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  1. I voted "yes". I have played PB several times over the years. It's more than just an 18 hole round of golf. Especially if you get one of their better caddies. When you get done with PB, go play Spyglass Hill. This is the tougher of the two courses imo. That whole area is a golfer's dream "golf destination". You don't worry about the costs.
  2. When in doubt, just ask the counter guy, and/or the starter. Example would be "I'm a 10 hdcp. Which set of tees do you recommend for this course?" On more than a few courses, the color of tee boxes won't matter very much. These would be courses where the different tee boxes are really close together.
  3. Basically the same as 2019. To stay healthy, and score in the low 80s....most of the time.
  4. Sounds like you have already made up your mind. However, just in case you haven't, and there's a way to use your gift certificate, check out one of those low profile club face models. That smaller measurement top to bottom club face makes hitting fairway lies that much easier. For me anyways. All my metal woods are of a square club head design, with shorter, top to bottom lub faces. They are the same cc measurments as the other designs. Just a thought.
  5. Other than the flag stick rule change, I have not seen much difference in the rounds I played last year. Some folks still like removing the flag stick. Most leave it in. I saw no difference in pace of play. 95% of my rounds were played at what I thought was a satifactory pace. The other 5%, I didn't really worry about. I read the new rules, and played with in them to the best of my knowlege. As for the golfers I met up with, I just let them do their own thing. Most were pretty much compliant I thought.
  6. Once deemed a slower player put them at the back of the line regardless of their score, on Thursday/Friday. Playing last is punishment enough. "So in so is -10, but he is playing last?" would identify him/her a slow player. The idea of 5.6 is get the slower players to either quit the game, or hopefully play faster. That, and to not cause grief for the faster player(s) they may be grouped with. I agree it could cause a problem on the weekend if a slower player is in the top 6 or 8 bring up the rear. They would have to play faster than they normally would. My thinking is, if they are that close to possibly winning, the slower player would willingly play a little faster. The idea of just giving a player extra strokes as a penalty for taking longer than 45 seconds, takes their best game out of their hands to a certain extent. Heck, with all the statistics they keep in pro golf today, just rate all the players' starting times according to their rated pace of play. Send the faster players out first. Medium speed players out in the second groups. Slower players out in the third group........lol
  7. I had an opportunity to play by myself yesterday. I walked 18 holes in a little under 3 hours. Maybe 2:50+/- something. (6600 yards) Didn't catch up with anyone, and never saw anyone close behind me. Just kept my ball in easy, next shot play, which allowed me to keep moving. Never had to spend time looking for a ball. Didn't stop at the turn, since I had my snacks, and beverages with me. This also meant I was able to wave the beverage cart lady by. No time spent with her. Another plus was that I was on my home course. That meant I knew the yardages, and club selection was pretty automatic. Familiarity with the greens also meant less time spent there. Could I have played this fast on an unfamiliar course? Probably not.
  8. I not much of a tv watching fan of the pga. I will watch 2 of the 4 majors, and tid bits of everything else the networks televise. I am a " golf should be played, not watched" kind of a guy. However, I did read the four options. I was torn between the second, and third voting points. I settled on #2. Seems to me that penalizing a guy for being slow could negetively impact their earning ability. These are independent contractors out there trying to make a living. They are still considered independent contractors, right? Is the pga exempt from the various right to work laws? Could a player sue the pga for discrimination, and loss of income? Could a golf equipment manufacturer cry foul because the pga, per their rules, made their sponsored player look bad, which in turn looks bad for their equipment? Can this 45 second rule eventually turn into a can of worms? They put 140+/- number of golfers on the course, who I presume the pga wants them all to play their best golf for competitive value for their sponsors, advertisers, and home audience. Take a pro golfer out of his/her (?) comfort zone, and they wouldn't play as well as they can. I also realize a slower player can hurt another, faster player's ability to play better. Either way, the competitive value suffers to some extent. My fix for pga slow players would be this; Once a player has been identified as a slow player, send these slower players out last in the tournament. This would let them play at their own speed, without bothering the faster players. Their score is their actual score, and not impacted by penalties by others. Also, since they are at the back of the group, they would have little, if any impact on the tv schedule, or the on course spectators. Is it written in stone some where that the tournament leaders have to be last groups playing on Saturday/Sunday?
