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  1. Day 346 A little chilly breeze this morning. After warming up, it was 42, 50-60 yard swings with my AW. After the AW work, it was 18 pins of putting practice using one ball. Course is not busy, so after a little breakfast I might as well go play 9, or 18. Heck, maybe 27, or 36. It's the Holiday Season, right?
  2. Patch

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I play to have fun, and for the exercise. Shooting lower/good/consistent scores is just a byproduct of the having fun part
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to find that a top college player could hit their putter farther than I can hit all my clubs, including my driver...... Of course there's still that old age, and treachery, will over come youth, and skill thing. I might have that still going for me. 😁
  4. H. Penick, and Earnest Jones. Honerable mention for Paul Runyon, and M. de la Torre. They are all dead of course, but their teachings still work for some. Blast from the past. I actually bought this book new, for $1.99 at a clearance book store.
  5. Patch

    The Great Experiment

    Learning to swing left handed might be your biggest struggle as far as how much time it takes for you find some sort of groove with the new swing. That, and having total patience during you journey. I too tried to switch to left handed to protect some medical repairs. Found it to be not worth the effort. I'd venture a guess that, with no set backs, not knowing how long your season is, and not knowing your practice/play schedule, that breaking 100 would be a decent goal, while anything under 115 should also be considered a success. This after 12-18 months. You already have some of the mental golf skills that you don't have to re-learn In my own golf rehab, there were many months just putting, then more months of putting and chipping. More months of longer pitch shots, that finaly got to full swing approach shots. Those months of approach shots finally got me to the tee box. All total, till I was comfortable swinging away, was caround 30 months. Broke 80 again after little over 3 years iirc.
  6. Patch

    The Great Experiment

    I think, in this particular thread, we are forgetting the OP is dealing with a serious bone ailment. That he is trying to over come his medical issue, to a point where he can at least still get out and play this crazy game to some self fulfilling extent. I take his statement about instruction not being worth a fat baby's butt as to how it might apply to his situation now, and before his medical problem annonced itself. We don't know his history. Also, let's face it. There are quite few charlatains out there passing themselves off as qualified swing instructors. Those poor instructors give some creedence to the OP's claims, while at the same time, giving qualified instructors a bad rap. As for his statement on HC's not improving, that's a statistic based on those golfers who actually keep a HC, and does not include "all golfers" which I have no problem believing out number those who keep, and report a HC on a continual basis. In this OP's case, I am inclined to cut him a little slack, and take some of his comments with a grain of salt. I can do that because not too long ago, I was in shoes, with no expectations of ever playing golf again. This OP has a tough journey in front of him.
  7. I make my own, which is a bowed, thin strip of synthetic turf to hit off of. I cut 2, 3" wide strips of plastic out of the side of a round bucket. I glue the two bowed plastic pieces together. I then glue the turf to the bowed piece of plastic. Being that the strip is bowed, it allows me to hit down on the ball as needed. After each hit, the strip springs back up. It's good for several hundred full swing, to chip shot hits off of it. Works great when used in conjunction with a net. The bucket cost me a $1.99, or less, which provides material for two complete (4 cut outs) strips, and I can usually find some left over turf pieces at the carpet place for under $10. For $12, it will last for more than a year if consistently used. Just a thought.
  8. Day 345 I have 13 practice routines I use that fit the way I play. 3 of those are drills. The other 10 are actual shots I see the most of when playing. Some of those are "get out of trouble" practice shots. The rest, I practice to help stay out of trouble. Today it was my (combo) pitch, chip, and putt practice routine. It's a simple routine, where after warming up, I take one ball, from various locations around the green, and pitch or chip the ball to a targeted hole. Then putt out as needed. The idea is to hole out that ball, in 3 strokes or less, a high percentage of the time. 4 strokes is barely acceptable, while 5, or more strokes is very disappointing, but easily forgotten before my next practice shot. A little mental practice there so to speak. Focuses on all strokes, are always on green reads, verticle body alignment, posture, club face aim, and landing area. This morning was a good time spent practicing
  9. Patch

