8. It was pretty obvious why the WD. I don't know if they have a mercy ruling but plan to make contact with the organizers to discuss. There were too many WD for it to by injuries. It was obvious by their front 9 scores why they didn't play the back 9. Some of the kids were shooting 60s and 70s on nine holes. Saw one 97. But again, I think it sends a totally wrong message to WD after nine even if there is no chance. Perfect opportunity to work on the mental side of the game. I wonder though....if a person withdraws is that score posted for handicap purposes? Could this be a way to avoid posting a really bad score?
  9. There was a high school tournament at my local course last week. After I got done with my round I went by to check out the scores. There were at least a dozen players who withdrew after 9 holes. Granted they had horrible scores, but I believe this is teaching/sending the wrong message. In my opinion barring an injury the coaches should make the students complete the entire round. Allowing them to quit after 9 because they aren't golfing well they will never learn perseverance or how to keep your mind in the game despite playing poorly. Thoughts?
  10. Technically there is no ban on innovation, manufacturers are free to design and build what they want. Whether they conform to USGA/R&A rules and can be used for official play is a different story.
  11. I'm not a brand snob, but I can't mix brands....every club (minus the putter) has to be the same brand. Titleist currently and has been for the past 4 seasons.
  12. Stop posting on a golf internet forum.
  13. Lots of courses dropped out of GolfNow...they started getting a reputation of being "bargain" courses and people started expecting the good deal all the time.
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