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  1. My Father-n-Law is Greek-American. I should post his swing up here. I will put some launch monitor numbers up at some point. I would say that I drive the ball far, but in relative comparison I hit my irons quite a bit further.
  2. Not even a chuckle from my father-n-laws commentary
  3. Not by best swings by a long shot, but flame away: I will post some launch monitor stuff at some point.
  4. What Do You Do for a Living?

    You'll get there. I played the Links de Santa Fe when I passed through. Was a fun trek. Congrats on b You'll get there. I played the Links de Santa Fe when I passed through. Was a fun trek. Congrats on being retired.
  5. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work in Strategic Finance/Provider Network Contracting. I do a lot of programming and data analysis. I also have a business. I can't wait to play more golf =) Anyone in Portland, Oregon want to play?
  6. I didn't state that I swing the club 135mph today. In high school, yes I did. I did break a lot of clubs and have considerable back problems. I was 6'1 about 160 pounds. The change in technology has allowed me to have a slower swing and hit the ball further. At some point I will go to a simulator and do a screenshot or something. In simulator I tend to hit the driver further than in real life. I would say relative to my driver my iron distances are the real point of wow factor. Do any of you live in Portland, Oregon area?
  7. If you fade your drives 300 yards and hit the fairway the majority of the time that is pretty impressive. You have good hips I'm sure. Are your irons fitted? I had wonky divots and they said that my clubs were not fitted and I was hitting the toe on the ground first every single time.
  8. Completely understand. This is not 1 of 10 frequency. This is consideration of a distance with reasonable contact. I don't really flub my irons much, but there will be some variance if you hit cut/draw, etc. I do hit many drives 320+, but my standard deviation with the driver is higher than with irons. In high school I was swinging the club 135 mph. That's why I was hitting unfitted clubs with old technology and still hitting a five iron 230 yards. If I had technology of today back then it would have been something else. I don't swing the club that fast anymore, but changes in tech have allowed me to evolve beyond the scope of what was previously possible. These are also average swings, I'm not considering if I really try torque into the ball.
  9. D - 285+ 4i - 255 5i - 240 6i - 225 7i - 210 8i - 195 9i - 180 PW - 165 AW - haven't hit with a full swing yet SW - 130 LW - 110-115 Granted I just got new irons (X-Hots - 4-AW) so I'm still ranging them in. I used to play CG Reds and I would constantly hit my 7i between 200-205, which you could extrapolate ranges from there (10-15 yard gaps) These are not kill it swings.. Technology has changed a lot since I used to play frequently. My club head speed was measured at 135 when I was in high school nearly (gulp 16 years ago). You put today's clubs in those hands, yikes...I have never played with anyone who is longer with their irons. I'm sure some will flame away =)