    The Great Experiment

    Well, do be carefull, and I do wish you good luck. I like the idea of starting from the green backwards to the tee. Those shorter strokes/shots will give the OP's body more time to adapt to the new, left side swing. It's better the body gives a less damaging warning during a shorter stroke, than to actually break something during a longer/faster swing. I actually think some healthy golfers would be better off learning the game backwards, (green to tee) if they are not going the "qualified instructor" route. As for the OP bypassing qualified instruction, that might be a good thing in his situation. My reasoning being how easy would it be to find qualified instruction for a golfer with osteoporosis. An instructor who knows how to teach a swing to a less than healthy golfer? I will be looking forward to reading updates on this topic, as I have a personal interest in coming back to golf after a severe injury. Been there, done that, I have.
  10. Like others have previously posted,, I tend to aim away from possible problems in front of me. It's just better for my over all score in the long run. I look at some issues on the golf course on a multi round basis. Not so much based on a single round. Hazards, and other problem are some of those issues. Over the course of a season of play, playing away from problems will save alot strokes. Of course there will also be times, usually when playing with my buddies we will do stupid stuff just for the fun of it. Those dumb decisions are usually accompanied with a wager of some sort.
  11. Day 344 I arrive at the practice area early enough, and was able to practice 100 yard shots with my retired game balls this morning. Even being retired, the feed back these balls provide is more reliable than range balls. Actually, I was hitting 100 yard "carry" shots, since this 100 yard flag was in semi rough that allowed for very little roll out. Maybe one or two bounces of less than 5'. So, with that info, I was using my 110 yard club fly the ball to the flag. (+/-). Focus was on body alignment, posture, and club face aim. An intermediate target about 2-3 feet in front the ball was used for club face aim. These are all parts of my pre-shot routine I also paid attention to my one piece take away at the start of my back swing. It helps to get me to the top of my swing in a proper position, which helps to keep my down swing more correct than not. If I srart my down swing from a good position, I will get to my impact position in good shape. Probably helps to get, and keep me on my playable swing plane. I have never paid any attention to what my swing plane is. Never was important to me. It is what it is.
  12. Patch

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played 9 holes this afternoon. Carded a 39, which is my best 9 hole score for my 2018/2019 season. 6 pars, and 3 bogey 1s. Got extremely lucky on a par 3, by banking a tee shot off a pine tree for a par. That hole could easily have been a 4, or a 5. Also had 3, one putts for pars.
  13. Patch

    Describe Your Bad Shot/Great Result Moment

    Today I hit a slice off the tee to a par three. Just a totally screwed up, not paying attention swing. The sliced ball went way right of the green, a green side bunker, even the fairway. The ball hit a big pine tree just right, bounced left, clearing the bunker, onto the green leaving me 15 footer for a bird. I walked off the green with a par. The guy I was with gave me his best "better lucky than good" look, which I gracefully accepted.
  14. I have tried both 3, and 4 piece balls. Even tried that Penta 5 piece critter. When I say "tried" I mean plenty of practice, and several rounds of play. Usually over a month or so. I shot the same scores, and pretty much all other aspects of my game stayed the same. Now, I have slower than average swing speed. I may be above average for my age, but way below average when compared to the pga boys. I mean waaaaaay below It's my opinion that my slower swing speed does not allow me to take full advantage of multi piece balls. A Taylor Made rep even told me my swing was not fast enough for their 5 piece, Penta ball. Another opinion I have is that a golfer should just forget about the hype surrounding golf balls in general. That they should just find a ball they are happy with, and just play that particular ball, regardless of it's manufacturing process. As a side note. I often wonder if the different types of dimples on a ball are more, or less important than how rhe rest of the ball is made up, with regards to ball speed, and atmospheric conditions.
  15. Patch

    Should You Club Up on a Hill?

    You club up for the distance required. It matters little if it's an uphill lie on a hill side, or hitting uphill on a fairway. In either situation the ball will fly shorter, per club. The reasons have been well documented in the above posts. The biggest thing to remember is when standing on uneven ground, your shoulders should match the slope you are standing on.
  16. Day 343 Work on hitting balls off uneven lies this morning. Uphill, and downhill lies. Balls below, and above my feet. Focuses were on ball position in my stance, and gripping more up, or down the club as needed. Also on keeping my balance during my swing.
  17. Patch

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    "Augusta's 17th green was so fast it could have been bikini waxed". Gary McCord said that on air, and was promptly banned from The Master for saying it. Don't think he has ever been back, or even misses not being there.
  18. Patch

    Do You "Slow Drop" the Flagstick?

