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  1. When I miss left, its usually because my ball position is too far forward. This causes the club head path, and face to be closing at impact. Just the opposite if I miss a shot right. The ball position is too far back in my stance. This causes the club path, and face to be open at impact. When I get the ball position correct in my stance, the club path and face are square to my intended target line. The ball position doesn't have to be off by much to miss the target. Especially on shorter shots.
  2. Just a poor showing of arrogance that some pro golfers have. You even see it in the amateur ranks from time to time. Golfers getting irate at others for their own mistakes. Doesn't make much sense. You did it, you own it. Bryson is making a name for himself. Good, bad, or indifferent, it makes for good media fodder.
  3. My thought about knowing what club to pull on a shot with a significant elevation change (up/down) comes from experience, and repetition. After a while, the golfer sees what's in front of them, and just knows.
  4. If someone gave me this, I might use it, but only for ball identification purposes. I'd never spend money on it. I aim my putts with my club face, and an intermediate spot, a foot, or so in front of the ball, that's on my chosen line.
  5. I play golf because I can. I use to be pretty good at this game. It's fun, and good exercise for me. I also have a lot of long time friends who also play, so there's also that side of it. It's also quite possible that I just like smacking that ball around the course for a few hours each day.
  6. I walk about 20-25 miles a week. Every morning at 5am I get in 2-3 miles of brisk walking over various elevation changes. 2-3 times a week I will walk 18 holes, that's about 3.6 miles each. I don't carry my bag, preferring to trolley it. So now I'm up to maybe 32 miles a week. Add in another 10 miles or so of golf practicing walks Now I am up to 40+ miles a week. There's also bike rides with my younger Granddaughters. After every 18 hole round , I am tired. Not worn out tired, just tired. Maybe my knees hurt a little. Maybe my ankle are a little sore. Being tired like this is normal in my book, as long as my recovery time is minimal. As long as I get up the next morning, ready to go again. I'm married to a retired orthopaedic surgeon, who keeps track of my various aches, and pains. Being tired after a round of golf is pretty normal in her book too. She'd probably recommend to the OP to invest in a trolley if he wants to extend his golf journey. Older age, and golf bag carrying don't go to well with each other.
  7. I'm crowding 71 years old, and have what's considered a slow swing speed. If I had to pick a new set of clubs (irons) for myself, I'd look at the Tour Edge line of Ironwoods. I think they still have these hybrids available. I have an older set of Ironwoods, which I hit higher than my current regular gamers.
  8. Our two local courses are mostly made up older folks. Most are retirees. Both sexes, and all skin colors are well represented, and quite welcome. We also have highschool golf teams from as far away 100 miles who visit, and play our local youngsters. Our local club pro (swing guru) donates a lot of his time to our younger golfers. We do get folks from out of town on a regular basis, and they make up about 1/3 of our course users. Non locals pay $5 more per round I think. The Las Vegas metro area is about a 30-40 minute drive from us.
  9. Where I play most of my rounds, depending on the time of day, the summer rates are $33 before 12:00 noon, and $25 after 12:00 noon. These prices will increase in the fall. Walk, or ride, Saturday through Friday, it doesn't matter. The prices are the same. I have two courses to play, and both are in excellent shape. Both are different in how they can be played.
  10. If anything, maybe look at a shaft change? Then again, being single length irons maybe not. I know when I want a higher ball flight, I will either move the ball slightly more forward in my stance. That, or sometimes I will adjust my stance a little more open, along with a little more open club face at impact.. What are your current 18 hole scores? 85mph 7i swing speed. I'm jealous. That type of swing speed would shave 3-4 strokes off my scores I think.
  11. My daily routine involves a brisk 2+ mile walk every morning. The different paths I take, include various elevation changes. I do this even on days I walk 18 holes, pushing a cart. If I was the OP, I'd just bite the bullet, and do the push cart thing. Carrying 30-35 lbs, while walking 18 holes is a tough chore. The pros don't carry their own bags, so why should an amateur?
  12. Hit a 7W, 160 yards, over a green guarding bunker to with in tap in range. It was a risk/reward decision. Made the putt for a bird That bird helped me walk off the 18th green with a 78.
  13. I know I missed my fair share of short, makeable putts, that would have given me a milestone achievement. Mainly breaking par.
  14. When I'm on the chipping/putting practice green, I only use two, sometimes three balls. Never could see the sense in hitting a bag full of balls when other folks were using the same green. Even my shag stick only holds 14 balls, which I use on the short game course. I saw "That Guy" the other day, chipping on the practice green. Must of had 30+ balls in play, aim at one target.. There were 4 other folks on the same smallish green. The 30 ball guy was annoyed that the other folks were in his way. I asked my Granddaughter what was wrong with that picture? She told she was going to practice 50 yard shots, out of everyone else's way.
  15. I tend to use my 60* a lot of times for shorter chips. However, I'm never stuck using just one particular club It just depends on the carry distance where I need to land the ball before it starts rolling. Since my chipping stroke is identical to my putting stroke, I might even find myself using an 8i. If the shot is short enough, with nothing in my way, I might just use my putter. Just depends on the situation I'm faced with.. Practicing shots from various situations is the key to knowing what clubs can be used.
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