  9. Finaly made out on our local course today. Dry conditions have returned. Weather was decent although a little on the cool side. Coursecwas in better condition than I anticipated. Some rain guages were showing as much as 8" inches of rain during the 48 hour storm. Our normal, yearly rain fall amount is just under 5" inches. Shot a "9&9" for an 81. That would be 9 pars, and 9 bogey 1s. (41/40). Putted well with 30. Made every putt I thought I should've made. Just a nice consistent, hole, by hole round of golf. Felt good to be home. Going to get ready for next week's holiday. There's a senior league tourney scheduled for Wednesday. I now qualify as a "Super Senior". I will be one of seven in that division. As TW once said; "I like my chances".....lol
  10. Hopefully you can do what @boogielicious suggested. If no weight/screw ports are availablele and water is sloshing around inside the head, then abviously there's an open pathway for it have got in there in the first place. A weak connection point maybe? I'm thinking lean it head up against a wall, next to heater vent, or use a hair dryer on low to help it evaporate out. This might be a quicker, free fix. Just dont over heat the head, which could cause the epixy connection to fail. Then again since the head is not sealed, take it to a pro shop for a repair, and have them check for a cracked head casing. If no cracks are found, remove the head, drain the water, and reseal/install the head back on the shaft. I got water in one of my drivers once. The water enterd through a small area where the shaft and hosel were glued. A bad glue job was the problem. Eventually, that area void of any glue could of caused the head to loosen up, and come off.
  11. My "Heavy Putter" with all the head weights installed, and grip counter weights, weighs in at 900 grams according to the manufacturer. It's from around 2005, I think. Not sure. I went to the Heavy Putter due to damage to my 300 gram putter of many years. It took a while to get use to the added weight, but once I got use to it, my putting was as good, if not better than before the change .
  12. I have a couple of times. He helps pull my trolley while he's looking for other animals. 140lbs of St Betnard/Collie mix.
  13. Patch


    I leave pill considerations to the medical folks. I do know the fewer pills one takes, the better off they are in the long run. I remember telling the doc who told me I was going need assistance walking for the rest of my life, that he was full s%#t. Most of my diet is made up baked chicken, fish, fruits, and green veggies. I stay a way from breads as much as possible. It's been like this for the last several years. That said it's not a strict diet for me. I like beer, pizza, and tacos in moderation. Well, sort of in moderation. I had to rehab almost all of the left side of my body. First part was to learn to walk again without being attended too. A wheel chair was not going to be a part of my future plans. Walking, and stetching did more for me than anything else I did. I recommend walking as much as possible everyday. Even in poor weather, and even for healthy folks. Simple walking cures alot ills for folks.
  14. I agree with what @Bonvivant posted. Go with a newer "used" club, The caveat being as long as it fits your swing. If not a used club, perhap check out having a new club built from components. A component club would save $100s of dollars, and would have the same quality, and playability as a $500+ model. Again, as long as it fits the swing of the user. As for when is time to buy a new driver, I am of the opinion that as soon as the golfer starts thinking obout it, it's time to make the switch. Need to get that thought out of your head, and move on. Myself, I have two drivers that are several years old. (12+) After trying the new stuff available, a newer driver would not enhance my game enough to justify the price of a new one. It would be nice to have that $600 driver in my bag, to show off to others. However at this point in my golf journey, my scores would stay the same........as my game deteriorates.
  15. It occurred to me when reading this thread again, winter golf practice doesn't always require using a ball, club, or some other golf paraphernalia. Our weather changed overnight from almost perfect, to cold and rainy. Lot's of rain at that. Probably recieved most of our 4.5" inch yearly rain fall. It was too wet to do anyhing at the golf course, and I wasn't inclined to stay indoors. So, I bundled up, grab our dog, and went for a 3+ mile, cross country hike, with several elevation changes involved. . Got some cardio in. Exercised my legs. Plus, using two walking staffs, my upper torso recieved a work out of sort. All three are important in my golf game. Even the dog enjoyed the hike.
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