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  1. Day 531. Just some chipping, and pitching practice this morning. Shots were up to 10+/- yards from the green. Focuses were on green reads, set up, club face aim, and back swing lengths. Goals were to hit the same spot, my intermediate target, on the green, with different clubs, and let the ball run from there. Just a reminder as to what different clubs will do, with these shorter shots. I also hit some flop shots, just because.
  2. Day 530. Played another 18 holes, and carded an 84. 41/43 & 33 putts. Didn't putt very well. Although most of my putts were really, really close, quite a few just didn't make the extra little rotation to drop. No worries. There is always a next time.
  3. You are lucky. I tell folks I graduated from UNLV, and they go "Reno or Las Vegas"?.....smh
  4. 79 at the Lakes Course in Primm Valley. 39/40, & 29 putts. Just a little breezy, and some what warm. Glad the course's mobile starter talked me into using an electric cart. Tomorrow will be a different course as we motor back to our main home.
  5. LOL. When you older young man, you will fully understand how older folks' rrigation systems work like they do.......
  6. Day 529. Range work this morning. Actually just losening up, and dealing with a minor hang over. Using my "iron bag", I hit about 50-60 balls. Used every club (2-lw & 4W) except my putter. Full, 3/4, and 1/2 swings, at various range targets. Most shots were off the turf, and some were tee'd up. Playing 18 holes in a little bit as a walk on.
  7. Not much bothers me when I play, or practice. I play relaxed golf, and relaxed golf is always.good golf. Noise of any kind is never a problem for me.
  8. I put an old shaft on a new club head, with good success, and better distance. I caved in the original club face. What I had to make sure of was the tip of the old shaft was still in good shape after removal, and before the install of the new club head. Needed to make sure there were no micro cracks, or other weak points. Also had to make sure the new club head install mirrored hlthe position of the old club head. It can be done.
  9. If you are hitting your "older" driver 200+/- yards reasonably straight, you would probably gain some yards updating to something newer, that is fitted to your current swing. Same with fairway woods. I might recommend you look at components, and the lower profile club heads As for your irons, alot of good things have happened in technology for irons in the past 15 years.. Again, I am talking about being fitted to your current swing. Again look at components for iron replacements. Another thing is that bagging a newer set of clubs, is really good for one's self confidence, and personal enjoyment of the game. If you find yourself dead set on buying a brand name set of clubs, give the Tour Edge stuff a look see. My irons are pretty darn old, but so am I, which keeps me from purchasing new stuff. I don't see newer clubs helping my scores at this point....lol
  10. My guess is, that with no physical limitations, you will probably gain most of your original distance back. I would not expect to gain all of it back. It will take some time. I lost a lot of distance upon my return, but that was do to physical limitations. I made up for some of the lost distance in other areas of my game. After it was all said, and done, I lost a total of 5, or 6 strokes.
  11. Day 528. Just a little carpet putting this morning. Same carpet routine as always. Pacticing rolling straight putts over a dime about 18"-20" inches in front of the ball. Quick and easy. Bunch of other stuff to do today.
  12. Spitting on a golf course. I've done it, and I have seen it done many times by others. Even on TV. The only time I really ever thought about normal (?) spitting in the negative, was when that guy Sergio squatted down and purposely spit into the cup during a televised tournament. I thought that was pretty ignorant of him. Now there is a problem I have with spitting and that is those "asshats" who spit sun flower seed shells all over the greens. I see someone doing that, and I will probably give them an ear full of WTFs..
  13. Day 527 Worked on approach shots up 60, or so yards. Target was a big, wide bodied palm tree about 90 yards a way. Focuses were on set up, club face aim, club selection, and back swing lengths. Goal was to land balls on, or near my target line to the palm tree. My aim line was not always the same as my target line, due to the various types of shots I was hitting. The tree was never in danger, as I never hit any balls that far. Didn't spend much time practicing today, as I am not near a golf course. This is a remodel, work weekend, out of town.
  14. Gave him a 2. He's a very good schill for the players.
  15. It's the US Open. As a viewer, I expect higher scores. It should be the tougher set up of the four majors. Plus I like hear about the players pissing, and moaning about tough, unfair set ups. It shows their worth.
