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  1. This week (Saturday-Saturday), I came close to a hole-in-one twice: This was with a 56-degree SW on a partially-blind 115-yard par-3: And then, today, this was with a PW on a 135-yard par-3: (and, for @iacas and others who have played with me, I actually have to be clear that I made both putts for birdies)
  2. I picked “yardage”. I will generally try to play between 6100 and 6500 yards. Within that range, I’ll look at slope/rating to decide among multiple sets in that range.
  3. Nice! Which one did you get? And it’s not like it would have helped at RNK when you can’t see the pin on half the approaches on the course... 😉
  4. I've always tee'd it up about as high as he indicates the "pros" do. Visually, standing over it, it seems like it's on the ground, but it gives that little margin for error against fat shots.
  5. Haha. That was a weird glitch in Google Sheets, but yeah, I already had a birdie on #14.
  6. Yeah...definitely a couple really good shots to be next to that green in two, on a soggy day with no roll. I hit a 244-yard drive and still had 255 to the green.
  7. I posted my pics. Unsurprisingly (to @iacas or anyone who's golfed with me), I couldn't remember which hole most of them were, so I just named them "RNK". I love that you can literally see the splash when I hit it. I was completely covered in mud after that one...there was simply nowhere to take relief.
  8. I had my first-ever hole out from a greenside bunker on Saturday: Nice that it was for a birdie, also.
  9. Well, someone deleted a ton of rows in the "Away Course Composite", so my entry doesn't exist anymore. I had a birdie on Friday on #14. I think that was new.
  10. For anyone who took photos today - @iacas is going to create an album (probably tomorrow morning) so everyone can post their photos/videos to one spot.
  11. Whoa. Very cool. Cobbs Creek was the site of the first round of golf I ever played. That hole (#3) in the picture was absurd. You had to hit a punch shot...off the tee...because the tree was so low. EDIT: I'm not sure it was that hole. It's been a decade. But the lack of maintenance was astounding.
  12. Not sure who has made hotel reservations yet, but @iacas and I will be staying at the Hampton Inn Richmond Airport on Saturday night. Hilton Page Reference Code It's 24 minutes from the course.
  13. OK, with those dates, I'm in. Virtually certain (Rules of Golf level stuff here!) in: @cipher @iacas @DeadMan @GolfLug @DaveP043 @TN94z @Slim_Pivot @Hardspoon High likelehood of being in: @mvmac Most likely in: @ChetlovesMer
  14. I’ll know within a week that I can move to virtually certain (if spots are still available).
  15. I’m in - pending final confirmation of the dates (my brother is scheduling his wedding for either July or September, but I’d have to be pretty unlucky for it to be the same weekend). This sounds awesome.
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