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  1. That's what I call really "giving someone the finger"............
  2. Report says he slammed his club into the turf, then his foot in anger. Yes, it's a freakish accident, that could have been prevented. When someone gets hurt due someone else's loss of composure, anger in this instance, there are some issues that need to be resolved, and responsibility taken. I'm no lawyer, but since this happened in a "fit of anger" I would tend to believe there is some liability on the player's part. Of course it also depends on how the injured spectator feels about it.
  3. Day 230 Did some chipping, and putting this morning. Did this in combo with each other. Focus was on reads, hitting my chosen landing area, and distance with the chipping part. Putting focus was on alignment, reads, and absolutely no three putts, and very few two putts. Hit 56 balls from various areas around the green, while aiming at various pin placements. This gave me uphill, downhill, flat, and sidehill rolls to deal with. (B+)
  4. When I was buying clubs, it was every 10-12 years. I didn't buy new clubs for updated technology. I bought the new clubs, because the old set basically looked really beat up. I was never one to totally believe, on average, that newer technology made the game easier to play, with lower scores.
  5. Welcome to TST. You will have a good time here. As for your hands ahead at impact issue, I have a full swing drill I sometimes use to remind myself of the same issue. I just focus extremely hard on dragging the club head through the impact zone. I use the term "dragging" for lack of a better discription. My club head is not dragging on, or touching the turf. I'm not practicing fatties with this drill. In my case, I don't really know just how far ahead of impact my hands actually are, but, I am pretty sure it's not very much.
  6. Patch

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    For the past several weeks, I have been playing pretty good golf, for me anyways. Have been averaging 4.49 per hole played for a score. I took a long walk this morning, hitting balls along the way, just enjoying the cooler morning air, and the sunrise. That, and the company of my two, 4 legged buddies. Around 1pm, a buddy called me, and wanted to play. He had driven 60+ miles, and I did not want to disappoint him. I don't normally play on Fridays. We played our round, had a good time talking old guys smack about each others game. Afterwards had a few drinks, and met our wives for dinner. Just a fun time. At some point during today's round, it occurred to me that I might have been playing on borrowed time. Nothing physically wrong, but just a little mental thought, that maybe it is time to cut back on the playing, and recharge the body. This before something serious might pop up. I have always found that playing 18 holes is more physically demanding than any practice session I might come up with for myself. So with this thought in mind, I am going to take a few weeks off from playing. I will still practice daily, but I am going cut back on the longer, full swings, just to give some (repaired) body parts some rest. At some future date, I will start my game up again, in hopes of playing through the winter months with no physical issues. That's my plan anyways. Of course there is always that "never say never" thing.
  7. Patch

    Hello Vegas!

    Piute is a good choice, as is all the Summerlin courses. Because of the location, Piute usually has some wind to deal with. More so than other course's in the Vegas Valley. Welcome to Sin City.......
  8. Dockers. "They sell pants for my ego. Not their's". lol I see guys wearing Dockers more than any other brand when playing. Long pants, or shorts, it does not matter.
  9. Day 229 Took my dogs to the nearby dry lake earlier this morning. Of course I also brought along a 6i blade with Hogan's name stamped in the club head. That, and four golf balls. Simple idea. Walk the area, while hitting balls off the thin lies provided by firm, dried up lake bed. My dogs are there for there own exercise. We probably walked 4+/- miles. I get about 170 yards per ball off the thin stuff. A lot of that yardage is roll out. On the fairway, grass turf, I am in 140 yard range. Hit between 40-50 balls during my walk. Targets were open areas in front of me as I walked. The open areas were formed by the absence of sage brush, and simulated long approach shots into greens for me. Focus was on alignment, ball position in my stance, swing tempo, and picking the ball cleanly off the thin lie. Maybe a little scratch of a divot after the ball. Counting my steps between shots gave me a rough distance how far the ball went. That, and how the club impacting the ball sounded, and felt to me. Another bi-product of this type practice is legs, and cardio exercise. Also, some peaceful, quality time with my buddies.
  10. I liked the part of the article where LaCava asked the other caddy what kind of shape the fairways we're in.
  11. Day 228 Full bag practice on the driving range earlier this morning. Set up my make shift fairway, and hit a small basket of balls. Finished up on the putting green. Focus on the range was on alignment, and swing tempo. Between those two items, I am hitting a lot of playable balls for my next shot(s) Focus on the green, was on reads, alignment, and straight back, straight forward strokes. For the past several weeks, I have been playing quite often. Due to this increased play, I find myself (sometimes) trying to swing faster, which for me is not a good thing. It leads to balance issues, which then leads to errant ball This is the reason for my swing tempo practice. A little extra speed is ok, but not as much extra speed my ego is looking for.
  12. Patch

    Anybody play a 2 iron?

    I am currently playing a two iron, which is one of the original (semi?) hybrids. It has it's times to use, and times to leave it alone. It's a Tour Edge Ironwood. I have a golf buddy who a few decades ago broke his putter, and had to finish up, putting with his two iron. It's been his putter ever since, and he is quite good putting with it.
  13. Patch

    Golf Saved My Life!

    Great story, and glad your life cycle has improved for you. Only thing I can say about golf saving your life is that I know exactly how you feel from my own personal, past experiences. Good luck in your future play.
  14. Patch

    Played An Almost Perfect (for me) Nine Last Night

    Congrats on your current success in your golf game. You are right about how a good, consistent swing tempo will help a golfer's game. Also glad your straight back, and straight forward putting stroke is paying dividends for you. I have used that stroke for most of my golf journey, and swear by it. Continued success your way.
  15. Patch

    Removing Lead Tape

    When I put lead tape on a club, I put it on to stay there. I have tape on my SW that's going on 15 years, give or take a few. I have removed lead tape by "carefully" using a grinding wheel to remove most of it, then finishing it off by using steel wool. This is a very quick way to remove the tape. However, when using a grinding wheel, great care needs to be taking so as not to damage the club itself. Only takes a couple minutes, or less.

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