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  1. So Costco is putting up their money to expand their facility and increase their production rate? That could be a very expensive and involved project. It's probably not a situation where they just need to hire a couple more guys and they will be good-to-go. Even with the man-power in place, they still might not have the capability to pump out balls fast enough. There are other ball plants that I'm sure could handle that volume without having to do too much...why are they dinking around with trying to upgrade this place when the could be back in action sooner?
  2. If you're having issues with your transition from the top of the backswing to the start of the downswing, let me make a suggestion... I use a swing trainer called the Orange Whip. It's a very whippy shaft with a heavy weight on the tip end of the shaft and another weight above the grip. You don't hit balls with it...you just swing it. The weight along with the whippy shaft makes you complete your backswing, and doesn't allow you to rush the start of the downswing. It makes you pause slightly at the top. I have seen all the gadgets over the years, and have tried many of them. Almost all of them are gimicky or there is a way to "cheat" the device, meaning you can make an incorrect swing or get into an incorrect position that it's supposed to fix. Then they end up in the closet or the corner of the garage. Not this one. It's the only swing trainer that gets your swing on plane, helps tempo and sequence, helps with flexibility and can increase clubhead speed. I have used this thing since they came out, which was about 8-10 years ago. It doesn't force you into uncomfortable positions...but it''s awesome at providing the feel of a good swing.
  3. Man, that's awesome. Waterchase is actually the course that is closest to me of the four. Glad you had a good round. Next time you are in the area let me know.
  4. If you really like your wedges (the shape, feel, etc) then you might consider having a new grind on the sole. I doubt Tour Edge offers this service though...most OEMs don't do custom sole grinds, so you may need to have it done by another company like this: http://joekwokgolf.com/wedges If you don't have an attachment to these wedges, or don't have much confidence in them, then replacing them or trading them in on something else might be the best option. Vokey offers lower bounce with their L Grind and M Grind wedges and Cleveland has some low bounce options as does Callaway.
  5. As a caddie though, how do you turn down the bag of the #1 player? Unless you've already got a good gig, that would be hard to pass up, even with her history.
  6. Michelle Wie is notorious for going through caddies as well. Nicklaus had Angelo on the bag for over 20 years!
  7. Interesting. I like the concept of the fitting system you described. Those soles look like they were actually ground by hand too. Did David do those?
  8. It's personal preference. I don't think one way is right and the other way is wrong. Personally, I play almost all my greenside bunker shots with my 56* wedge. The exception is if the sand is wet, or if the is very little sand in the bunker, or if it's really firm, but generally I like using the same wedge. Around the greens though, I'll vary my club selection depending on the shot.
  9. Where did you get a 60* wedge with 21* bounce?
  10. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is what the job of each wedge is. For example, will both wedges be used to hit bunker shots, or do you typically play all of your sand shots with 1 wedge? Do you use your wedges to hit full shots off of tight fairway lies, or are they primarily used for partial shots around the green? It doesn't have to be set in stone, but if you can define what job each wedge will do, it will be easier to determine things like bounce and which sole grind will work best. If you play your 60* out of the sand, or will be using your new 58* for bunker shots, then having a lot of bounce is fine. If you never use your highest lofted wedge in the sand, then I would suggest a lower bounce, especially if it will be used out of the fairway.
  11. Yeah, those are actually balls I give away...
  12. This probably seems a bit excessive then....
  13. It's not uncommon for ferrules to come loose. Some companies do not epoxy their ferrules on when they assemble the clubs, or they can come loose from being in a hot environment like the trunk of a car. One suggestion I would make before you glue them back down is do a quick check to make sure the heads aren't loose too. Hold the grip with one hand and grab the head with the other and try to twist it. It just take a second, but better safe than sorry. You'd be surprised how many guys hit a shot, the head flies off and it goes in the water or somehow they lose it.
  14. Even with devoted practice and a strong physical game, the mental game is equally if not more important, and I believe this is what separates the guys who are good local players or struggling tour pros from the great players. Here is an example, and a true story: A friend of mine had been a pro for many years. He played everywhere except the PGA Tour. He played every mini tour you could think of, in countries that are hard to pronounce that have food even harder to pronounce. By many accounts he had one of the best swings in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and with the number of good players in this area, that is saying something. He put that swing to good use too. To give you an idea of what he was capable of, one day in a practice round he hit his first tee shot O.B. and shot 58. Yeah, it was at his home course, which isn't very long, but still...it's a 58 with an O.B. When the heat was on though, he would get a little tight. He went through Q-School close to 10 times, but just couldn't get it done. Then one magical week everything came together and he played brilliantly for 6 rounds and finished 2nd at Q-School and earned his card. One particular tournament that he made the cut (I think it was The International in CO that used the modified stableford scoring) he was paired with Ernie Els. They were on a par 3 that was playing tough, and he said Ernie hit a shot that was so solid, and flighted so perfectly he couldn't believe it. He said it was at that moment he realized he would never be able to hit the ball that well, and it basically took the wind out of his sails. In a way it killed his confidence. He lost his card after that season. The point is this is just one example of a guy who did devote his life to practicing and did reach the skill level of a pro and had the physical game to hang with the best, but the mental side might be even tougher to learn.
  15. Agreed...it doesn't matter. Football is considered a "sport", but the actual competition is called a football "game", played on game day, so it's all just semantics.