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  1. Day 291 Just finished hitting various types of shots this morning, in preparation for a 9:00 am tee time. A few each of full swings, abbreviated swings, and slower swings, with various clubs. Also, some pitches and chips. No where is it written, one should not hit pitches or chips while on the driving range. I will warm up my putter on the first couple of holes. I have always thought that the only important shots in a golfer's bag are the ones the golfer practices. If you don't practice a shot, you can't depend on it when playing for a score.
  2. Patch

    Johnny Miller's Legacy

    Need a third choice. That being "both". That's the one I would vote for.
  3. Day 290 A little too windy to play, but the direction of the wind allowed for some knock down shot practice. I used my 5i, and 5w. I use a full swing with this shot, but I also swing slower than my normal full swing speed. I found out a long time ago not to try to out muscle the wind. The wind will win every time. Slower swings, while letting my club selection take care of the distance needed, takes alot of grief out of this shot. I also play the ball a little bit back in my stance, and I don't have a high follow through. Both help to keep the ball lower, as does the slower swing.. The knock down a good shot to have in one's bag. Especially when a punch shot won't get the job done.
  4. "Senior Day"????. Hey I resemble that remark.......lol😁
  5. Patch

    Paul Azinger to Replace Johnny Miller on NBC

    I don't watch much tv golf, but when I do, or did, I always like Miller's commentary. He never came across to me, as being someone he's not. Don't know much about Azinger, other than a couple picts I saw of him. Maybe he will do a good job, hopefully equal to what Miller has done.
  6. Patch

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I heard a good one the other day from my playing partner. He hit an errant ball with his driver. His self comment was "should have called Uber on that one".
  7. Day 289 Just some dry, no ball swings this morning. Focus was on a one piece take away to the top, and starting my down swing with a left hip movement. As the club head passed through the impact position, I wanted feel my wrists release, and hear the "swoosh" sound made by the club head speed. Did about 20 of these swings using my 6i practice club. Then another 20 using my 2i practice club. In place of a ball, I used tees, just clipping thr tops of them.
  8. This got me to thinking. Best I can recollect, I have purchased, or won 8 (new) sets of clubs in the past 45 years. Of those 8 sets, I have either donated to a charity, or gave away 6 of of them. I still have the last two sets I purchased, and currently play both sets in a mixed fashion.
  9. Patch

    Shot Dispersion

    I read some where that the pros on average miss the cup by 15' from 100 yards. A 10 hcp, on average, misses the cup by 22' feet from 100 yards. Both were measured from fairway lies. Both of these dispersion numbers also took into account misses being on line, but also being short, and long of the 100 yard mark. No one, the article stated hits their 100 yard club exactly 100 yards every time. I don't know how accurate those numbers, since I don't know how they were arrived at. Myself, I miss 100 yard shots, on average, by about 18' feet from a good fairway lie. Out of the rough, or bunker, I can miss the whole green, and usually do.
  10. Patch

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    Easy answer. It's the toughest thing I ever did, and where I continued to have fun doing it. That, and some personal, positive health reasons.
  11. Day 288 Just some full swing flop shots this morning. That's all the room I had available to work with. I used my LW for my version of the "drop & stop" shot. About 15-20 yards. For me, except for putting, this is the easiest shot in my bag. I aim the open club face square to my target. I open my stance a little. Ball position is pretty much in the center of my stance, before I open it. Then I just basically swing (throw) the club head down, and under the ball with full follow through.. I use different irons for different, full swing distances. It's a good shot to have for getting over hazards, and getting on to raised greens. I even have a "mini" flop I can use when the hole is cut close, I am on the fringe, and can't putt, due to irrigation stuff in my way.
  12. Patch

    Time On The Driving Range

    I was at a "Celebration of Life" shin dig yesterday. A funeral for a young man, my wife, and I watched grow up. There was a dinner party after the funeral service at a local golf course. Chimera Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada. We were seated where we could see the driving range. There was a young man hitting range balls at a rate of 2-3 a minute. He appeared to have pretty good golf swing from what I could tell. He had the classic reverse "C" post at the finish. About every 6th, or 7th ball he would seem disgusted, drop the club, and swing, what appeared to be a weighted club a few times. After a few swings with the weighted club, he would pick up up the dropped club, and continue hitting balls. This went on, non stop, for four+ hours. Unless this man was a pro at some level, this seemed pretty excessive to me. Nothing about his appearance, or equipment, suggested he was anything but a weekend warrior. . . He had to be in the neighborhood of hitting 600-700 balls during his session. I do however, have good thoughts about his stamina. I hit a basket of 80+/- balls every so often, which usually takes a little over an hour. Maybe 3 times a month. I take my time, enjoying the moment so to speak. Hit a ball, then stand around for a bit, then hit another one. I have heard stories of the PGA Pros hitting balls for hours, but that's golf at it's highest level. Their job is to hit balls. At any rate, the young iron man on the range, got me to thinking is there limit, where too much becomes too much for the amateur? I am going to hit two, maybe three baskets next week just see what happens. I will do one basket a day for three days. Anyone else spend a large amount of time, full swinging on the DR? Does it help?
  13. Patch

