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  1. Great story here Go do it life is short and if you feel like you can help than do it . Never listen to online comments do what you think is best thesis our online forums know one knows each other screw it and goe do it
  2. I wanted to add more but won't let me do any edition on last post ? Any how's Edward just wanted to say a nice thread and we both playing hardest game ever . Youll get it stick to your one on one instructor
  3. I see and understand well that is cool than. I'm into the see the pro thing and all /he has all my swings on computer at shop If I can I will pass on any helpful advice where I can give its .
  4. Aware not easy hard as all game is . Poor guy is going on and on just thought I' s. Help him a bit is it ok to help here or comment ? If I got advice would be happy and great ful.
  5. Holly crap this is one heck of a swing catalog here give theis man credit not to give up . You show me the most courage sticking to what u believe in Ever try just swing plane same back and down? Look like u are manipulating a lot or forcing it to happen
  6. Was 100 shooting 5 years ago now low 80. Told to film practice swing and make regular swing look like practice swing When they were close I started playing good good golfing . Pro had me try and hit a spot foot behind balls almost feels like hitting fat but worked . All on plane and the goal was plane same back as down Took 4 seasons and works golf is all about same plane bak same plane thru