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  1. I don't think he's ahead of Justin Thomas. I appreciate consistency, and I don't revere the majors as much as others, but three wins beats one win. He does have the 6th-best odds in Vegas right now...so maybe they heard it first?
  2. What do you mean, specifically? What are the differences between DJ and Rory's swings?
  3. Your "fitting" should have included that evaluation, right? Am I missing something?
  4. I think this had to be a bit of carelessness on his part, right? If I have to replace a ball, I'm replacing it precisely enough that no shot result could make me think it wasn't properly done. If I can't, I'd call a rules official over before the shot to confirm. The whole thing is really weird. That's my guess as well, which reinforces what I said above.
  5. Yikes. I would do the same. I've played almost exclusively at public courses for the past two or three years, and I don't think I've had a round over 5 hours. Admittedly, I don't play cheap courses.
  6. There is no possible way I'd enjoy a 5.5-hour round of golf. That sounds miserable.
  7. That's exactly what I use it for, but it does sometimes "tweak" my obsessive tendencies.
  8. I also hadn't heard of him...but man, his Wikipedia page is a steaming pile of propaganda.
  9. The phrase that comes to mind: "It is a distinction without a difference."
  10. Got started tonight with a good practice session. Slow, short, and focused. Full-swing work with a driver and 6-iron, and about 10 minutes working on pitching. I noticed my grip creeping a little strong with the driver, so I got that sorted out.
  11. FWIW, at the risk of embarrassing myself, here are the drives from my last three rounds: Admittedly, these are total distances, but it's been wet so I'm not getting crazy roll-out on any of these (except that 289-yarder...haha). I'd be curious for someone to take a stab at the actual forced carry distances on one of these courses (@Pretzel?), since it's the thing that a lot of people are harping on. If it's just one hole with a 240-yard carry, I'll happily wedge it to the red tees, but that's not going to work as a strategy if this is something that happens repeatedly. Something to keep in mind...there's nothing wrong with driving short of a fairway and playing from the rough. I'm talking about true forced carries over a hazard.
  12. Simply bet enough money on the outcome!
  13. Correct: Institutional Policy. If a participating institution has a written policy against competition on a particular day for religious reasons, it shall submit its written policy to the governing sports committee on or before September 1 of each academic year in order for it or one of its student-athletes to be excused from competing on that day. The championship schedule shall be adjusted to accommodate that institution. (Adopted: 4/22/98, Revised: 8/11/98, 10/28/99, 5/2/13)
  14. This thread sort of turned into a discussion of ready golf, but to directly answer the OP: yeah, those guys are dumbasses. If you're going to bitch about ready golf, don't go putting out when somebody is still off the green. Like a few others, I think that if you can wait for everyone to reach the green without affecting pace of play (say, if it's just waiting for a single pitch shot or if it's just one hole and you're generally waiting on the group ahead anyway), it's polite to do so. But if it affects pace of play, which is usually the case, ready golf extends all the way to the green. Haha - you've seen me in action. It's tough for me to even wait for the cart to stop moving...
  15. This NCAA policy has existed since 1963 (with a short hiatus in the 1990's).