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  1. Review - Taylor Made Tour Burner Irons

    No problem at all. Almost a year since I got them now and still very, very happy. I've had a number of good sets of irons over the years, Ping (i3+), Titleist (962, DCI) and Callaway (X-16), as well as trying a number of different clubs before buying (I used to work in a shop). But I can honestly say these are the best irons I've played. It's all personal of course, but that's my preference.
  2. How low did you go this year?

    72 on a par 71 (Woodenbridge GC, Ireland) in a Junior Scratch Cup - h'caps 5-12 playing off scratch. Beaten into second place by a guy with a hole in one!!
  3. Anyone using the Grafalloy Red shaft?

    I'd advise against the Proforce shaft for what you need. The lower flying model is a bit clunky, I found. I use the Graf ProLaunch Red in a G10 and it's the bees-knees. I don't find the S flex any stiffer than other S flex shafts but maybe the R flex is firmer than it's counterparts...
  4. Driver Shafts for Lower Flight?

    Yeah a few years ago I did have the previous version of the ProForce shaft in x flex. Was more cumbersome than stiff. I have been thinking about what I have (PL Red) but in x rather than s. I suppose, like anything else, I'll try get my hands on one to have a bash of it and decide then.
  5. Driver Shafts for Lower Flight?

    Ah I see. It was a stock shaft in a Titleist D2 - I assume the same. Cheers for that.
  6. Driver Shafts for Lower Flight?

    Generally yes, but not in a yards-losing, fluffy kind of way - it's just my natural flight. I get lessons from a good pro regularly and I do ask him sometimes if shots are too high but he insists it's not a problem once they're well struck and controlable, which they are - especially since I got my new irons. They are TM Tour Burners with PX 6.0 Unflighted (not Tour Flighted) shafts. I hit them high in general but can, when necessary, fire shots in quite low. I changed from Dynamic Gold x100 in Ping i3+ Blade irons which I bought a few years ago, prior to a break from golf when I played off a lower h'cap of 3. These had a much weaker, higher flight I found. Anyway, back on point, the one club I find can balloon a bit is the driver so I put this out there to see if there's anything that might help in terms of spec.
  7. Driver Shafts for Lower Flight?

    I've actually been told the opposite. I've tried it myself (That's actually it in the youtube video I'm hitting) and found it nice and solid feeling but the flight wasn't great.
  8. Driver Shafts for Lower Flight?

    Thanks for that. I'll talk to our club pro about them.
  9. I hit it very high. Usually, not problematically so, but at times, in the wind, things can get a bit nuts. I use a 9 degree G10 with a Graffalloy Pro Launch Red S flex. I'm 26 years old, 6ft 4, and my handicap is between 5 and 6 so I generate a decent amount of power. Here's my swing... I'd be interested to hear from anyone who could advise if a different driver spec (make/model/shaft) might give me a stronger, more boring flight. I'm happy with the yards I'm hitting it. Mainly seeking more control.
  10. Review - Taylor Made Tour Burner Irons

    Glad it was of some help. I really liked the Pings too but wanted to shift brands after my old set of Pings. What I would check is if you can get the Project X shafts in the Pings. To be honest, the shafts I got in the Burners are about 60% of the reason I like them so much. I got the unflighted version of shafts, which has got a lot to do with the workability of the clubs in the wind.
  11. I went through a lot of research, trial and error in buying my new irons. Very happy with them and wrote up my experience in my blog below. If anyone's looking for a new set of irons I hope it can be of some help. Taylor Made Tour Burners Review
  12. Cheers that's helpful to know. I'm hanging on with standard wedges for the moment but it's good to know there's someone else using longer ones succesfully if I feel the need to change.
  13. Bounce On Wedges??

    I've been chopping and changing my 60 degree wedge a bit lately trying to find one I like. I have always used 54 and 60 degrees for SW and LW. Lately, I'm using the Vokey Spin Milled ones but am a bit puzzled as to what bounce suits me. Straight off, I ordered the Titleist 54 degree which came with 14 degree bounce. It seems nice, I hit it pretty well. I then orderd the 60 degree (without specifying what bounce) but in the meantime picked up my brother's old one which is also Spin Milled, 60 degree with 10 degree bounce. I hit this thing really, really well. It just sits nicely. The new one I orderd came with 4 degree bounce which didn't sit nearly as nicely so didn't take it. Compared to the LW I like, the leading edge of the 54 degree (14 deg bounce) looks quite low and sharp. But that's a mystery to me given that I thought less bounce meant a lower sharper looking leading edge...? Maybe my interpretation of bounce is wrong all together... I thought having little bounce meant the club was easier to nip the ball off a tight lie, being much bladeyer at the bottom. I thought more bounce meant a club was easier to hit from fluffy lies and bunkers but could lead to more thin shots from tight lies. if someone could clear this up for me and maybe offer some advice on what spec should be using on my 54 degree I'd be very grateful.
  14. Yes but the Titleist website, in the vokey section of custom fitting only mentions lie, bounce and sole design - length does not seem to be something they advise toying with... I'm really at a loss here guys...