    Not sure if this fits this thread, a dropped flag, and other golfers' balls can enhance one's read of the green. When compared to the cup, flags and sitting balls can show slopes that are not easily seen by the naked eye, or one's feet. I was re-reading my golf note book the other day, and found this tid bit, which I had totally forgotten about. So, maybe in an important match, one might want to be careful where they drop the flag.
  19. Patch

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    Several months ago, maybe more than a year ago (?) I culled my golf gear down quite a bit. I donated a lot of stuff to those who might get better use out out of it. It was mostly spare sets of clubs that I had acculated over the years. Some I had even played. I kept a few loose clubs for reasons I can't explain. Maybe for nostalgic reasons, I don't know. I did keep two complete sets of clubs and their bags. Just didn't want to part with them. They were two generations of gamers that provided a lot of great memories over the years I played them. Good weather, bad weathe, great, and not so great shots, these clubs never let me down. The older set is pretty much all irons (2i-LW) and I played to a single digit handicap using them way back when. Played alot of rounds with them, a driver, and my favorite putter at the time. The newer set is made up of 4 metal woods, irons, and my newest, favorite putter. They suit my current (dinosaur) game pretty well. The plan was to finally donate the older set, and get myself down to one set to finish out how many ever years of golf I have left in me. Problem is, I just can't part ways with those older Ironwoods. I have tried mixing up the sets, which worked for a while. I tried coming up with excuses to play one set more than the other which kind of worked. However, no matter what I did, I basically still shot the same scores. Mid to low 80s, sometimes a 79, or 78. So, this golf season I have decided to play both sets separately. When ever in doubt on which set to play, I will just flip a coin. I will say that showing up on the first tee, to play with strangers, with just a driver, 12 irons, and a putter in my bag does get me some serious looks. I just look back at them and say "hey I'm a throw back, let's play".
  20. Day 342 Morning conditions a still a bit moist, but I still went through my regular bag on the driving range this morning. My regular bag has my metal woods, and irons in it. Focuses were on my body alignments from my feet to my shoulders, posture, club face aim, and my one piece take away. Targeted area was in between two range flags that made up a fairway. As long as a ball didn't miss the make shift fairway by very much, it was a good swing. Shorter club swings were fine, while a few of the longer club swings left me scratching my head. Then again, was kind of a narrow fairway, and these were range balls...... All in all it was a good practice session. Might even come back later with my "irons only" bag.
  21. Day 341 Still pretty wet out after the last rains that passed through. Dealing with the morning (dew) moisture right now. So, with that it was more carpet putting this morning. Even did a few little chip shots of the much shorter variety. Focus was on body alignment, back stroke length, and club face aim. Targets were of the natural variety, such as bottom of door jams, chair/table legs, sleeping dog's paw.....etc. Watched a few You Tube videos earlier this morning. Not so much for instruction, but for entertainment purposes. I like watching Erika Larkin, and Clay Ballard videos. Also, some of the video recaps of certain players, in previous pga tournaments. Probably a good day to clean out my bag(s). It's been a while.
  22. Probably 95%+ of my play is with a Bridgestone ball. Mostly e7s. I try other brands from time to time, based on the hype at that time, but they all still. play about the same, for me. Same distance. Same dispersion. Same on the green. Even the higher priced premium balls play about the same for me. At least there is no noticeable improvement in my scores, which to me is all that matters. . No, I am a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" golfer. New, and improved usually isn't.
  23. I did this several years ago when getting fitted for a putter. The metronome was part of the fitting process. I know the process took a while. I think I was some where in the 73-76 range, but I really don't remember, as it was quite a while ago. I am also on my third putter since that fitting. I have no idea what it would be now, since I have switched to a much heavier putter.
  24. Patch


    Our group of golf friends, when we play together, will bet a $1 a hole. Depending on how many of are at a golf outing. Those skins can total up to some serious coin. Maybe as much as $144 at times. With us, it matters little who wins, because all the money won goes to food, and beverages at the end of our rounds. As for betting with strangers, although I have, I tend not to do so. Most of the time with strangers, it's a "loser buys" type of deal.
  25. Day 340 Too wet to do anything out side, it was just some (30 minutes) carpet putting this morning. Pretty easy practice. Focus was on stroking the ball over a coin set about 12" in front of the ball. When the ball rolled over the coin, that meant I was setting up proprtly, and stroking a straight putt akong my chosen line. .

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