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    I, too, have an indoor mat/net setup in the garage but caution you to be careful not to develop poor habits. I found that I need to really focus on takeaway, alignment, etc. since I don't have the feedback that comes from watching the ball flight. Has anyone bought, or better yet built their own, PVC plane "hoop"? Basically, the large circular plastic pipe contraption I see at several golf shops to make sure you're backswing/downswing is on-plane. I'm seriously considering buying some PVC pipe and fittings from the local Depot...
  2. I think you meant (based on the pic) the outside of your right index finger...I've got exactly the same problem and noticed at the range last night that it did seem to be affecting the clubhead. What does the location signify as it relates my grip? Too much right hand involvement? Too weak/strong?
  3. Another vote for the Tour 360 LTD's. One of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. That foam fit technology is amazing, as are the number of cleats on the bottom. Definitely get them off the 'bay - I've bought two pair from there, $150 max.
  4. another vote for the Hibore XL (I have 2 - a 9.5* and 10.5*). As for the 3w, try to find a used Exotics CB2. Don't know if you can for under $80 but it's by far the longest 3w I've ever hit. I found the hibore 3w too difficult to hit off the fairway.
  5. can't scan it in at the moment but try to find a pic from Hogan's 5 Fundamentals book. I worked to visualize his thumb/forefinger placement and was absolutely amazed at the results. Straight, crisp iron shots...
  6. Agree with previous posters - love Mizuno, not a big fan of Titleist, but I've tried all of these and the Mizunos have a solid "thud" feel - almost a dead sound when struck. Titleists are no longer the low-cappers club, as these models sound and perform well.
  7. Bought the torrey pines package from birdieball. I'll post a quick review once it's setup and used. Anyone else have this one?
  8. I got one about 6 months ago and am currently looking for another. Absolute butter.
  9. Anyone recommend one for use in the garage? I've read bad reviews about several Izzo and Hank Haney products regarding clips snapping after only a few shots, instability, etc. Looking for something for a couple times/week practice. Thanks.
  10. get a cheap hula hoop and place it in the backyard, or local field, and practice landing shots inside. I find having the "visual" is more effective than just mindlessly hitting balls and trying to land them close. You can mark off specific yardages as well and add several hula hoops.
  11. Even though it's 65 out right now I'm starting to get back into concentrating on overall fitness for the "winter". I started the p90x program after having been a triathlete for many years and then studying for the bar and starting work and plumping up. It's a great, fairly low impact workout that has already helped with the core and flexibility. If you can grab one cheap, and can commit to about 1hr/day, I'd look into it.
  12. Britboy hit it. Had the same problem with my hibore xl 10.5, took it in for a cleveland demo day and they diagnosed it on the launch monitor as needing a higher kickpoint, ala the red.
  13. I take my club of choice and about 10 balls to a nearby group of open school fields. After hitting I start my Garmin 305 and walk to the "approx" middle of the cluster. I'm finally able to keep them somewhat close, and only hitting 10 helps with the distribution. The 305 gives me the distance. It's at least w/in 5 yards...
  14. I've looked into both the ball markers and club links, nice little touch... http://www.golfsmith.com/ps/browse/a...s-personalized
  15. Just picked up a 906F4 18.5 with an aldila nv shaft for $59 from the local PGA store. They had all of their old demo models marked down. Hit a bunch and this performed and felt surprisingly well. I've never felt I could hit Titleist but was pleasantly surprised. Doing my best not to get the 907D1 or D2 they have for $115...
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