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  1. Day 296 Just some simple chipping in a road side rest area. The dogs needed a travel break, as did I. Focus was on no real focus. Just walked around the area hitting foam balls for safety reasons. Maybe 20 minutes worth.
  2. Day 295 Just putting practice this morning. Focuses were on reads, ailignment, and putter face aim. Started off on a flat portion of the green, rolling balls over a dime, 15+/- inches in front of the ball. Hitting the dime tells me if I am rolling a straight putt. After that it was putting to the practice pins of various lengths. Went through 36 pins with only one 3 putt.
  3. Patch

    When does it make sense to quit?

    If the desire to play golf is really, really gone, then consider stepping away from the game for a while to see if you are truly done. Another, better reason, the one that will stop me is when you stop breathing. Higher scores/hndcps are no reason to quit.
  4. I am traveling now. I will be heading east on I-10 tomorrow sometime. Destination is not known as yet. Depends on where my wife wants me to pick her up on her return trip from PA. All I know is there are plenty of golf courses, RV parks in front of me.
  5. Day 294 Work on my shot trejectories this morning, as a prelude to playing later today. Weather permitting. I noticed I was becoming complacent in how I was hitting chips, pitches, and longer approach shots. I was basically hitting the same lower trejectory on all shots. On some of those (non flop) shots I would have been better off hitting higher shots. Complacency has ruined many scores for golfers. I am no different. It happens with out notice. Simple routine of just reminding myself to assess the shot at hand, and on ball placement in my stance. Ball forward, creates a higher shot. Ball in the middle is not as high. Ball back in my stance creates the lower trejectory of the three. Also, if I open the club face, I will send the ball higher, and just the opposite if I close the club face. Regardless of what I do with the the clubface, it is always aimed aimed, square to my target. A target that may, or may not be the pin. After my trejectory practice, I spent a little time on my own, old school version of a bump and run shot. There was a mound available, where I could hit the ball into the up slope of the mound, and "bump" it over the top of that mound, where the ball would "run" out after the bump. I might use this shot on a raised green, if my flop shot was some what "iffy".
  6. Day 293 Was going to play today, but they are expecting poor weather in the area, so I decided on a basket of range balls. Went through most of my bag. Focus was on landing the ball as near as possible to my targets. Used my preshot routine on just about every shot. That being club selection, alignment, stepping into my stance, while keeping the club face square to my intermediate spot on my target line. Started all my full swings with a one piece take away. I was happy with most of my shots, especially the shorter ones.
  7. Perhaps for shots of those lengths as discribed by the OP, maybe the 50, 54 degree clubs were the wrong clubs to chip those distances with? Might less lofted clubs have been a better choice?
  8. Patch

    Time On The Driving Range

    Would that be the same as having, say a score of 80, that only 75% of your swings, before reaching the green, were successful?
  9. Day 292 Played 18 this morning at the local muni. Nice course for the area. My effort was good enough for an 82, which is two shots above my target score. I can honestly say I gave away 3 strokes on the putting green, but 30 putts is also a good number. Then again, a 79 is a much better number Rummaging throug an old box of golf stuff, I found one of my old golf data/score cards that I copied some 25+ years ago. It basically tells me after entering some info, per hole, for a 9/18 hole round(s) where I need the most work on my game. Even helps to identify what clubs I hit well, or those clubs I need to work more with. Data today said I was weak off the tee, which is no surprise. .
  10. Patch

    Time On The Driving Range

    I read a little tid bit today that stated one of the reason golfers can't take their range game to course was because of the "one shot success" scenario. On the range the golfer has more than one shot to hit, and it's easier to feel successful during a series of the same shot. On the course, the golfer only has one shot at a time to feel successful, or unsuccessful if that's the case. The article went on to say that the golfer, when on the range should be working on their mental game as it applies to the "one shot success" scenario. This seems to reinforce the idea of practicing how one plays.
  11. Patch

    Caught the golf bug!

    Welcome to the forum, lots good folks on here. BTW, you did not catch the "golf bug". What you now have is a self inflicted disease, of which there is no cure, nor should there be one. Enjoy your journey..........
  12. I am already into my "next season". Unless something drastically goes wrong with my bag of sticks, like some sort of damage, I have no plans to replace anything. Maybe some grips, but that's about it. Right now I am playing with a combo mix of my newest set, and the set it replaced. Newer clubs won't help out my game that much.
  13. Day 291 Just finished hitting various types of shots this morning, in preparation for a 9:00 am tee time. A few each of full swings, abbreviated swings, and slower swings, with various clubs. Also, some pitches and chips. No where is it written, one should not hit pitches or chips while on the driving range. I will warm up my putter on the first couple of holes. I have always thought that the only important shots in a golfer's bag are the ones the golfer practices. If you don't practice a shot, you can't depend on it when playing for a score.
  14. Patch

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Need a third choice. That being "both". That's the one I would vote for.
  15. Day 290 A little too windy to play, but the direction of the wind allowed for some knock down shot practice. I used my 5i, and 5w. I use a full swing with this shot, but I also swing slower than my normal full swing speed. I found out a long time ago not to try to out muscle the wind. The wind will win every time. Slower swings, while letting my club selection take care of the distance needed, takes alot of grief out of this shot. I also play the ball a little bit back in my stance, and I don't have a high follow through. Both help to keep the ball lower, as does the slower swing.. The knock down a good shot to have in one's bag. Especially when a punch shot won't get the job done.

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