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  1. This makes a ton of sense. To me, at least, sponsorship is very different than winning prize money in golf competitions or being a PGA Pro. I was actually surprised that you lose your amateur status for giving lessons...didn't realize that.
  2. Exactly...see, THAT part is the civil engineer's problem. ;)
  3. All about timing for me. If it's a heavy overnight snowstorm, I'd always go out before bed and clear what had fallen so far...and throw down some salt. If it was a snowstorm during the day...probably just let it finish and bite the bullet. EXCEPTION: if it's gonna be windy, don't waste your time.
  4. I'm obviously really late to the party, but my thought watching this whole thing was that if it was (almost) anyone but Reed, it wouldn't have even been a story. I had to explain the entire thing to someone who doesn't watch golf (we were watching Golf Channel coverage on Sunday) and it highlighted for me how overblown the whole situation was...even if you think he cheated.
  5. Yeah, Foster & Partners did the Apple campus (the famous "ring" building). I'd guess their most famous building is the Gherkin in London: 5% is probably a decent average for a large project that size. A lot depends on the project type...something repetitive like multi-family housing might have a fee of 2%, whereas a complicated restoration of a historic building could be up above 10%. I have never seen any good data on what the true "starchitects" can charge, but I've heard numbers like 20%. The bigger cost, as you mention, is that projects with those types
  6. Definitely an interesting design by Foster & Partners. For anyone interested in the building: PGA Tour Headquarters Foster + Partners
  7. Apparently children can learn to ride these earlier and more easily than they can with a regular bike. I know a few friends with kids who have gone this route rather than training wheels. As for the racing...well, pretty much anything humans can do they will also turn into a competition!
  8. Interesting. I like the DTX a lot, but it can get a bit rough (since I play without gloves). Might try this out on the longer clubs.
  9. I'm in between jobs right now, so I have a little post-it on my desk with items I need to add to my calendar once I have my new account. "7/17 - 7/26 - Golf SV" is right at the top! ;)
  10. Don't know, don't care...played golf on December 12th in Western PA. :) (Shot a 46 on the front nine, stopped after 11 holes when it started raining)
  11. Played a late-fall round with @iacas today at Firestone Farms. I drove the green on the par-4 5th hole...all carry, 250 yards, to ten feet. I've hit the green on a couple par-4's before, but never from that distance and never that close to the hole. Did I three-putt for par? Heck yeah I did.
  12. This actually made me curious - why do so many courses offer junior golf rates? (hopefully this isn't OT) The only thing I could think of is that people make purchasing choices based on perceived value. So they're more likely to pay $40 for a round of golf if it's a discount from a $50 "standard" rate. That could apply to the college students as well...but probably only helps if a course is in a college town where you want to specifically compete for those golfers over others.
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