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  1. Great review, and it matches up with my experience. I have a pair in the red-and-black color, and love them (in dry conditions).
  2. I feel like my annual rejection would be more entertaining if they actually did a full lottery and told you where you ended up. ”Unfortunately, out of 1,260,077 emails received, yours was selected in the last 2%. You were not even close. Try again next year.”
  3. Interesting topic, and relevant to my swing (in the “opposite” direction). One of my problems is not turning enough in the backswing (which also doesn’t let me get the wrists hunted properly), and @iacas has always simply said “finish turning” (shoulders). No mention of the shaft getting to parallel.
  4. I would have guessed 100,000+...so I was way off.
  5. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but leasing makes a lot more sense than purchasing for a business (particularly a small one) in many cases. My company has two company cars, and we lease them rather than buying them (since I’m the one who decides!) 😉
  6. I actually have a CaddieTek, and my biggest annoyance with it is how “laid-down” the bag is. I wouldn’t want fully upright though. I agree with others that the Sun Mountain and ClicGear carts seem to have the balance just right.
  7. Good trip up to Erie this weekend for some practice and a fun round with @iacas, @georgep, and @saevel25. I've made good progress on the backswing/downswing path changes from last trip, so as long as I can keep that solid, there are 2.5 big full-swing pieces to work on right now: 0.5 | Grip - can get too strong if I do a little adjustment over the ball. Need to grip it and then stay. 1.5 | Turn - need to finish my turn. This is my nemesis...keeps creeping back in, and leads to loss of distance and some really bad contact. 2.5 | "Down and Forward" - move to start the downswing. Done correctly, this improves the impact position and leads to more solid contact: I'm also going to be spending a lot of time over the next month before my trip on the short game and putting: - Aimpoint Reads: I spent some time testing my Aimpoint reads, and they were clearly way off (I've been lazy about even using it). - Putting Speed Control: Uh...just...practice. - Pitching/Chipping: Uh...just...practice. Pitching motion "turn" with the body, not the head. - Half-Wedges: These are terrible lately, because I've been swinging just with my arms. No body rotation, and no weigh shift. I'm "hitting everything fat today." Overall, I feel like I've made good progress this season so far, considering that I've literally practiced maybe three times and have simply been playing a lot. I'm going to start working range sessions in AFTER I play whenever possible, and focusing on the short game stuff (Aimpoint, putting, etc) BEFORE.
  8. Birdied #14 at The Kahkwa Club (Erie, PA) today...short par-5, but a par-5 nonetheless. Up to 9 birdies in 11 rounds on my "Away Course" composite.
  9. I found the first portion interesting, and agree with most of it. Como: “Even the smartest person in the world, and they come up with this theory on what should happen in the golf swing…that’s not smarter than the collective trial-and-error of everybody who’s ever hit a golf ball.” I also loved Brandel’s point that social media has been a plus to teaching…because “if you put an idea out there”…it gets critiqued openly. And, the third-wheel dude had a good quote about Wolf's coach - "he protected his talent” – a great way to think about teaching someone with a quirky swing. The second part...starting at 9:04...it all seemed incongruous to me. Brandel talked about launch monitors and how they can be bad for players…but his point seemed to counteract earlier statements about how the “ball doesn’t know what you feel”. He claims that because HE can feel what he’s doing, you don’t need them…because you “play with feels”. Eh. Disagree. And Como’s follow-up point about the launch monitor giving you the results of one swing was kind of a straw man. Nobody is looking at a SINGLE SHOT and using it to teach the golf swing. Then…they claim “some of the best players in the world played without technology”…referring to launch monitors. But that could also apply to the technologies they lauded, such as high-speed video or pressure plates. The back-and-forth at 14:00 illustrated some of this, with Brandel talking about the perfect teacher…huh? What if a teacher achieves all of the results that he described, while using technology to do it? Como argued with him, that some people may respond to different things. Brandel’s comeback was dumb – “The best golf is not played by analytical minds”. Uh, sure, but people with analytical minds (like me) still want to play their best golf! And his argument that the best golfers weren’t thinking about certain things still didn’t address the point Como made. And Tiger isn't a great example if you think he had an analytical mind since he is the best golfer ever. Anyway, as a novice to instruction, I thought the whole thing was pretty interesting. Definitely worth watching.
  10. View this round on GAME GOLF Tied my best round ever...even with an 8 (!!!) on the last hole (we teed off on 10). This was hands-down my best round ever with the driver (per Game Golf, I lost one stroke to a scratch golfer off the tee). I hit 7/12 fairways, with a "typical distance" of 250 yards.
  11. Full swing continues to be solid, considering I really am not practicing right now (just playing maybe 6 times a month). Hoping to get up to Erie next weekend to work with @iacas. I also definitely need some short-game practice.
  12. Thanks!!! Super helpful. While shooting 100+ isn't fun, I don't really have a choice. ;) (but, yes, I'll be playing the whites)
  13. I only play casual games, and it's pretty much understood that you'll drop a new ball to keep the course moving...with a single penalty stroke. I am probably one of the few people I've seen actually hit provisionals when I think there's something that might make it hard to find (caroming around in trees or whatever). I put it in my Game Golf and handicap as +2 penalty strokes (so, as if I'd hit my third shot to that spot)...to try to keep a more accurate handicap.
  14. I'll be playing Links at Spanish Bay / Spyglass Hill / Pebble Beach in late September. Normally, I'd get a caddie at each course, but due to COVID caddies are not available (forecaddies are). I'm looking for some advice from those who have played there. My current thought is: Friday, Links at Spanish Bay - walk, with forecaddie Saturday, Spyglass Hill - ride cart, with forecaddie Sunday, Pebble Beach - walk with forecaddie I play a lot of walking golf, but I usually use a push cart (they have some to rent, but can't guarantee them for our tee times) and figure it'd be nice to have the rest day in the middle. Thoughts from those who have played these? Forecaddie worth it for the first two days? I feel like it is not knowing the course at all.
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