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  1. Justin definitely beat a stronger/deeper field in winning the PGA and I would give him props for that, but very few golfers if answering honestly would say that if they could pick only one major to win in their career it would be the PGA Championship. That's why I give Jordan a bit more props for winning the Open. Maybe Justin would be different given his family background I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong, nothing at all to be shamed about in winning any of the majors, or any tournament for that matter. And like you say stats are stats so I can definitely understand why you would give Justin's PGA more weight due to stiffer competition. Question will probably be moot soon as there is a lot of golf to be played over the next three weeks, and whichever of the three wins it I will have no problem with it.
  2. @iacas agreed with all above. I'd also throw in the cachet of The Open Championship trumps that of The PGA Championship. The drama of Jordan winning that tournament will be replayed frequently on the Golf Channel specials leading up to The Open in twenty and thirty years. Not sure that this years PGA will garner the same attention when history is written into the annals of golf.
  3. Oh okay then you are pretty close to me indeed. I'm just about 30 minutes from Winston down here on High Rock Lake. Hopefully not for long though as I'm trying to sell my house so I can pack up and move to the golf Mecca of Myrtle Beach.
  4. True...Looking forward to the PGA Championship, it will be my first time attending a major. In the process of planning a fun guys weekend. I take it you are from Charlotte? I'm about 45 minutes north of there in Lexington. Well the course is on the south side of town so actually about an hour or an hour and a half depending on I85 traffic. lol
  5. Always Wells Fargo...just moved it to Wilmington for one year...back to Quail Hollow next year.
  6. There was a foul on North Carolina last night late in the game that didn't get called at the time that could have effected the outcome of the game, as a viewer can I call in Monday night, DURING THE NEXT ROUND and have the replay officials go back and review the non-call and penalize North Carolina?
  7. No one who was even remotely in charge of making rules decisions in other sports wouldn't even be answering the phones at all.
  8. Can we now go back and look at past Majors in HD and maybe take away a couple from Jack and/or Tiger? Where is the limit?
  9. Never mind just the round being over...can we all agree that at least when the day is over it should be over? If it's that important and you are going to call it that tight put a rules official on each golfer and call it when it happens. And if you are going to use instant replay review, do it on all shots for every golfer and use it instantly...it's kind of in the name.
  10. DJ as I gotta go with the hometown guy. Like all four of them a lot though and never bothered by any of them winning.
  11. I voted #3. One of the things that make it special is the novelty of it. If every event has one it will just become another norm and take away from the original one. #16 at Scottsdale is already losing some of its luster for me. Things like that are better in the beginning when they are organic and created by fans, and then Corporate gets a hold of it and immediately thinks "hey this is cool, how can we profit off of it?" In Scottsdale, from what I understand they have stuffed as many luxury boxes around there as they can so corporations can entertain their big wigs and now its an expensive and tough ticket to get around 16. And this occurs across all sports and events in general. Just look at the NFL, in the past few years the league has started suing small business owners of mom and pop type bars for advertising that they are having a "Super Bowl Party". You can't use the term Super Bowl any more and have to refer to it with phrases like "The Big Game Party" to stay in legal compliance. Nascar was seeing huge numbers and revenue growth in the 1990s and people outside of the south along with the white collar types were starting to follow the sport and attend events. Nascar abandoned it's roots in small town southern states taking away dates from places like Darlington and closing tracks in places like North Wilkesboro and Rockingham in favor of venues in Kansas City, Chicago and the like in search of yet more growth and revenue, and since then their numbers have been in free fall. I think sometimes the "powers that be" just end up out thinking themselves instead of just enjoying their success.
  12. Boo! I just think it would be fun to listen to him tell stories.
  13. What price range are you looking at and how many rounds are you planning to play?
  14. wolfpackguy

    Rattle Snakes

    I hate them...the only good snake is a dead snake.
  15. wolfpackguy

    Rattle Snakes

    Oh don't worry we have snakes down here in the south as well. Nothing like the feeling of hitting your ball up to the edge of a creek and just as you walk up and peer over the edge you spy a cotton mouth water moccasin slither off of the rock he was sunning himself on. :)
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