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  1. A few decades ago, I got caught using a "Lady Precept" ball by the authorities. The authorities be our group of golfing friends.. I was tried, and convicted at the 19th hole by my peers.. I was fined 4 pitchers of beer. Luckily Alcatraz had already been closed down before my misdeed.
  2. It would be that "swingless" club that has a gun powder charge in it to send the ball down the fairway, some what accurately. That club, a couple of wedges, and a putter would make up my bag.
  3. If it's an impact bag, I made my own several years ago. Used a pillow case filled with rags, and towels. If you make your own, make sure the club will collapse it enough so as not to damage the club. I always used one of my non gamer clubs on it. Eventually the pillowcase would tear, and I would replace it....after duct tape was no longer useful....lol. At the time my instructor had me working on my wrist lag. Don't remember all the particulars about it, other than I gained a few yards. There are several articles on the web about using one. You tube has videos I think. @NM Golf during my college baseball days we would swing a metal bat into a small tire the coach would hang from tree limb. Small world. Same premise as in golf I believe, on getting the proper wrist release.
  4. My last 5 rounds have all been pretty good for me. I played 4 different courses the past 12 (?) day. The weather has been cooperating. Have averaged 81.6, with 29.1 putts for those 5 rounds. The putt number is a false number since some chip shots were required for missed girs. Some of these chips led to one putts. Had 4 chip ins for 0 putts. Had a few great shots, and nothing really bad. No 6s for those 90 holes. Did have a couple of 5s on the par threes, that's almost as bad as a 6 anywhere else. A couple of birds cancelled those out. Parred/birded all the par 5s. Most of the rest of the holes were par, or bogey 1s. Just a good few days of playing and/or practicing. Trying to get in as many rounds as possible before my next eye exam. Might have some down time due to caterac removal. Fingers crossed on that event..
  5. I play a 7W, and it's my "go to" club in my bag. Just an easy club to hit in various situations. I sometimes use it for chips, pitches, longer approach shots, and out of fairway bunkers. Also tee shots on tighter fairways, par 3s, and getting out of fairway bunkers. It takes the place of my 3i & 4i. Also in a 3 club tourney it doubles as my putter.
  6. I practice this shot on occassions. As posted above, it's a usefull shot to get the ball out of thicker rough to a more playable ball position. It matters little how far the ball goes, just as long as the ball is in a better position for the next shot. I tend to use my sw most of the time. With a steeper, more verticle chopping motion, the club head will be less effected by the taller grass on it's way down to the ball. It's a shot saver when done correctly.
  7. I have seen those types of folks on the course. They are entertaining. Plus, on the flip side, I am sure others have seen me acting a little ignorant on the course a few times. The next question might be how many readers of this thread have, at one time, or another, acted a little ignorant when on the course themselves?
  8. Same brand, and model. E7 Bridgestone. All my practice balls are retired gamers. Using the same ball is a comfort item for me. No surprises when playing for a score.
  9. I regularly travel 90-100 miles (one way) to golf. That said there are well over 30+ courses I could play that are with in 25 miles of me. I travel the extra miles to golf on courses I like to play. (Mesquite/Laughlin Nv) These are normal rounds for me. A side from the gas money, their green fees are just as affordable as the near by local courses. I also think their courses are better maintained.
  10. I sometimes play with a bag of clubs that are pretty old. They were new, and fitted to me 20 years ago. Shoot the same scores with my older clubs that I do with my "not as old" primary set.
  11. At one time when I walked, and carried, I used what was called a day bag. It was designed for 6-8 clubs. Had dual. Shoulder straps. It suited me quite well because I rarely would use all 14 clubs when using my larger, full bag of clubs. If I ran into a situation where I needed a club I didn't have, i would manipulate another club to get the shot done. I have seen golfers with some sort of non golf specific bag with very few clubs in it. Almost looked like it was home made, with maybe 4, or 5 clubs in it. They were pretty good golfers too.. These days when I walk, I have a Tour Edge staff bag, 14 clubs, and a Clicgear trolley. I still hardly ever use all 14 of my clubs during a round.
  12. I have done both. Feeling physically terrible is not an option for me. Best score doesnt matter. If I am feeling poorly, chances are I will continue feeling poorly for a day, three longer. That best score was a fluke, followed up with poorer scores. Give me that physically healthy, worst score everytime. Being healthy the next few days, probably means I will improve quite a bit on that worst score.
  13. Too many lessons can be a bad thing, especially if the lessons are poor, or multiple instructors are used. Also as mentioned above, too many (different) lessons can be bad as they don't allow the student enough time to learn the different parts of the overall lessons. I took lessons from the same guy for several years. Probably averaged two lessons a month. Some of those lessons took more than a month, before I was ready to move on to the nest lesson.
  14. Yeah, I am some what competitive. I will play for a few dollars if thats the case. That said, most of my bets are for food, and beverages after the round. Lately I have been losing alot of ice cream bets. Apparently, they are teaching creative golf handicapping in highschool these days. What's different for me, is that rarely, if ever, do I compete with other golfers. I compete against the course, and my own par target number. I just play my best game, with little regards as to what the other player(s) are doing. Win, or lose, the effort was there.
  15. I can't recall ever calling a shot before hitting it. I do however always see the shot I want to hit before hitting. Someting I hit what I see, most times I miss the mental picture by some margin. Some days are just better than others.
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