    Bad Golf Day

    Bad golf days serve a purpose. They are what golfers measure their good days against. They also give the golfer something to look forward to. (those good days) Myself, having a bad day is no big deal. I expect them to show up when least expected. Heck, I expect to have a bad golf day pretty soon. It's golf, some days are better, or worse than others. If my round hoplessly goes south, I just grin, shake my head, and keep playing. Maybe I will pull off one, or two really good shots, or miraculously make a double breaking snake of a putt. You never know. Now if I have a run of bad days, I don't panick, and try to rebuild my swing. I know my good swing/game is just misplaced for a while, and is usually caused by fatigue. I just give it a rest, and do something else with my spare time.
  14. Day 287 Played the par 73 muni in Blythe CA this morning. Shot an 86 with 32 putts. Nice course for the area. Two par 5s in the first 3 holes gets you going. I almost didn't play since the parking lot was pretty crowded. Went in to just check it out, and found out a marriage was going to take place. The course was not busy at all. Played with guy new to me. A snow bird from up north. He was one of those guys who likes to give swing tips to others. Nice old guy. He was correct in one aspect of my swing. I don't use my hips correctly. He didn't know about the restrictive repair jobs done on my hips. He shot an 89. Good match, with good conversation.
  15. I stopped in a 2nd hand store yesterday, and for a $1.00, I purchased a book called "Total Golf" by Mike Adams, T.J.Tomasi, and Katherine Maloney. It also has something to do with The Academy of Golf at PGA National. I have just skimmed it so far, but from what I have read in it, if you like to read about old school instruction, it would be a good read. I have no plans to change my current golf swing, but I like to read about golf I Googled the three authors, and they seem credible for the most part. I had heard of Tomasi before. If you can find a copy, take a look at it.
  16. Patch

    Putter Too Heavy

    My putter, according to the specs weighs 900 grams. It's even called a "Heavy Putter". Love it, once I becames use to it. Maybe the OP can take out the screws, and plate and use it that way?
  17. A pull fade? A push hook? A pull slice? How about a push draw?...lol I don't know. 9 ball flights are good enough for me. I know there are 9 bad shots, so maybe they are using four of those. I'm sticking with 9.
  18. Day 286 Nothing fancy this morning. Some carpet putting, working on rolling a straight putt over a coin ( my line) a foot, or so in front of the ball. After that a few repetitive swings with my Kallassy club. 4 sets of 10 swings. Going to meander farther south later today to I-10, and Blythe Ca. I hear tell there is a golf course or two down there. Then decide east, or west?
  19. Patch

    U.S. captain for 2020 Ryder Cup

    Stricker would be my first choice, but I won't be surprised if Mickelson, or Woods winds up with the job.
  20. If you have everything you need, club wise, or bag wise. I'd go with stuff that wears our easily. Balls, and gloves come to mind. Shoes maybe?
  21. Day 285 Played another 18 holes today. Same course, and score as yesterday. Played with a local who turned out to be a pretty good golfer. Had a good time watching his "below" par game.
  22. I was asked a question the other day as to how a golfer would practice their mental game. To be honest, I was at a bit of a loss for a precise answer. I know, I consider my focusing before practice shots to be a form mental practice. I tend to practice different, tougher shots, so I am not easily (mentally) surprised when playing for a score. I tend to practice in a relaxed state of mind, while not letting any disturbing sounds, or other issues bother me. I know prior to a round, I will never assume the lotus position, and hum to myself. So, if you do practice your mental game, how do you do it?
  23. I remember seeing a guy with a hard plastic vest looking gizmo that was strapped on a golfer's torso.. It had runners (slides ?) that controlled the arms, that I would assume had something to with staying connected during the swing . This contraption has to bee the strangest swing aid I ever saw. Strangest thing I ever did was during my rehab after the car wreck. I put up a net in the back yard. No big deal there. However, to avoid tearing up the lawn, once a week I would go to Lowes and buy four pieces (2'×3') of sod to hit off of. Did this for 6 or 7 months. When the sod was no longer available, I switched to sythetic materials like door mats, and fake grass. Oh yeah, at one time, I also owned one those 5 irons that had the hinged shaft in it. I think my inlaw now has it. That was probably one of the better swing aids made for golfers, as long as they were on the proper meds when using it.
  24. Patch

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    As already mentioned, I go with my 3W, and other woods/irons as needed. Sometimes I don't even give my driver a chance for me to swing well, or poorly. I may decide the course I am going to play is not a "driver course" for my particular game. I do like the "go fishing" post.
  25. Day 284 Played 18 holes at the Emerald Golf Course in Parker, AZ area. Shot an 84, w/ 30 putts for my effort. Pretty interesting course. Lots of uphill, and downhill fairways from the tees. Lots of dog legs. Some forced carries. Had a cliff to deal with. Lots of water. Even had a tee box well over 100' above the landing area in the fairway. Went wIth 1/2-3/4 swings for accuracy, due to some required narrow ball flights. Used my 3W, and 7W off the tees/fairways quite a bit. Gave the driver some time off. Going to play this course again before I leave the area.

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