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  1. I have a complete set of Bazooka JMax Ironwood's. (2 - LW). They were considered hybrids at the time. These clubs are at least 15+ years old. Maybe closer to 20. I played pretty good golf with them. I moved on from ironwoods to my current, custom fitted set. I still played pretty decent, but more consistent golf with my current set, which have no hybrids. I do carry a 7 wood. I am seriously thinking about going back to using a few of the Ironwoods, in combo with my current set. My hope is to save a stroke, maybe two with the right combination. Hybrids still have their place. For many golfers they are stroke savers. What ever works best for the golfer is my motto..
  2. One Word Answer - Standing on the Tee

  3. For some golfers hitting their driver down the middle of driving range, is considerably different than hitting a driver down the middle of a fairway. The range is so much wider than a course fairway. What looks good on the range, could be way left or right on the fairway. When on the range, I use the existing flags to make up my own fairway. Alot of times I will use the hitting station on either end of the range. The range side fence, and a flag will give me a fairway. Another option it to pick two of the farthest flags down range, and use the width distance between them as a landing areas for all my clubs. Another thing is once warmed up, I never hit one club, more than 5 times in a row. Sometimes even less. Sometimes I might go driver, 5i, and pw in that order. Then reverse that sequence. The OP mentioned his higher scores came when playing with others, and/or his lower scores came when playing alone. When I play with folks I don't know, I just forget about them. They could be better, or worse than me. I just don't care about other golfers' games. I'm focused on the grass, dirt, water and shrubs in front of me.
  4. 3w, 7w, 5i, 7i, 9i, pw, aw, sw, lw, and putter. Depending on the course, I might drop the lw, and add my 8i. Actually even when carrying 14 clubs, those 10 I listed are the ones, I might only use. Very seldom will I use every club in my bag during a round. Sometimes I have played only using 6, or 8 clubs during a round.
  5. Day 113 Nothing fancy today. Started my full swing again after a several week lay off. Warmed up with some longer chip shots, using my putting stroke. After the warm up, I hit 20, 9 irons with an easy, full swing. Timing is way off, but I did hit a a few good ones. Lots of work to be done. Later tonight, or tomorrow morning will tell me some things. Hopefully their won't be any pain in the shoulder.
  6. I carry a LW. Took it out of my bag for a while, but put it back. Through trial and error I learned when I could use it. One of my favorite shots is lob/flop, and it come in handy for that. I also use it out of the sand sometimes. It's a tough club for a beginner. That not to say they shouldn't get one. Just dedicate a decent amount practice time to it. One thing about a LW, you can't be afraid to swing it. Once you decide to use it, use it.
  7. Hole in one question

    A case like this is what asterisks are for........
  8. Day 112 (?) Did some cardio work today. A long 6 mile hike round trip. Hiked up to a mountain top. Hiking is also good for my legs. Need those for balance in the golf swing. When I reached my summit, I was breathing pretty good. With the warmer weather, I started my hydration process yesterday for today's hike. Took along a few bottles of water. I have also dusted off my copy of 'The Red Zone" which is a golf book with various short game training programs. Did this in preparation to getting back into the swing of things in golf game. I can start pitching shots tomorrow, on a limited basis. With the extra body movements, hopefully I won't aggravate the pinched nerve in my shoulder/back areas.
  9. Penick's "Little Red Book" is one of the best golf books available. I have a copy myself. One of the very few I kept when I downsized my library. All golfers should read this book.
  10. A few years ago, I started my golf game over, basically from nothing. Had lots of rehab in my way, and a few experts telling me not to expect much from golf, if anything. Walking without a cane would be a premium. The personal drive was there. I had been a decent golfer before my accident. I guess that's my disclaimer. Once back, after a year or so, playing, I broke 90. Probably something like 16 months. Breaking 100 was no big deal. Did that easily. There were alot of 99s & 98 scores however. After another 16-18 months, I shot a 78, on a 6600 yard course. I was a happy camper, as were my family and friends who watched my journey. I can still break 80 to this day, when my "A" game shows up, which is not very often. The journey to that 78 over the 3+/- years, from nothing, involved learning how to swing a club again. Since my physical health was poor, I had to take small steps, by doing what I could, when I could. I had very little body strength to work with at the beginning. I started relearning my putting, and gradually worked my way backwards to my driver. Relearning the shorter strokes first, made the longer, full strokes easier to learn. The basics of those longer, full swings, with longer clubs, were already in place. Of course, there was other physical strength rehab going on besides my golf swing. I won't lable myself a hero golfer by over coming the odds. Golf heros in my book are those golfers who still play the game, while being blind, or are missing limbs. Those golfers confined to a wheel chair who can still knock the ball around to their own satisfaction. The youngsters with severe medical problems having fun with a putter. Those folks are my heros.
  11. Day 111 Nothing but putting this day. Not really a good day of putting at that. My best efforts were just barely missing either side of the cup. Chalked it up to "just not my day" and left it at that. Good news is I can start pitching some balls on Monday. Limited to 20 balls, 3 days a week. It helps when your doctor also golfs. They know the itch.
  12. There is no wrong putting grip, as long as it works. I'm a righty with a left hand low grip, except my left hand low grip does not look like the typical left hand low one you see.. My hands are alot like a split baseball grip.
  13. foot and toe position after swing

    I would think that riding up on the toe would also offer a health benefit. By riding up on the toe, the golfer would not have any excess stress (twisting) in the lower back.
  14. Is Joe LaCava Tiger's Best Choice of Caddie?

    For those who feel LaCava is not a good fit, who would you suggest is a better choice to carry Woody's bag?
  15. Wedges.... my nemesis

    Just guessing here, but is it possible the OP is using the same swing for his weges, as he is with his driver? Maybe not hitting down enough? Are you taking any divots in front of the ball? Maybe releasing the club too early in the down swing losing your wrist cock, which is allowing the club face to pass the hands prior to ball impact?

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