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  1. I voted that he is a little whiny, but I still like him. I think the "reality show effect" applies to sports stars as well - you often see such a small, selected piece of their lives/personalities, so it's silly to think that you can actually know what a person is like. When you say Spieth is "whiny", what it really means is that he is whiny under the very narrow set of circumstances in which you see him (ie, competition, and really only on the rounds/shots they choose to show on television).
  2. Thanks. OK - so, more of the same. This still feels uncomfortable and inconsistent at full speed, so my practice and drills will be dedicated to this for a bit.
  3. Got out to practice and take some video tonight. Drills: 75% Swings (immediately after drills): I think I'm doing pretty well getting my hands forward and getting closer to inline impact (this photo is from the "full" swing): Not as good on the "outward" part:
  4. I play the Snell My Tour Ball, since I value performance over brand recognition. 1.) Rory McIlroy -8 2.) Tommy Fleetwood -8 3.) Daniel Berger -8
  5. First of all, I resent that: I am a truly awful putter. I guess "average" was a poor choice of words. He's ranked 36th, so well better than average. My point was that it's not his putting that is primarily bailing him out this year.
  6. Yup. And despite his long putts being the shots people remember, it's not his putting that saves him. Basically, his iron play (and, to a lesser extent, his short game) is so good that he makes up for his poor driving and average putting.
  7. Well, Rory's lead is down to 1. I'll admit, I'm darn close to changing my vote.
  8. Spieth's caddy should snap his driver over his knee right now.
  9. "For those wondering"...aka, nobody?
  10. People talk about wanting to see MJ play LeBron in their primes, but how much fun would it have been to see Prime Tiger versus Spieth on a Sunday...? Jeez. He's a machine. Haha - you beat me to it.
  11. Haha - yup. I know some people find him annoying, but it's that kind of stuff I missed with Fox's coverage.
  12. Right. Remember this? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/golf/seniorgolf/9433687/Senior-Open-2012-Gary-Hallberg-rolls-back-the-years-but-Pete-Oakley-suffers-senior-moment-at-Turnberry.html
  13. I don't think it's anything more than coincidence. His first two majors were won from the lead. He's just played poorly with the lead recently, but that's going to happen just by chance.
  14. Haha - this Spieth guy is such a choker.