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  1. Patch

    How Do I Sell Iron Set

    Maybe consider donating them to charity and write them off on your taxes. The write off could be more than what you sell them for. Ebay sells clubs if you want to register there This website, (I think) has a selling forum. Want adds? Nifty Nickle?
  2. Patch

    USGA Looking Into Lucy Li Apple Watch Ad

    I have been waiting for the final verdict in this issue. In my unbiased opinion, the first time warning was a good call on the USGA's part. There was absolutely no need to change this youngster's future by taking away her amateur status. It seems the USGA did a fair investigation of the issue. She learned a lesson, and is now able to carry on with what ever her amateur status brings forth for her. A possible scholarship for a free education is a pretty good deal for any youngster.. Yes, I know. Rules are rules, breaking rules of any kind have consequences. I know in my own past, ( probably my future too) I have broken rules of one kind or another. I doubt there is anyone on this forum who hasn't broke a rule of some kind, some where in their past or future. It's because I am not perfect human being that I think in this case, the USGA made the right decision with a first time warning.
  3. Obviously they have never heard of Father Guido Sarduuci........😀
  4. Patch

    Plastic Practice Ball Use

    I am incline to believe that fake balls are best for practicing swing mechanics. That one should not rely on the flight of these plastic/foam balls for swing results. Especially when used with longer swings. I have a box of Taylor Made foam balls I sometimes use. They are quite safe to use indoors. Outdoors they work ok, as long as there is no wind. However, my favorite practice "fake" balls are those "Birdie Balls". The ones that look like a short piece of pvc pipe. (they are NOT made out of pvc). They seem to mimic ball flights better than the plastic/foam balls, while still being extremely range limited. I also believe these birdie balls are more suited for outdoor use. Obviously a draw back is you can't putt with them.
  5. Day 412 Nice easy morning on the driving range, just hitting balls again. 1/4-1/2-3/4 and full swings using various clubs, and targeted landing areas. The routine was simple. I would pick a club at random. Pick the back swing I wanted to use. Match the swing yardage up with that club. Then pick a target. Using my abbreviated preshot routine, I would step into my stance, and hit the ball. After that I would clean my club, put it back in my bag, and pull another one . "Easy Peasy", as the young caddy said.
  6. Patch

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I played 54 holes last week. I averaged 4.46 strokes per hole, which I am quite pleased with. Just hitting, and putting the ball consistently well. I have a pretty good streak going right now, which of course could end at anytime I suppose. Although I did not card any 6s, there were a couple of 5s on two par threes. However, those were offset a little by a couple of 4s on two par 5s. I hit some good 6i approches, and I made a few long putts for par. Of course there were some not so good ball striking on my part. Luckily, my chipping, and putting saved the day more times than not. Just playing one hole, one stroke at a time.
  7. Yeah, I would also say Texas for affordable, year around access to golf. . My second choice would be the desert southwest, which is where I am .
  8. Day 411 30-40 minutes of short game stuff this am. 20-60 yard shots. Some putting. Conditions were damp, but manageable. Turf was a little long due to lack of scheduled mowing. Greens were a little slow, due to the same two reasons. I figure they will catch up with the mowing in the short game area later today. Used various clubs, and back swing lengths. Focus was on crisp, ball first contact. Used an intermediate target about 12-18 inches in front of the ball for aiming purposes for the club face. That intermediate target worked in conjunction with my targeted landing area. Also paid attention to my body posture, and alignment, which worked in conjunction with my club face, and targeted landing areas. Drier conditions should be back to normal in a day or two. Been wetter, and colder for this area, for this time of year.
  9. Patch

    Divot Or No Divot

    Taking a divot in front of the ball, also means a clean hit on the ball before the divot. In that respect a picker is doing pretty much the same thing as a divot taker, with regards to ball impact. I am not sure if the picker puts less spin on the ball, or not. Except for some wedge shots, I tend to pick the ball clean off the turf. If anything, I will give the turf in front of the ball a little trim. A big reason I pick the ball off the turf, is that alot of the courses I play in my area, are not divot friendley due to the very firm fairways. Sometimes those fairways are built on broken up conglomerates. I do use a drill that helps a golfer take a divot in front of the ball, but I have otther uses in my swing for that drill. No flipping of my grip is one. Another is to move the low point of my swing in front of the ball. I also don't have to deal much with fat shots either.
  10. Day 410 Didn't bother going to the course this am. Figured it would be still soggy after yesterday's soaker. So it was some indoor carpet stuff (putts/chips) for about 10 minutes, or so, with probably more through out the rest of today. Right now, I am going to kick back with a warm beverage, and read some of Penick's Little Red Book. Lots of good stuff in that book.
  11. Patch

    Only Play Half Set of Irons - Better Game?

    I have a bag of nothing but irons. 12 of them, a 4w, and a putter. I very seldom use all of the iron in week's/month's worth of play. My 3i gets more practice, than actual play. Same with my 8i. I am a big believer in creative shot making. I even practice less than normal shots. I am not a "fairways, & greens" kind of golfer. I am a firm believer that my imagination on how to advance the ball has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of strokes during my decades of playing. Half sets, rather they be odd, or even, coupled with one's imagination, promotes creative shot making. Creative shot making also promotes confidence. Confidence creates lower scores. Choking down, up, on the grip, or closing, or opening the club face can give the golfer a variety of shot making possibilities. Add in abbreviated swings ( 1/4-1/2-3/4 ) adds to that variety of shots a golfer would have in their bag. .
  12. Patch

    Need Putter Advice

    I might suggest you look for a used Odessey Two Ball putter. I used one for a short while in a pinch, and found to be a decent tool for putting. On the other hand, you might be better off just giving that Ping Anser putter more time in your hands. After a long layoff, you might have re-learn it's uniqueness. I always wanted to try the Anser putter, after seeing alot folks enjoying success with one. Just never got around to it. Btw, congrats on the twin. I have twin grandkids myself. A boy, and a girl. They are something.
  13. DeArmond playing on the Web.Com tour in Florida, carded a 17 on one hole, while trying to carry a water hazard. Finished up his round with a 91. The high score is something, but not that important. What he said afterwards is what is important in my book. When playing golf, after a true scoring disaster takes place, the golfer should not get mad, throw clubs, or quit. The golfer should just take it in stride, laugh, and have fun with the rest of the round. I like this guy.
  14. If you do decide to upgrade, check out, and see if being fitted for a component made up driver might be a viable way for you to go. You'd get the same quality, and performance, for alot less money..
  15. Patch

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    I read it on espn's website yesterday.

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