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  1. I have used a putter for a ball mark. I have also used it as a measuring guide to move my marker, off to the side, out of another golfer's putting line. I have also used little stones, broken tees, bottle cap, and even my divot tool. The only "iffy" thing I ever saw was on a dew covered green. The guy used the left over ball trail as his mark. He replaced ball where the trail ended My marker of choice is high dollar poker chip from a casino that closed down several decades ago.
  2. My two PWs have a "P" stamp in them. Both are 48* degrees, purchased 10 years apart from each other. Same brand/company, but different styles. They both play the same for me That said I have seen some older clubs in the 46*-49* degree range, with the number "10" stamped in them. Wedges, or irons, it doesn't really matter. They are all just tools, with a specific use, based on the golfer's talent level.
  3. Based on the info given, I would chip the ball using my version of Paul Runyon's chip/putt stroke The club I would use would depend on how far the pin is from the ball, and the terrain in between the two. A hole cut close enough, might have me consider hitting a short flop shot.
  4. I have had up hill putts drop in on the top edge of the cup. This after missing the cup a little, but the ball curling in with a little down hill roll. Most of the 360* degrees of the hole is usable. Front, sides, and top edges. I have never had a down hill putt roll in on the bottom side of the cup after missing the hole. Only 180* degrees, maybe a little more, is usable on a down hill putt. Front, and side edges. Once the ball is putted past the cup, gravity won't allow it to roll back up hill into the cup.
  5. Got out early this AM, carded a nice 80, which is my target score everytime I play for a score. 40/40, and 29 putts. All pars, and bogey 1s. The guy I was paired up with, shot an 81, which kept me on my toes. A good, competitive round we had. Yeah, I missed a couple 5' birdied putts, with one lipping out.
  6. I carry four wedges, (P-L) but in reality I could get by with just two. I have seldom used all four wedges in an 18 hole round of golf. Usually it's just my AW, and LW. With four, there are more options available to me. Maybe I need more bounce. Maybe my zero bounce wedge will work better. It just depends on what I can do with the shot I need to make. I think the key point to how many wedges a golfer carries, should be based on their knowledge on how their wedges are designed to be use.
  7. I use my wedges based on their known carry, and roll yardages for various shots. If the pin is up hill from me, if I miss hit, I want an up hill putt. I am better putting up hill than I am rolling a ball down hill. There's also more useablecup available on up hill putts. Pins, down hill from me, I will use a shorter carry club, with a little roll. Other times I will go pin high with a flop shot. Most of the time however, I just want get on the green some where, leaving myself a possible one putt. Since I know, with in a few yards, what my carry distances are, I leave it up to course conditions, and the shot at hand to factor in the roll after the carry. .
  8. Short hitting seniors in my area will use the the shorter, red tees. I can't remember ever seeing a sign designating red tees for women. Our "supper senior" league of male players use the red tees. I have heard of some younger, more talented women groups playing from the whites. Me being a "seasoned" senior, I play from the whites, and sometimes closer depending on the course length, snd how my hdcp relates to it. Other times I will play from the tips just because..... I also believe that on some courses, it doesn't matter which tees a player uses. I have been on quite a few courses where the 3-4 tee markers were so close together, ther was no real advantage to using one over the other.
  9. Funny. I suppose left handed clubs won't fit in a right handed golf bag either.....right?
  10. Yeah, my friend put his score card in a nice case and has it hanging in his office. Quite a conversation piece.
  11. Just curious. Do manufactures sell their left handed clubs for the same price as their right handed clubs?
  12. My hole in ones were my most, luckiest shots I ever hit. I suppose my "1 in a million" shot was on an island 150 yard par three. I hit my tee shot short, into the the water. I dropped for a three, and holed that shot for a 1 in a million par. Over the years, I have seen all kinds of both good, and bad weird shots. Probably could write a short book on them all. I saw a guy hit what appeared to be a poor, pushed shot on a 520+/- yard, par 5. The ball hit the concrete cart path, and because of the curbing, stayed on the cart path, with the ball rolling to with in 20, or so yards of the green. He then pitched the ball into the hole for a 3 under 2 on that hole. Another time, I took a good friend golfing. He had never golfed before. Hadn't ever touched a club that I knew of. The day before our round, I gave him a few pointers to help him out a little.. On the very first hole he ever played, he makes a hole in one. It was witnessed by two other golfers, besides myself. He went on to shoot something in the 140s iirc. I don't think he ever went golfing again.
  13. I read some where that in the golfing world, less than 10% of all golfers are left handed. I also read that number could actually be as low 6%. So, say 8%. The lack of availability for left handed clubs might be just because it's a marketing/supply/demand thing. Some manufacturers simply let other companies handle the left handed market. Myself, knowing what I believe about dominance, and less dominance hands/arms in the swing, I just might have been better off playing left handed.
  14. I practiced uneven lies this morning. Pretty severe up/down hill, and high/low side hill lies. Had enough room in the practice area to use my 110 yard club on down. . . Knowing what the ball will do from these 4 different lies will save strokes. After that, i found some decent rough to hit a few balls out of for the same reason.
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