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  1. Interesting. I too had to take a lengthy break from the game due to various surgeries. I was a 6 before the install of various plates, and screws. Luckily nothing wrong with my spinal column. What I found on my way back was to forget my pre-surgery distances. I tried to put the ball out there like before, but my control was pretty poor. Once I started doing just easy swings, and making good contact, my scores became much more respectable. I never made it back to a 6, but I stayed at 9 for quite a while. I just gave up the distances, and relied more heavily on my short game. Just a thought.
  2. I play the same ball year around. I will store them, and carry them differently in colder conditions. I might even rotate through 5 or 6 balls during a round. Other than these 3 scenarios, I just use different clubs as playing conditions dictate. Usually more fairway woods.
  3. Wet conditions

    The score lines on the face of the club help to reduce the amount of watery debris between the club face and the ball. Much like the tread of a tire when driving in wet conditions. Helps to create better contact between the two surfaces. When I play in wet conditions I tend to use more fairway clubs. Distance does suffer do to wet condition, but fairway woods reduce the possibility of hitting fat shots.
  4. Define The Bad Golfer

    Imo, which doesn't mean squat, the bad golfers I have seen, are those golfers who have a bad personality that they bring to a course. Their scores, like everyone elses, is not a big deal to me. It's how they handle themselves on a golf course. Yes, along this line of thinking, a single digit golfer, I could think of them as a poor golfer, because of their bad attitude. Throwing, and breaking clubs. Cussing, and just just being in a foul mood makes me think of them as someone who should take up a new game, if they can't grow out of their current poor behavior. I consider myself a decent golfer. That said, I do have days when I should have left the sticks alone. Those poor round days, I can say to myself "boy I sucked today", even though I didn't cuss, break, or throw a club. My golfing buds might tell me the same thing in jest. If someone saw my bad round, who didn't known me, they might think I was a bad golfer. That round did indeed suck, but as an avid golfer, I personally didn't.
  5. Define The Bad Golfer

    I hear a lot about golfers who think they, or others "suck" at playing golf. So with that in mind define the word "suck" in one's golf game. Myself, I can suck with the best of them. Had a suck round today as a matter of fact. Just too many gawd awful shots to contend with. Way over my average score for no apparent reason(s). Still had fun though.
  6. I told this story before. A grandpa was out with his grandson golfing. The grand on was having a bad day. At one point, due to numerous frustrations, the youngster throws his club in the water hazard. The grandpa, without a word, picks the youngster's bag up, and throws it into the hazard, clubs and all. Then says "no need to break up a set". Pretty sure the youngster learned a lesson that day.
  7. Tee box etiquette

    I am really big on not letting other golfers bother me during my swing. Some do things intentionally, for their own reasons, to throw a golfer's swing off, by putting non swing thoughts in their head. These golfers are jerks, but with a good preshot routine they can be easily ignored. I am very good at ignoring folks who deserve it. If someone is new to the game, and short on golfing manners, they are fair game for a short lesson on doing the right things.
  8. Due to serious injuries, I basically had to start over from scratch. Not from a scratch handicap, (I was a 6) but from not having any game what so ever. Like I never played the game before. Due to physical limitations, and rehab, I started over with the easy stuff first. The fact that some medical folks told me I would never play golf again was not something I accepted. I started learning the game again backwards. I started out putting. Once I could putt out from any where on a green and average less than 3 putts, I moved on to chipping. Once I could chip out in under 3 strokes, I moved to pitches. From pitches I moved to longer approach shots. Eventually I worked my way back to the tee box. As I learned to do the shorter shots, I found that those shorter shots complimented the longer shots, making them easier to learn. For me it took about 14-18 months of regular practice and play to break 80 consistently, and get back down to a single digit handicap. Now I know I am in minority with my learning the game backwards opinion, but for some new golfers, it is another avenue of learning that might work better for them. I don't think that learning the game from green to tee will get you on a tour some where, but I have seen too many examples of folks breaking 90 consistently in short period of time using this learning scenario.
  9. what was that ONE lesson for you?

    I must have miss read the title of this thread. I was not talking about putting, but full swings. Never thought about it helping with putts. It helped me to eliminate an over the top, outside to inside swing path. I hit very few slices after that tip.
  10. what was that ONE lesson for you?

    I was asked to assume I was at bat on a bseball diamond, wanting to hit the ball to center field. Then just swing the club head to right field. This put me on the correct club head swing path. Best advice I ever recieved.
  11. Joined A League

    Swffjvl, I played in a couple of leagues back in the day. I just could not see spending time and money to watch others cheat with their scores. The league organizers were only worried about the money aspect of the tournaments, and turned a blind eye to the shenanigans that went on. My mistake back then was not causing enough of a stink about the cheating. I should have spoke up. I think every golfer, regardless of their level of play, should play in a league....at least once. For every cheater, there are many, many more players who treat their games with respect. Level of play is irrelevant, since every golfer who ever pulled a club, was not as good as they wanted to be, or would become during the early days of their golfing journey. Handicaps take care of the different levels of competitive play. I say go join a league and have some fun.
  12. Joined A League

    I have joined the local senior mens' league at my home course. I was going to do this a while back, but never got around to it. I played 18 holes with a current member the other day. Did not have one of better rounds, but found I could more than adequately compete with him. So, I paid the $70.00 annual fee, and will play my first tourney later on this month, and then monthly after that. This is a 60/65 year old and up league. Pretty sure I can give some of those youngsters 10 years younger than me, a run for their egos. I have been skeptical of joing any league in the past, due to some of the "creative scoring" that takes place in these leagues. I discussed this with league manager before paying my fees. He has assured me they run a tight competitive group. He better right. Based on some of the score cards I presented to him, he will give me a temporary handicap to start out with. On a personal note, I am going to use this opportunity to rejuvenate my competitive spirit for this game. The past months have found me becoming some what complacent with my game. I did not mind just showing up, and knocking the ball around, and making some nice putts. Scores did not matter. Practicing instead of actually playing was usually enough. I also owe some this decision to my much better half, who knows me better than anyone. She saw something was going on that did not seem right. Should be interesting.
  13. I too have increased the width of my stance for better balance. Been doing this for a few years now. I almost look like Moe Norman I have been told. However, I think there is a trade off when using an open stance. That being a little loss of distance, since in my opinion, with a wider stance, the hips are used a little less in the swing. I get more of an arm swing now using upper body strength. The balance gained allows for a faster upper body swing. I don't think the distance loss is that big, and for my age I still hit the ball pretty well.
  14. My wife was at an estate sale this weekend. She is an estate sale junkie. Loves going to them. She purchased what appeared to be a 4 wheel push trolley, still boxed up. Said she bought for a good price. ($100.00) No worries as it was her own money. Turns out it's a QOD (?) electric push trolley/cart. Don't know much about it as yet. No remote control. Aparently you just steer it, and set the speed. It's a lot lighter than my electric trolley. Folds up smaller too. Might need to talk her out of it.
  15. TGW Reviews

    Anyone who is interested in Tour Edge stuff can PM me, and I will share the name of on line that sells their products. This company also sells other brands. I have spent 1,000s of dollars with them with no complaints.