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  1. Yes, I am a 100% Titleist brand snob. Balls, bag, wedges, irons, hybrid, fw and driver. All have the same classic Titleist logo. I am a traditionalist. They treat me well with the best customer service in the business IMO, their clubs fit me well, and I like the strong, high-end brand they have created over the past 85 or 86 years. They have proven themselves as one of, if not THE top brand in golf going back to the 1930s. Name me another golf brand who has been doing it at that level for even 1/2 that time. They have earned my respect. Been playing exclusively Titleist since the early 20
  2. I know LaCava personally. We aren't buddies or anything, but I have played golf with him a couple times at his favorite course in CT, where he lives one town over in Southbury. (I was a member there for 8 years.) He's a nice guy, but not a dominant, highly opinionated guy, like Steve Williams seems to be. Joe is just like one of the guys when he hangs out in the club bar watching sports after his round. He doesn't talk much about Tiger. He does not act as if he thinks he is special because he is on Tiger's bag. That said, personally, being a huge Tiger fan, I would like to see Joe more in
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  4. Been awhile since I have visited this forum. I was trying to find out more info on the MG Senior ball and was directed here by Google, and another site I visit from time to time, MGS. I was there earlier and posted the following: I found one sitting in the water a couple days ago. Having played the MG-C4 many times, thought I would give this one a try. The C-4 is a great ball. I am a regular ProV1 player. Always thought the C4 played quite similarly to the ProV. So, when I found this MG SENIOR, I was curious. I had not even heard of the Senior, so had no idea they were non-conforming.
  5. Here in CT, when it is 50*, I seem to lose at least 10-15 yards off driver. Maybe more if it is 40 degrees. We also tend to "feel" more wind when the leaves are off the trees than when they are full, which also affects distance....a lot. A15 mph wind in the summer is not as drastic on ball distance as a 15 mph wind in winter when there is less protection from it due to the lack of leaves. Normally, I hit my 6 iron about 155-165 yards, but yesterday, it was 50 degrees and windy. So after watching my playing partner hit 7 iron and come up woefully short, I used my 6 iron off the tee on a
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