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  1. If they are usga approved, and you like using the older, larger headed irons, then I say go for it. I played 18 holes today using a a set of (12 irons)15+ year super game improvement irons. Had a great time, and shot a good score, on a quality course. As for being a crurch, all any golf club does is what the golfer's swing allows it to do. Good swings hit good shots. Poor swings hit not so good shots.
  2. Not quite true. Depends on the size of the dog. Our Yellow Lab. "Jake" swallowed a golf ball., without us knowing about it. A day or so later we noticed he was having some discomfort, and took him to the vet. The Vet X-Rayed him and found the ball already in his lower digestive tract. It was decided no sergury was needed at that time. This since the ball was moving through his system. He passed the ball the next day. It was a Titleist. Jake was a very large dog, weighing well over 120 lbs.
  3. "Old Guys' Rules, not to be mistaken for "Old Guys Rule" is a fine thing. I can play by what ever rules the group I'm with wants to play. It's just a matter of knowing which score cards to turn in for hndcp purposes. Our super senior league (60+) has it own golf version of a neighborhood watch. No one gets away with nothing. On the flip side, the group of "old friends" I play with once a month, just about anything goes. Screwing around, and gamesmanship is encouraged. We are out for a day of fun. Just remembering the good old days when we were high strung, and bullet proof. All the skin monies won, are spent on everyone in our group, post round, at the 19th hole.
  4. Rude, obnoxious, arrogant, pompous, down right "A-Holes", I have golfed with all of those types. Usually I had a good quiet laugh at their expende. They paid their fees, the same as me, no need to let them ruin my day. The one I do remember was several years (decades) ago. His name was Ted. Ted was a new to me golfer. Never seen him before.Ted kept talking sexy, non flattering stuff about the cart girl. Of course she was a good looking young college lady, but Teddy was a jerk. I was getting a little tired of his male cow fecal matter. Just as I was about to say something to him, the young lady pulled up. We all went over, and purchased our beverages. Teddy stayed at the cart, talking to the young lady, as the rest of us headed for tee box. A few moments later the young lady yelled out "hey dad, this guy wants to give me $20 to show him my boobs. What do you think mom might say"? In my most calm, quiet voice, I replied " she would say tell him they are a pair, and they are $100 a piece". Well needless to say old Teddy was put in a most embarassing way. For the rest of the round, except for numerous apologies, he did not speak much. That, and his pretty decent golf game went to crap. The next trip around, we purchased more beverages, Teddy 's treat, and the young lady revcieved a very generous amount of tip monies from all of us. Pretty sure I have posted this event before. I will leave up to you, the readers to detetmine if indeed she really was my daughter.
  5. I have always been one to not let anything bother me when golfing. Bad/good shots, slower/ faster players, weather, noises, and anything else you might think of. i just hit the ball. Go find it, and hit it again. Well, today I was happily taken out of my golfing wheel house. Had a good round going. I was heeding my caddie's advice. Had a 4 shot lead on the rest of group. The few bucks that were at stake, were almost in my pocket. Things were just going good. My phone starts vibrating, which I ignored at first. After the third call, I answered. It was my Granddaughter. She wanted to know when we would be returning home. I told her I was not sure, and asked why. She told me we had to go shopping for a set of golf clubs. (??????) Huh? She then told me she joined her (freshman) highschool golf team. First day of school, and she's on the golf team. This was a total surprise for me to hear. A total shocker Since I was on a golf course myself, we cut our phone call short, to be continued in about 6 holes. For the next 6 holes my game went to crap. It dropped so bad, my caddy even noticed my play deteriorating. He finally asked "bad news?" I explained what was going on, and that I was one happy Grandpa. He smiled, patted me on the back, and said lets finish this. As it turned out, on the last green, my bag man gave me a good read, which helped preserve a one stroke win for us. As for my Granddaughter, she had been doing tryouts, on the sly, with a set of my previously owned clubs. Her parents knew about it, but she wanted to wait and see if she made the team before telling me. Today after school, there was a golf meeting, and she was told she was one of 3 freshman girls on their team. Although I had introduced all 6 of our Grandkids to golf, none really showed much interest to continue on with the game. Like I said, this was a shocker. Even Grandma was cought by surprise. Fortunately, there is no rush to get home to go club shopping. Their practices don't start for a while, and their league play a month or so after that. She told me she needs everything but a putter. That, she likes the putter she is using. This was funny, because a while back she told me "that for a $300 putter, this thing does not make many putts". To top it off, last month she tried out, and won a spot with the freshman cheerleading squad. She will have a full plate, with classes, and sports. Yeah, I am a happy Grandpa.
  6. 5-10 rounds is quite a bit. I have no idea what the playability of any ball is after 90-180 holes of play. I would assume the price of a PV-1 would make it logical to get as many holes out of one, as the golfer can get. I ve gone 54 holes with one ball before. That however, was because I was playing really good golf, and didn't want to change anything I was doing, or using. Most of the time I play my gamers 18 holes. After 18 holes, they become extras in my bag. Once I get too msny "extras", I cull a bunch into a shag bag, or shag stick .
