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  1. PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G driver and crossover! 1)Adam Scott. -16 2)Marc Leishman -11 3)Russell Knox -13
  2. We're blessed in this great state that's for sure, this year has been amazing as far as conditions. I live West of Ann Arbor and we have some wonderful courses. Forest Dunes The Tribute The Grande Yarrow The Medalist Pierce Lake Manitou Passage
  3. I want outrageous speed with A CALLAWAY XR driver! Dustin Johnson -10 Patrick reed -7 Rory mcllroy -11
  4. I've recently squared maybe 5% closed my front. I've fought an OTP move my whole life and this is really helping.
  5. Working on my OTP swing Started squaring my front foot can't believe the results.
  6. If I win I'll choose the [URL=http://www.puregrips.com/grips/view/pure_midsize_pro]black midsize pure pros [/URL]to start my 2015 with A PURE advantage. Martin kaymer -12 Patrick reed -9 Jason day-9
  7. Never Golf is too relaxing,the possible confrontation not worth it either.
  8. Been getting good advice from this site for awhile decided its time to join. I love the everything about the game and cant think of anything i'd rather be doing next to bowhunting.