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  1. The Open is the only major that allows equipment vans all week Yeah, the PGA Tour prohibits equipment trailers once the tournament actually begins. If they need a club worked on between rounds they can use a local shop or possibly have the manufacturer over-night them a new club.
  2. Not sure if this was mentioned previously, but I got to thinking...what was the Titleist tour van doing on-site on Sun? The vans typically pull out on Wed...
  3. I get what you're saying, but sometimes lowering the water won't work. Or you might have to do a little of both. In your example, cutting off 1.5" reduces the swingweight by about 9 points. Using a 26g grip vs. a 52g grip increases the SW back by about 6.5 points. But what if I don't want a Winn Lite grip? If I want the same grip that was on the driver before, then you have to raise the bridge. Something else I believe, and you might have found this to be true also... the head weight feel of D2 in a club that is 45.5" with a 55g shaft and a 52g grip is not going to be the same head weight feel as D2 in a club that is 44" with an 80g shaft and 26g grip.
  4. The actual technology advances as new drivers are released are much smaller these days. Since the size and COR have been maxed-out, the manufacturers started experimenting with different materials and re-positioning weight for more forgiveness and/or a more efficient trajectory. The biggest technology breakthroughs recently have been the adjustable hosel and adjustable weights. These are noticeable for anyone at any level. Most companies will have their own feature that they emphasize to try to separate themselves from everyone else. Some are kind of "fluff", but some are legit. Here are a couple of examples: Bridgestone introduced a new feature last year called Power Milling Technology. Grooves are milled into the face of the driver to reduce spin, improve the compression time and reduce sidespin. Does it work? Yes. Is it a huge difference? No, not really. This alone wouldn't be enough of a reason to buy a new driver in my opinion. They also developed FAST Crown Technology. This means the crown of the driver flexes which produces more ball speed, a higher launch angle with less spin: This is pretty significant. This does make a noticeable difference. All other companies have a design that flexes at the bottom of the club, which creates a lower launch. This is why they started the "loft up" campaign. Do you have to have this? Again, no, but something like this would be enough to consider the next time you're in the market for a new driver. But most drivers that are within a couple of generations of the current models are not going to be antiquated in my opinion...they will still perform well.
  5. You could say that about anything...whether it's prescription medication or how a golf ball performs or what a certain golf club shaft is going to do. Everything is a little different for everybody to some degree. There will always be exceptions of course, but if you've been around something long enough certain patterns will be noticeable. You have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding the golf swing. If someone who you've never met posts a question about their swing, you could comment on it and provide some insight, even though everybody swings the club differently. Yes, prescription medication can affect people differently, it can also have the same affect on the majority of people. Since I was under the care of a pain management physician for several years and was prescribed a number of different meds and also spent time around others who took them as well, I thought I'd share what I knew or things that I experienced.
  6. There is a new version of the Vista Pro which was introduced last year. It replaced the EXS line. The original Vista Pro was a really good shaft and I sold a ton of them for many years. I don't have any experience with the latest version, but I'm sure it's excellent. Fujikura has always made great products.
  7. ?
  8. Yes, it's true that medication doesn't affect everyone the same way, but I have some experience with this and have learned a few things... It's pretty easy to get hooked on pain pills. Actually, it's almost impossible to not get addicted to them if they are prescribed for an extended period and taken every day. If it's a short term thing, and "take as needed", that's not a big deal. But if it's more than a couple of months, and it's "take one every 4-6 hours" I don't care who you are...you will become dependent on them. Vicodin/Hydrocodone usually isn't used for chronic pain or extended periods. It's mainly for short-term situations, like after surgery or if you break a bone or something. When it gets to the point of seeing a pain management doc, they'll usually move to something designed for long-term issues like Oxycontin. This is highly addictive and will grab you within a few weeks. I've never seen anyone have a reaction like Tiger from Hydrocodone. I know there were several meds supposedly involved, and the police report indicates Vicodin, and a couple of muscle relaxers, but the blacking out/falling asleep and not knowing where you are or what has happened is more in line with Oxycontin or Oxycodone. Ambien can also have a similar effect, where people will basically sleep walk and talk, maybe make a sandwich and eat and go back to bed and have no recollection, which he has taken in the past. If your eyes/head isn't constantly moving, and you are staring at one thing (like reading a book, or driving and looking straight ahead) it's easy to nod off.
  9. I think what he meant David is "we don't expect this type of behavior" from him. I agree that this happens all the time to thousands of people and we never hear about it unless it's a friend or neighbor, but Tiger is considered a role model. He's looked up to by millions and we expect him to lead by example. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I just think the reality is people assume he should have higher standards, so that's what he meant when he said we expect more from him.
  10. I remember when I was younger they used to have a page in the newspaper of either mugshots or just names of people who were arrested for the specific purpose of public shaming. They felt if people knew their mugshot would be posted in the paper it would dissuade them from doing anything to get arrested. I have a feeling they didn't wait for the verdict either, and you have a solid point on that...what if the person is found not guilty? I'm not sure posting their picture again with a retraction would be all that helpful!
  11. I was just thinking the same thing...I'm surprised that wasn't blurred out.
  12. I think given the fact that he's abused pain meds in the past, it's not a far stretch to assume they may have been a contributing factor in this incident too. What doesn't sit right with me is the statement "What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. I didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly." Since it supposedly was an unexpected reaction to mixing meds, that means he had either already been taking something and added a new medication, or he hadn't been on anything and started taking 2 or more meds at the same time...at midnight or 1 am or 2 am? I don't buy it. If he had an unexpected reaction, that means he took the meds within a few hours of his arrest. I suppose it's possible he got new scripts filled for anti-clotting and bone growth meds in the middle of the night, but my gut tells me it was something else. I actually believe that no alcohol was involved...it would be stupid to deny it then have the police release it in their report, but I don't think it was an innocent case of legit prescribed meds causing a bad reaction. He has the best docs in the country...they know what meds can't be taken together. I would think they would be especially cautious with a high profile patient like Tiger.
  13. According to Jupiter police, "He was released on his own recognizance eight hours later." If it really was that bad, I can't believe they'd let him go after only 8 hours. The article didn't say if he was picked up or by who, but I'm guessing they wouldn't just let him go by himself...
  14. Where did you grow up David? I was born in West Bend, but grew up in Madison. The GMO was my first PGA Tour event that I ever attended too, but it was back when it was played at Tuckaway C.C.!
  15. That's no joke. Between Blackwolf Run, Whistling Straights, Erin Hills and other strong public courses like University Ridge, Trappers Turn, SentryWorld and others, it's pretty good. I read the whole story on how Erin Hills came to be...holy crap, it's like a Greek tragedy. There is heartbreak, intrigue, high stakes business deals, murder, triumph, defeat...it was one of the most interesting things about the development of a golf course I have ever read: http://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/golf/2017-us-open/2017/05/05/making-erin-hills-part-1-most-perfect-site/100024980/