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  1. I might recommend you read up on Paul Runyon's chipping using your putting stroke. You Tube has some decent videos of this instruction. I have also found his method can also help with shorter pitch shots. It's your game. See if his instruction might work for you. Couldn't hurt to look at it.
  2. Had a discussion with some golfing friends yesterday about course set ups for tournaments. Long story short. If all tournaments in the PGA were set up like this year's USO was, (maybe a little less tough) would the top 10/20 OWGRs have the same names listed with the way today's tournaments are set up? In other words, would today's top players still be the top players if they had to play on much tougher courses all the time. A lot of big name players were beat up pretty bad in this year's USO. Why were they not able to adapt to the tougher conditions?
  3. Patch

    2018 British Open Championship at Carnoustie

    I hope the wind, and rain is the same as it was for the 2 rounds I played there some years ago. We used sail boats to get around.
  4. Patch

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    I too hit driver, 3, 5, & 7 at the 120-150 markers on the DR. I hit them all their normal distances. I just use the intermediate markers to see if my ball flights are staying on, or least close to those target lines. Sometimes at our DR, if the sun is in the wrong spot, I can't see where my longer shots land.
  5. Patch

    Father's Day 2018

    Here's to all you Happy Dads out there in TST land. Hope you have fine day with your youngsters, no matter how old they are. Age has nothing to do with how precious our "Kids" are to us. That includes Grandkids too. Due to windy weather, we will be celebrating indoors at some "Ale House" my daughter's have picked out. A good time will be had by all.
  6. Patch

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I played 12 holes yesterday with a new to me golfer. It was another all irons half round for me. I did ditch the Carbite putter for my new gamer. I don't normally play on weekends, but an itch appeared that needed to be scratched. Plus most of the fair weather golfers were some where's else. My new friend wanted to play for something. I jokingly offered to play for "pinks" on our Clicgear trollies. He laughed. We ended up at Taco Bell. He paid. Wind was big factor again. They forcasted gusts in the 30-50 mph range. Some did show up, but the trees help to block those gusts. It was a steady 2 club wind for the most part. 5 of the holes were with the wind, which helped alot. Shot a 44 for my effort. (9hole score) Made a few stroke saving putts. Playing "irons only" help me keep the ball lower. We rushed through three extra holes, walking off the last green in very low light conditions.
  7. I look at PM's actions as more entertaining than anything else. It's a major, it is supposed to be tough to give it more importance than a regular tour stop. The current leaders are playing good golf against tough conditions. Should the full rules of PM's actions be enforced on him? Absolutely they should. Should the USGA apologise for how the course was set up? Absolutely not. Did they lose the course? IDK, because there are still some decent numbers being shot. So, some of these players get a little pissed, and whine that the course is too tough. It's set up too hard, and so on, and so forth. It's good for them to get knock off their self thought of, thrones of importance. The USO is one of the few golf tournaments I actually watch. The other two being The Masters, and The Open. I watch all three for different reasons. The USO I watch because it is tough on the professionals. So what if the winning total is a plus score. Someone won it, which is what supposed to happen. As a viewer, the winning score does not matter to me. PM lost his "cool" and did something really dumb. Daly did the same thing. Others have cussed, thrown clubs, spit in the cup, had spectators remove, broken cameras, generally just been spoiled little boys, when they couldn't handle the playing conditions that day, and needed something/someone else to blame their poor play on. PM was struggling, while, if I read some reports correctly, someone else shot a 66. Did the 66 just have a lucky day, or was PM just unlucky. I know I am in the minority with my thoughts on PM's actions, but I did get good chuckle out of it. His "chase" to the ball is a classic. I will remember that instance of play probably longer than whomever the eventual winner is.
  8. Patch

    Top ten things to yell after a tee shot

    #2 "nice shot, where'd it go?" #3 "in coming" #4 "be humble" #5 "you da man......I guess" #6 "uugggh" #7 "yeah buddy" #8 "get out there" #9 "WOW" #10 "wtf?"
  9. Day 167 Spent some time on the putting green with my Grand Daughter this morning. We were practicing 3 footers, for a while. At one point she made 6 in a row. After putting, we did some chipping practice. I showed her the Runyon chip/putt stroke. After a dozen, or so, she started hitting some decent shots. We finished up with a friendly little contest from 5' off the green, to a practice pin some 20' away. She bought the ice creame on the way home......lol Day 168. Getting a little tired of the double posts. Not sure why it's happening, other than something wrong with my phone. Wish I knew how to get rid of the dupicate post. It only seems to happen in this thead. Just some simple putting, and chipping practice today. Now I see the duplicate, and today's has been merged....lol Done deal.
  10. Patch

    Top ten things to yell after a tee shot

    It's late, or is early? I am not sure. I could list 10 I suppose, but for now I am going with just one of my own. "clean up on fairway (insert number)"
  11. Busy courses do present a problem for practicing specific, types of shots. We have a practice bunker that no one uses which seems strange to me. The 5' foot mound is next to the bunker. Maybe if you get on the course, and find yourself all alone, you can find a hillside for a few uneven lie shots. They are not hard shots to hit. You just have learn how to adjust your aiming point, and use proper club selection.
  12. Patch

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Distance, pure and simple. I ain't got it anymore to shoot near par.
  13. Hit a dozen each off various uneven lies, and you will know, and remember. Based on your post, you seem to have the right idea on ball flights. For a right a ball below the feet will tend to fade. Above the feet, the ball will tend to draw. How much left or right the ball moves will depend on the golfer, and the distance required. Another way to look at it is a ball above the feet makes the club face look a little close. Below the feet, a little open. Down hill lies the ball tends to come out lower than normal. Uphill lies the ball tends to come out higher than normal. Club selection is more important for distance required. Again practice gives the golfer the info the golfer needs for these shots. Our course has a 5' foot high mound, where I can practice these types of shots. Perhaps other course do too, but are not utilized for these practice shots.
  14. I guess he kind of wanted to copy John Daly.
  15. A buddy of mine wears what you are talking about. It's basically a pair of bifocals. His gets darker in the sunlight. You can probably take your current glasses to any eye place, like Lens Crafters and get what you want made.

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