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  1. IDK, cheaper is relative to the individual golfer. Although I mostly play the e7 Bridgestone for a little added distance off the tee, that e6, 3 piece ball, in yellow, for around $20/dozen is a pretty darn good ball. Plus it's usually always available at various outlets. Since I don't feel comfortable shopping on line for personal reasons, I could probably find the Bridgestone "e" line for a lot less money than buying otc. As for using "used" "e" series balls, all of my practice balls, are previously played "e" series balls. The difference, if any, when compared to a new ball, is very small as far as I can tell. The only time I see a difference is with a damaged ball, with some of the outer skin gone. It usually flies, or rolls in a goofy manner. Yeah, after giving a lot of different brands a good look, I am biased towards the "e" series of Bridgestone products. I also believe most golfers would score better if they just found the one ball they like, and stuck with just that ball.
  2. Day 349 Decided to do a little "extra" challenge practice this morning. Went to the other course in town, which has a multi tiered practice green. A green where I can have putts with multiple breaks in just one putt. I don't see many of these types of putts during the year, but they do pop up every so often. I don't know how other folks read these snakes. Myself, I read them hackwards from the hole. I treat them as two, sometimes three putts in one. I try to read where the last break would start so as to finish at the hole. I then read the prior to last break so as to have the ball to reach the start of of the last break. If the putt has three breaks, the first leg reaches where the second break starts, which reaches where the last break starts. So my focus this morning was on ball speed, and reading the multiple breaks involved. This also a good way for me to remember what the ball does when rolling up, or down hill on the green. One of the little things. Suffice to say, I did not make any of these multi break putts this morning, but more than few did finish near the hole. Some were even of the tap in variety. I hit 36 of them. It was just a new challenge as far as doing something different. It's not one my normal practice routines. The surprising thing about these putts for me is that I actually have made more one putts while playing, than misses. Don't know why, other than luck. Like I said, I don't encounter them very often, but perhaps the once, or twice a year practice does help.
  3. Patch

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    There's a thread on here about 2019 golf goals. One of mine was to continue to play consistently decent golf. So far, since I took a break from playing, then started my new season, I have so far accomplished that goal. Another personal goal was to stay healthy enough to continue to play and/or practice everyday. So far, so good on that one. A few weeks ago, I got a flu shot at my wife's insistence. "Old people need flu shots. You are an older person" was her continuous chant. First one in decades for me. I was afraid I would get the flu anyways, plus it's been several years since I have had anything close to the flu. Bronchitis a few years back iirc. But I have always caught a cough, and/or cold this time of year, that slowed me down a little. My golf scores suffered a little. So far this year I have been "sniffle" free, which I guess can be credited to that flu shot. That, and a new script for allergies. So, staying healthier this fall as it leads into winter, I have been playing very good (for me) golf, consistently. I have maintained an 83, or 4.61 per hole average. Have played about 24 rounds the past couple of months, which have ranged from a 79, to an 89. (The 89 stands out because I made a long putt for bogie on the last hole for that 89.) Most rounds have been in the low 80s. I have had 2 holes where I scored a 6, several 5s, several 4s, and seven 3s. I owe this golfing good fortune this time of year, to staying healthier than I have in the past during the fall winter months. I figure if I can get through the next 8 weeks sniffle, and/or sick free, the rest of the year will be easy as far as keeping my golf game mid/low 80s. .
  4. Patch

    Does Modern Golf Instruction Always Help?

    No, the instructor might be correct, but the student might be incapable of wrapping their brain around the instruction. In that case, their are two options. The student finds the right instructor, that they can mesh with. Or, the instructor changes their own instruction to fit the student's comprehension level, which is not likely to happen in this modern era of instruction. Actually there are three possible options. That both the instructor, and the student have no clue what so ever about the golf swing , and should take up another profession or game.
  5. Patch

    Does Modern Golf Instruction Always Help?

    Golf instruction, modern or otherwise will not always help. It's a partnership between the instructor, and the student. As in other aspects of life, some partnerships work out positive for both partners, while other partnerships will turn into a cluster.........mess between the two. There are no guarantees in golf instruction as I see it. Not today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow. I had a great instructor way back when, who was also a club fitter, and maker. I was able to get to single digits under his instruction. He too stressed a natural grip, and swing, after teaching the basics. His biggest deal was a proper impact position. After teaching the basics, the impact position was what he thought was the most important part of the golf swing. He used what the student had, and showed the student how to use what he had, to get to a good, usable impact position. An impact position that sent the ball the student's targeted, landing area......most of the time. I doubt seriously if he ever taught the golf swing the same way to every student he worked with. Different students required diffent instruction in his mind. Two of the biggest problems I see in today's modern instruction for the amateur golfer is that the student doesn't realise that golf instruction is an on going agreement to learn. One, or two lessons just won't do it if they want to maximize their own talent. Plus, after only one, or two lessons neither the student, or the instructor know if they were going to accomplish a positive partnership. The other problem is the instructors who, when a student fails to learn what they are teaching, blames the student. That is just a bad teacher.
  6. Patch

    Shorter Rounds?