  7. Idk if it was a national chain or not. It was called "Pro Golf, or Golf Pro. Something like that. If my wife had not seen the 2nd hand store, we'd never have stopped in that parking lot to begin with.
  8. Just by chance yesterday I went into a golf store. My wife was checking out a second hand store, and the golf store was near by. I was not shopping for anything particular. Just looking at stuff, sometimes drooling a little. A young man was in there getting a club fitting of sorts. The store clerk/pro had him swinging a club on a lie board. Several minutes later, the customer was done, shook the clerk's/pro's hand, started to leave. The clerk/pro then proceeded to stop the customer, and tell him that in golf, it is customary to tip your pro $20. The customer looked dumb founded and pointed to a sign that read "free club fitting-no purchase necessary". A little.more conversation ensued, and the customer walked out, probably never to return again. I was purchasing a bag of short designer (?) tees, and could hear the clerk/pro complaining to another employee about "cheap bastards" and such. I left the store thinking that clerk/pro certainly didn't have much of a future in the golfing business.
  9. Yeah I tend to agree with this not administering penalty strokes idea. It could be a direct, negative impact on a pro golfer's lively hood. It could bring about issues that might effect their families as far as income restraints. I am of the opinion that larger fines might be a better way to go. Say 25% of the golfer's net winnings for the tournament. One warning, and on the second violation 25% gone. A third violation, another 25% gone. Yes it's another form income restaints, but at least the golfer is losing his own winnings. It's not being taken away by others. Maybe put habitual slow players at the later starting times, and the faster players taking the early starting times. I mean the pro ranks are full of statistics, It would be nothing to add a "speed of play" stat, use that stat to place player in their appropriate starting time. Then on Sundays let the leaders still go last for TV coverage like always. Then again, as mentioned above, things seem to be going well for the pro tours, so why mess with something that isnt broke? Slow play, unless the game is totally changed from what we have now, will always be a part of every level of golf.
  10. Yeah, I too practice my putting alot, but also in conjunction with shorter pitches, chipping, and some flop shots. Those four shots combined help me make up strokes I lost back down 1he fairway some where. I have made that part of my practice, a game in itself. A game where I. want to average less than three strokes per sequence. As for my putting grip, it's essentially the same as the grip I use on all my other clubs. It squares up the putter face at impact to roll the ball on my chosen line, which is all I need my grip to do. . I only use one grip in my golf game, except when I need to try and pull off some sort of non ordinary shot.
  11. I think the easy answer is he is getting older, and past his "pga" prime. Way past. As for swinging faster, that could be the culprit. Swinging faster, physically takes the golfer out of their comfort zone. Screws their mechanics up, which could effect their whole bag of clubs.
  12. I have seen more than few folks play golf cross handed. Some were pretty good players. Just figured what ever works for them. I've tried it on and off just to try something different, but I always go back to my variation of the Vardon grip. I even dabbled around with Furyk's double over lap grip. His grip istill intrigues to this day. I also see alot of right handed folks putting/chipping left hand low. That's pretty common sctually. I have also read various articles the said that alot of times, a grip that feels uncomfortable at first, given time to get use to, is usually a good grip.
  13. I had the same swing instructor for a few decades. He was a certified pga swing guru, and club maker/fitter. He built my first set of custom clubs. He fitted my irons individually for my swing characteristics. I saw him on a regular basis, sometimes as much as 5, or 6 times a month. As I improved, I saw him less, but at least once a month. We even golfed together on occassions. His treat.
  14. I was a mid/low 70s player before I had to leave the game for physical rehab issues. My rehab included learning how to walk again, other muscle building stuff. Little things like standing, and keeping my balance....lol I started slow, learning the game again from my putter to my driver. Short strokes led to the longer, full swing strokes. This worked well for me since I knew I would never be a long knocker of the ball again. When I got back to where I could swing a club again, my instructor of many years was no longer around anymore. I assumed he went the fairways in the sky, and not the hazards below. One thing I had, was copious notes from many years of prior swing instruction, and course management to fall back on. I studied those notes quite carefully, and applied them as needed to my new golf rehab. Once I had what I considered a pretty good swing, I elected to focus less on swing instruction, and more on actual golf shots. The golf shots I would normally be playing from, when playing 18 holes. Practicing every shot I could think of, from various, good, and bad lies was my practice regimen. Over a several month period I went from from high 90s, sometimes low 100s, to low 80s, and an occassional high 70s scores. The above is how I got back into the game. The two major reasons I was able to get back, was those golf instruction notes I kept, and my own mental toughness to not be denied my golfing goals.
  15. I am very familiar with Bandon's golf complex. I think this is my 8th trip there. My wife is in charge of food and beverages, and knows all the hot spots for our taste buds. I will be playing what ever courses I can get on, including that par 3 course. Hoping for some decent weather.
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