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  1. 1badbadger

    Kathy Whitworth Is A Stud

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Hall of Famer and the player with the most wins by tour of any player in history, Kathy Whitworth. She came out to the club to hit some balls and say hi to some of the members. Unfortunately I didn't have my phone on me at the time, so I don't have any pics to share. But I was amazed at how fit and healthy she is. She is almost 80 years old, but if you didn't know you'd think she is 55. She is sharp as a tack, and her golf swing is unbelievable. She only had one club with her (a mid iron), and without warming up or stretching that I saw, she is still able to make a full turn and gets the club up to the top of the swing beautifully. Very Sam Snead-like. Here are a few highlights so you don't have to look it up: 88 wins on LPGA Tour 6 Majors 98 professional wins Inducted into Hall of Fame in 1975 LPGA Money Winner 8 times in 9 years Player of the Year 7 times in 8 years Vare Trophy Winner 7 times in 8 years A.P. Female Athlete of the Year 2 times Golfer of the Decade by Golf Digest (68-77) Pretty impressive.
  2. 1badbadger

    Driver Shaft Help Needed

    This should help those who are not sure how to measure a club: As far as shortening your irons, I would suggest starting with 1 or 2 clubs (one short iron and one mid iron) and testing them first rather than doing the entire set. Start with 1/4" and try them.. If they are still too long, trim another 1/4" and try again. When you have them dialed in, then do the rest of the set.
  3. In a hitting bay or driving range environment where a ball is subjected to repeated full-bore driver shots, a lower compression ball will usually crack or break before a higher compression ball.
  4. 1badbadger

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Contracts will vary from player-to-player, but Tiger's deal with TaylorMade includes driver, fairway woods, irons and wedges. No TaylorMade logos on his hat, clothing or bag. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/tiger-woods-signs-endorsement-deal-with-taylormade
  5. The most common issue with this is "double stamping". When striking the punch with a hammer, it can have a tendency to bounce, which will result in multiple impressions:
  6. 1badbadger

    King Cobra Veterans Store Find

    That was a high dollar, top-of-the-line club back in the day...
  7. 1badbadger

    Wood inside club shaft?

    Yep...it looks like the shaft broke and the wood dowel was used for an extension. I agree with @Adam C...that's not how steel shafts usually break. It looks like it was torn off!
  8. 1badbadger

    Gary McCord Has Got to Stop Talking So Much

    Faldo really was a douche back in the day. Always admired him as a player, but the stories I've heard about how he acted and treated others is unbelievable. He's much more likable now.
  9. Does anyone have experience with Xperon Golf balls? I saw a post from them on LinkedIn and went to their webpage, and noticed a few things that I thought were pretty funny. The first one was they spelled their own name wrong on the main page: Somehow an "S" was added to their name. The first sentence also says "A good golf is what makes the game more predictable..." They forgot the word "ball". Then I noticed the sale they are running on one of their ball models: Was $31.99, now $45.99! Only $14 more than normal! Their hook is that their golf balls are balanced, and if you line them up on the alignment stamp they will perform better: Wondering if anyone has played them...
  10. Part of it could be related to working out. If certain muscles get too big, it's not good for your golf swing. Yes, you'll be stronger, but you won't be able to move as quick. It doesn't surprise me that you didn't notice an improvement in club head speed after your driver fitting. Getting fit doesn't change anything about your swing...it will just fit the club to your current swing. Do you think your swing speed has been slowly getting slower over the past 1 1/2 years, or is it something that happened suddenly? I'm guessing you've noticed a loss in distance with your driver, but not your other clubs? If you have the data from your fitting, I'd like to see it.
  11. When I was conducting golf ball fittings, players would get really defiant when they would see the launch monitor results on their distance. Now, in all fairness, the distance shown was a little shorter than real-world numbers because it was a mathematical calculation, which doesn't factor in atmospheric conditions like wind, humidity, elevation from sea level, plus other variables like southern baked fairways. So the total distance on the launch monitor was about 12 yds shorter than actual, which I would explain before showing the player any numbers, but still...I would get cussed out on occasion and told my $45,000 launch monitor was wrong because they know they hit their driver 280 yds, not the 220 yds my computer showed. Even with the 12 yds added on, they were way off. This is some data from a page Bridgestone used to have on their website called "The Boom Club". It was a page that had the data from your latest ball fitting, plus you could record your scores and other stuff. This screenshot is how each player stacks up against a Tour Pro, and the average of all the other players who have been through a fitting. It speaks for itself!
  12. 1badbadger

    Shortening Driver Shaft

    Buy a package of lead tape from your local golf shop. It's not very expensive. Start by applying 3 pieces about 1.5" in length along the back of the club like this: If it still feels a little light, add another strip of tape. This stuff is the best...easy to use, inexpensive, won't damage the finish of your clubs, and its foolproof. Worst case scenario is peel it off and start over!
  13. 1badbadger

    Man Arrested After Biting Off Finger Of Fellow Golfer

    Threatening someone is assault? I thought assault involved physical contact.
  14. 1badbadger

    Wedge gapping

    The main thing isn't the gap in your lofts, it's the gap in your yardages. If you have something like 25 yards between your PW and SW you might have to hit more partial shots, which requires more practice to dial in.

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