    Some courses I frequent do indeed have a 9 hole rate. Mostly for walkers. Cart fees are what they are, regardless of the number of holes played. My home course charges a flat fee for 9, or 18. Walkers pay $12. Riders pay $25. (non locals may pay more) Those fees are even lower in the hot, summer months, during their "early bird" and/or "twilight hours" promos. Another course, just a block away, charges $10 more across the board than those I listed above. 9, or 18, it does not matter. I know some guys who take inappropriate advantage of theses rates and play all day long. Maybe 54 holes, or more.
  7. Day 348 Just my usual chip/putt routine this morning. Using one ball, from various areas around the green, to different practice pin locations, I try to chip the ball in the hole, or atleast close enough for a one putt. Focuses were on green reads for both the chip, and putt(s). Body alignment from my feet, up to my shoulders. Also, club face aim before stepping into my stance. Once warmed up, I practice to 18 practice (different) pins. I assign par on each pin a 2, for an over all par of 36. The big difference this morning was, I went to a different course farther down the street, and used their unfamiliar short game practice area. Using a two tiered green, I scored a 42. (+6) On a couple of the chips I was a dummy, and should not have aimed at the pin. Should have played them for an easier one putt.
  8. Patch

    Importance of Strike on Distance

    Qestion. Assuming the golfer has a good swing, with a consistent impact position, does the type of club make a difference? Say a 6i muscle back blade vs a 6i perimeter weighted game improvement club. Same shaft, same swing speed, and same golfer. Would the distances be the same?
  9. Patch

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I play to have fun, and for the exercise. Shooting lower/good/consistent scores is just a byproduct of the having fun part I guess I am a little different than some of the posters in this thread. I go out to have fun, with little regard for the score I might shoot. That's not to say I don't try to play to my best ability. Having fun is relaxing for me. I play my best when I am relaxed. No pressure to save a stroke here, or there. Just hit the ball, go find it, and hit it again. My score is only important after the round is over.
  10. Patch

    Natural Golf Courses

    There's a few golf courses I frequent that the designer(s) left most of the natural lay of the land untouched. The only things continuous were the cart path, irrigation, and electrical stuff.. They would build, separate, smaller tee boxes on each hole to accommodate the various handicaps. After the tee boxes, they built large landing areas in between forced carries over the natural landscapes. The last landing area on a hole was it's green. Essentially all the landing areas were islands, without the water. I always thought this was a smart, less expensive way to build a golf course. I never could see why a golf course needed to have full fairways from tee to green on every hole
  11. Day 347 I played 27 holes yesterday. At one point, I had a string of about six holes, where I was pushing full swing shots to the right. First thing I checked was my grip. That seemed to be fine. Next I checked ball position in my stance, thinking maybe the ball was to far back in my stsnce for the club I was using. Didn't see an issue there. I then check my stance, looking at my toe line, hips, and torso for vertical alignment. Didn't see anything wrong there. Keep in mind, that I was doing these swing checks quickly while playing, and only when I had full swing shot, with a longer club. At no time did I think there was anything wrong with my actual swing. We had a little wait on a tee box. This afforded me some extra time to get my own swing note book out, to look for why I hit pushed shots. Long story short, I found my problem. Although I did check my body's verticle alignment to the ball without seeing an issue, I was indeed setting up with my shoulders closed which aligned them to the right. My full swing follows my shoulder line. I'd forgotten to do one small detail in my preshot routine. The very last thing I do before looking at the ball, before starting my back swing is, I look at my targeted landing area. That's all I want to see. For my proper alignment, I don't want to see any part of my left shoulder. It shouldn't be in my target view. If it is, my shoulders are closed, which also opens my clubface to my intended target line at impact, which causes the pushed shots. Once I figured out that minor problem, the pushed shots disappeared. So, that's what I worked on this morning, as a re-enforcement to not getting complacent on the golf course.
  12. Day 346 A little chilly breeze this morning. After warming up, it was 42, 50-60 yard swings with my AW. After the AW work, it was 18 pins of putting practice using one ball. Course is not busy, so after a little breakfast I might as well go play 9, or 18. Heck, maybe 27, or 36. It's the Holiday Season, right?
  13. Patch

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I play to have fun, and for the exercise. Shooting lower/good/consistent scores is just a byproduct of the having fun part
  14. I wouldn't be surprised to find that a top college player could hit their putter farther than I can hit all my clubs, including my driver...... Of course there's still that old age, and treachery, will over come youth, and skill thing. I might have that still going for me. 😁
  15. H. Penick, and Earnest Jones. Honerable mention for Paul Runyon, and M. de la Torre. They are all dead of course, but their teachings still work for some. Blast from the past. I actually bought this book new, for $1.99 at a clearance book store.

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