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  1. Imo, the impact position into the back of the ball is of major importantance. I say this because I have seen great looking swing with a bad impact position/bad ball flights, and ugly swings with great impacy positions/good ball flights. Granted, the better the swing, the easier a good impact position can be obtained. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.
  2. The only effect this virus has had on my daily practice routine is I'm not using any golf course practice areas. Very little grass areas too. I am still hitting balls every day off diy mats, in near by open areas. Yesterday, my dog, and I took 2 mile walk down a 20 yard (+/-) wide powerline road. I was hitting my 5i, hitting four balls at a time. I'd walk to the balls, find them and hit them down the road again. After a mile or so, we turned around and walked back to the truck. The idea was to keep the ball in the road way. Lost a few balls ob, and a lot of those were balls that took a bad bounce off the gravel/rock road surface. Started out with 8 balls, and finished up with 4. Putting and chipping I am doing at home.
  3. There are still courses open in the area, with in 90 miles of Vegas, but quite a few have shut down too. I have also heard, but not verified, that some of the courses have raised their green fees. I'm taking the better safe than sorry route, and not playing any golf right now. My wife, the retired doctor thinks staying away from others is still a good policy. I consider her my expert. This virus is still spreading rapidly, and there seems to be some evidence beginning to appear that it could be airborne. I suspect if this virus doesn't show any signs of slowing down, that more courses will be closing up for a while.
  4. My scores are more consistent than they are random.. I hit the ball, and putt the ball pretty much the same everytime I go out. It matters little what course I am playing. Now if I were spraying the ball. All over the place, and shooting scores 10-30 shots apart, then maybe a good shot, or score might be considered random. I just don't think "consistency", and "random" collide very well with each other..
  5. Yep, I have games where parts of my game are not on the same page as some of the other parts of my games. Quite often as a matter of fact. When I play a more complete, more consistent game, is usually when I break 80. I suspect that's why it was originally called golf.
  6. I'd went with $25K/$50K and made the stimulus $3600 in three $1200 monthly installments. $50K for couples would be the cut off, as there is still unemployment insurance, and social security available for some folks. The country is still in stay home mode for the next 30 days, or so. Getting some stimulus money when things start getting better would seem to help the economy in a more useful way.. Right now, I am staying home 20 or so hours aday, and I hav'nt spent more than $50 dollars in the past 10 days. I ptobably wont spend more than $200 in the next 30 days. Where would I go to spend more?. There's alot of wasted monies in the this two trillion dollar stimulus plan. More of it should have been ear marked for American families, but as mentioned above, we don't want to get political on this forum.
  7. As I understand it, single folks making over $99K a year will not recieve any stimulus monies. Double that for couples. There is also a prorated lessor amount for high dollar folks ($75K?) making less than $99K Those dollar amounts may have changed with the finished product. I didn't read what the finished numbers are.
  8. One of the more positive things I have going is I am able to spend more time with my Granddaughters, Since they are out of school till next fall, we have lots of time to spend together working on different aspects of their sports game interests. The eye clinic called me last week, letting me know my appointment has been postponed, so now we have even more time have fun. Of course there is our youngest Granddaughter and her softball interests. She want to be a pitcher, so we work on that. That, and protecting herself from line drives hit back at her. Our next oldest Granddaughter is the golfer. She has progressed quite well over the past 8 months. We spend alot of time working on our short games together. Her long game pro is not working right now due to the virus. With the local weather finally getting better, it's about time to put the boat in the water, and all of us to catch up on our fishing tactics.
  9. I'd take the lowest score of my life, on a forgettable course. That would mean that I finally broke par. That, and really, really low scores are hard to play to, for anyone.
  10. My Tour Edge clubs are supposingly, as advertised manufactured near Chicago, Illinoise. I remember sending my iron clubs for refurbishing to a place called Batavia iirc. I am just not 100% sure to the extent of their manufacturing process. As for not doing any business with China due to the pandemic that started there, good luck with that idea. I did read yesterday that some law firm in Florida is going to sue China for this virus. Apparently China tried to cover up the extent, and danger of the virus before officially reporting it, and putting protective measures in place. It seems that the "cover up" part can be argued that it is not part of the immunity from law suits granted to a sovereign state.
  11. Would you Rather...? #25: Take the conservative approach and guarantee yourself a spot in the play-off? … Or … Be aggressive and give yourself a chance to win the tournament on the final hole, but also create the possibility of making bogey and missing the play-off? I'd probably go the aggressive route and go for the out right win.. It's a major, and I have been playing well since I'm tied, and in the last group after 71 holes. A playoff is still one of the three possibilities.
  12. I'd pick the U.S. Open due it's percieved difficulty. I think the last time this question was aked I probably chose the Masters for a different reason.
  13. With all those regulations, I am pretty sure the OP has solved the slow play problem. Hopefully the lottery amount will be high enough to prevent bankruptcy.....lol I do like that "Vetereans Play Free" idea.
  14. Channel 477+/- something on PLUTO is streaming previously played pga tournaments for those in need of a golf viewing fix..
  15. I'd choose the 5+ hour round with great company. The length of the round wouldn't bother me. Never has, and never will. Besides, who'd pass up playing with great company? Plus, since they were "great company", they probably wouldn't mind the 5+ hour round either.
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