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  1. Practicing with Long Irons

    My thought is that any club in my bag, that is harder to hit, gets practice time. Not necessarily more practice time, but at least enough to prevent any surprises later on. The longest iron in my bag is a 5I. My next longer club is a 7W. My 5W gets the most practice time of all my longer clubs, because I have the least amount of confidence in it.
  2. IDK, I will agree not to play the ball "too" far back in a stance, as long as too far back, is not at the right in step in a narrow stance. (RH golfer) Just the "never say never" part of my personality coming out.
  3. Day 51 Play 18 holes with my retired tennis pro cousin. Shot an 84 to his 95. Makes me feel better after my crushing defeat to him in tennis. Fuzzy balls......who needs 'em.
  4. Judging distance

    Over the years, I have become a consistent judge of distances. Problem is I am consistently short. My remedy is, if I see a 50 yard shot, I pull a 60 yard club.
  5. Day 50 Spent about an hour on a driving range using my longer clubs. Also added in a couple if my favorite drills in between my real, ball smacking, real swings. Getting ready for tomorrow's round with the tennis pro. After my range time, I did some maintenance on my ClicGear, and golf bag. Have to keep other things besides my swing in decent working order.
  6. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    I am a 6 hour guy. As long as I get 6 hours of sleep, I am happy. Problem is that some nights are better than others. The nights I dream, are my better sleep nights. Now lately, around 2pm, with nothing else going on, I have been taking little 30 minute naps.
  7. Any soreness or restrictions in your back, neck, and/or shoulders will effect your swing poorly. Hips, legs, and arms too. Be sure to let your swing instructor know of your physical issues. You can still swing a club, but your body will force you to make compensations in your swing.
  8. The benefit of lessons

    Another thing that I think is a turn off for some students is percieved , or real arrogance by the instructor. They sometimes tend to talk down to the student. I know myself, I have no use for arrogant people. I don't care how good they are. Of course the same can be said that the student can also be some what arrogant, and dismiss what the instructor is trying to get across to them. Someone mentioned communication error being a problem. It made me think of an old quote from some golf instructor. "What is said, vs what is meant, vs what is heard". He went on to say that quote had all the ingredients for a perfect can of worms.
  9. Day 49. Still dealing with a chest cold. Today it was some indoor carpet putting. 3'-6' footers. Just hitting sraight putts. Also hit a few short chips. Worked on my little chip, flop shot. We are in NorCal at my cousin's house. (Sonoma County). He will kick my butt at tennis, and I will return the favor on a local golf course.
  10. Cack-handed golfers!

    If I was a 4 hdcp, wanting to get to scratch, I would keep the grip that got me to 4. I would be afraid if I changed my grip, while I was getting use to the new grip, my 4 might turn into a 6 or 8. I would then need more time to get back to a 4, and more time after that to get to scratch. This, assuming I was actually capable of playing to scratch.
  11. I might think if caught, with the video, and you were forced to erase the video, that might answer the question. Just about every tournament I have been to, taking videos, or picts we're not allowed.
  12. Day 48 Easy day today. Carpet putting. 3&6 footers. As a warm up earlier this morning I swung my Kallassy club for several minutes.
  13. Ball selection is a personal deal per each golfer. Which ever brand that golfer thinks is the best, then that is the best brand for that golfer Myself, I like the Bridgestone stuff. I like them because I can buy them just about anywhere. Price is good, and the playability is really good too.........for my game.
  14. Haney's 3 Rules

    Never was much of a Haney follower. Don't know why. I can't remember the last time I incurred a penalty, or chipping twice on the same hole. If anything, I save strokes with my chipping. I do three putt sometimes, but that is always when the Green's Keeper was having bad, masochistic day. Maybe on a kidney shaped green sometimes, after a bad approach shot. I can however see where Haney's three points would hurt some golfers, and working on those areas would be a good thing.
  15. Day 47 Feeling a bit under the weather, I am.. Worked on my pump, and step through drills this morning. The pump drill being the one I use to not cast the club. The early release bugaboo. The step through drill I use for forward weight shift, which also helps moving the divot part of my swing in front of the ball. In an earlier post in this thread, I mentioned putting these two drills into one motion. After a few days, it's looking better, but still a ways to go.

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