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  1. I agree that way too may amateurs, and the rest of the weekend warriors try to do what the pro golfers do. That or at least use the pros as a measuring stick. We amateurs play at the game. The professionals work at it. It's a fun vs pay check thing. Myself, I know I am not capable playing like a pro, so what they can do on a golf course, has very little to do with me and my game. The distance they hit the ball only effects their games, and not the game as a whole.
  2. Were you actually diagnosed with "PF"? I used to get the same exact soreness if I walked alot on pavement. The pain was pretty bad first thing in the morning in my heel(s) Thought it was "PF" also. After some x-rays, it turned out to be bone spurs on my heel. Took about a month with meds, and PT for the soreness to go away. I was told that "PF" would take longer to heal since it's an actual soft tissue tear. Therapy for my spurs was rolling a tennis ball under under my feet (heel and arch) to wear down the spurs. It was either that or surgery. To keep the soreness from returning, I Iearned about an old wive's tale, from my wife, about a good insert. When it was time for new hiking boots, I bought a pair of tactical boots a size too big. I also bought a pair of thick flip flops. I cut the straps off, trimmed the flip flops to length, and slipped them into the new boots. They made the fit snug enough to where my feet did not slip inside the boots when walking. This slippage is what angered the bone spurs. FWIW........
  3. "Putter Stinger" All kinds of Awesome!

    I've used my putter to get out of a problem spot a few times. Those times are rare. I have hit this shot more times on the practice range, than when playing. I usually use it when I don't have much room to swing another, longer club. Other times to get out of a unrepaired fairway divot. I don't think I have ever swung my putter full speed, except maybe on the practice range when I wanted to see what the ball would do. Like when using my driver otd, I have to setup, aiming left to allow for a fade, or a mini slice. How far left depends on distance. Part of my facination with golf is being able to figure out different shots when needed. Sometimes my putter is the right tool for the job at hand. Call me nuts, but managing par, after being totally lost off the fairway, or otherwise in jail, ranks right up there with a text book birdie as far as my satisfaction goes.
  4. Welcome to TST. You will enjoy this site. My home course is a well maintained course, that is always in year around, great playing shape. Lots of mature trees providing shade during the summer months. I suppose the "wow" factor would be they don't charge very much play there. . The club house is pretty ordinary, but has everything you need. They have an in house, pga pro for any kind on instruction needed. Also has a qualified club fitter/builder/repair guy. Both have been there for years. Food, and drink prices seem to be lower than other courses in the area. I have not heard any complaints about employees. Practice facility is more than adequate. A large bucket (80+/-) of balls is only $5. The balls are in good shape. The driving range allows for hitting off real turf most of the time. As far as me turning my nose up at a course, I don't usually find a reason at most courses. I'm there to play the course, and conditions I'm given. Maybe one that is way over priced for the course's poorly maintained playing conditions might give me second thoughts about returning.
  5. How long is your golf commute?

    The course I play the most is 10 minutes away. Less if I catch the green light. Another course is right across the street. On a slow day, after leaving the house, I can be teeing off in 15-20 minutes on either one. Like others, a 40 minute drive brings several more courses into play. Longest, consistant drive I make to play, is about 2 hours, at the Avi Resort, south of Laughlin, NV, has a real nice course I usually play 6 or more times a year.
  6. Mac O'Grady Swings

    I don't have a dog in this discussion, but I do have a question. Are any modern day swing instructors teaching anything that is "very" simular to what those those two old timers, de la Torre, and Earnest Jones taught?
  7. Beware of the sick Golfer

    Congrats on a great round, especially when suffering with the flu. I am on day 6 with the flu (diagnosed), and now know that death is probably not a bad thing. I put down a 40' X 80' yard full of sod by myself. I was spent. Putting it down was not too bad, but I had to carry each piece from the font yard. I was maybe 35 at the time. I had just sat down to admire my work with my favorite beverage in hand. My phone rang, and it was a good friend calling saying they needed a short stop for their men's soft ball team. I tried every excuse I could muster to not go. His friendship finaly got me to the field, which is when I found it was double header. Long story short, l played as perfect a two games as one could ask for. No errors. Turned several double plays. Went 10 for 10 batting, with 4 of those going over the LF fence. Spent the next couple of days in major muscle pain.
  8. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    I voted medium, and too firm. That said the "too firm" is sometimes not that accurate. I have played out of some bunkers where there was very little sand covering what amounts to be hard pan. I see a lot of too firm bunkers in the summer time. When watering the turf, some of the bunker sand gets watered too. Then the sun bakes the sand dry. Depending on the type of sand, the crust can get pretty thick. Of course bunker sand gets easier to deal with as the green fees get higher.
  9. Mac O'Grady Swings

    When you find that efficient, simple swing, call me. I will bank roll you, and we'll both be multi millionaires.
  10. Bizarre Jon Rahm Camera Crew Row

    Sometimes pro golfers forget that they are entertainers, and are supposed to be entertaining the fans with their professional play. I wouldn't know who Rahm is if he introduced himself to me.
  11. I actually wear two gloves. Not so much for gripping the club, but for protecting my hands fron sun damage. We have a lot of sunny days out west, and as much time as I spend out of doors, every ounce of protection helps. I even putt wearing two gloves. I have worn them for so long, that if I take them off to putt, my grip feels funny. I carry 3 pair for rainy, or sweaty days and change as needed during a round. Also, I use baseball batting gloves instead of golf specific gloves. Less expensive, sold in pairs, and do the same job.
  12. I just read this on another site earlier this evening. Take a piece of synthetic turf, and put a hole in it to hold those stand alone rubber tees. Then lay this on the course's existing mat. The small piece of synthetic turf keeps the tees from flying too far due to added weight, and air resistance. I suppose if synthetic stuff is not available, a piece of carpet, or other material would suffice.
  13. Funny this thread showed up. I have been in house the past week fighting a decent, industrial strength chest cold. Being bored, I started rummaging through my golf stuff. I relocated my old set of Tour Edge, Bazooka, Ironwoods. 2-LW (12 Irons). Oh the memories playing those clubs. Folks would see them and ask if they were legal to use. I decided that once I kick this chest cold, I am going to play these irons with my 3W, with my putter finishing out my 14 club bag. Maybe later I will drop a couple of wedges, and add a couple of metal woods. I pick them up tomorrow from the pro-shop after the new grips have been installed. I am not planning on any better scoring, in fact it will probably be the opposite. I am just looking at getting more interest out of my game. Giving myself more to think about, while not being so complacent.
  14. I use those stand alone rubber tees. I insert a fishing lead weight in the bottom so they don't fly too far. I have 5 of them for my driver. After the 5th one is used, I go pick them all up, and start over. They are usually no more than 3-4 steps a way. The cleaner I hit the ball, the shorter they fly. As for heigth, I just trim them down with a pair of scissors. I probably have 20 of various heights, in my practice bag.
  15. Fairway firmness, and up/down slopes will determine roll out. I play at TPC Summerlin sometimes. A few times, a day after the pga has been there. I get the same distances when ever I play there. Biggest difference I've seen have been on the greens. Even a day after the pga, the greens are still pretty quick. A good example of firmness, and roll out. I sometimes hit balls on a nearby dry lake bed. I hit balls to the blow sand areas to get my carry distance. The ball usually plugs in the soft sand. My driver carry last time I was out, was 220. (max) When I hit the same ball, and the landing area was the hard pan, I was getting 280 numbers. Yep, 60 yards of roll out on a flat surface.

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