  16. At our course the womens' tees are at 5200-5400 yards. I am not that old yet, to want to play from those shorter tees.. Call it my latent, male ego if you wish. Also on a 5400 yard course the other players would have the same advantage for those skins, and cttp awards. The shorter course would bring more players into play for those awards. There would be less competition for me on the longer course. Plus, I would most likely shoot the same score regardless of which yardages I played. Just the way my game plays out.n
  17. I watched some of Thursday's round. Based on what I saw, I am hoping the course becomes tougher as the tournament moves on.
  18. Day 526 Hit a basket of balls on the range today. Went through my whole bag of 12 Irons, and a 4 wood. Focuses were on set up, club face aim, an intermediate target, and ball position in my stance. Goal was to land each ball as close as possible to my chosen target Most balls I hit off the turf, with a few more tee'd up. Since these were range, banged up balls, with suspect ball flights, my intermediate target was, what some golfers call the "goal posts" aim line. This is where I pick out two target poles about 50/60 yards or so in front of me. The actual target flag will, in most cases, be farther down range. All I want to see is the ball flying between the "goal posts". What ever the range ball does after clearing the goal posts, is not a big deal to me. I never expect range balls to fly like my e7 gamers. That said, most of today's range balls flew pretty well.
  19. Not knowing all the particulars, I probably go with updating the longer clubs first, as needed. I would also do this with components to save a bunch of money. Same quality for less money with components vs name brands.
  20. All our senior tournaments are played at 6600+/- yards. We let the young men play the 7000 yard stuff, and the ladies play the 5000 yard stuff. In answer to the OP's question, with my hndcp, I would play the 7000 yard course.
  21. Day 525. Played 18 holes today. Started out just to practice, but saw some friendlies on the first tee, and made myself at home. Shot an 80 (41/39)) with 29 putts. Happy with the 80, but sure would have liked to have made that 5' foot birdy putt for a 79. Paid a little more attention to my full swing grip today. It's one of the important things I neglect to much. Made sure my "Vs" were pointed correctly, and thumbs were in good shape on the shaft. May have saved myself a stroke or two.
  22. I don't think it matters what type of swing a golfer has. The important part of the golf swing is a correct impact position with the ball. An impact position between the club face, and the balll, that sends the ball to the golfer's chosen landing area. Obviously the better the swing the better one's accuracy (impact position) "might" be. That said, I have seen some pretty ugly swings deliver great golf shots, and vice versa. Early on I took lessons from an instructor who worked with what I had. It went well for me. He also taught me how to diagnose my own swing when things would go south. These days I am self sustaining in my golf swing. I also know a couple of scratch (+/-) golfers who are self taught. Their talent level was that high. As I posted earlier, in a similar thread,. It's tough to duplicate another golfer's great swing. They may look/feel similar, but there a lot of little differences going on in those two swings. Best to swing with what you got, as long as the impact position is acceptable.
  23. Day 524. Played 18 holes this morning. Beat most of the heat. Shot an 82 (42/40) with 29 putts. Except for an ugly 3 putt for a bogey, it was pretty normal round for me. Focus again was on staying hydrated. Staying hydrated in the desert is pretty important. It's also easy to do. I just start my hydration process the day before my physical activity.
  24. I don't think anyone can completely duplicat another golfer's swing. The two swings might look similar, but it's the little things done differently that sets them apart. Hogan had a great swing....for Hogan. I am a firm believer that the back swing sets up everything good (and bad) in the down swing. I can't remember the last time I saw a golfer with a good, "one piece take away" to the top, have a a poor down swing. I'm sure it happens though. I spend time every week going over my own one piece back swing. I believe if I start off good, I will finish better than if I didn't.
  25. Welcome back to the game of golf. I would guess after a 15 year lay off, a player would be lucky to have as much as 50% of his original game still available to him. At 39, a player would (I would assume) still has the physical attributes available for a some what, quicker recovery to their original game. Getting lessons on one's golf swing is always a good thing. It can speed up the recovery process. Having fun, while playing/practicing, makes one"s new golf journey a pleasent trip. It's golf. The good, and bad parts of the game are part of what keeps folks playing the game.
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