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  1. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    Exactly the same here. Fortunately, she goes to bed a good bit before me, so it works for us. I don't really watch much television, but lately I've been trying to turn off the computer (and phone) for 30 minutes or so before heading to bed...usually by reading a book instead.
  2. Hinge and hold

    When I first started trying to get better at golf, I watched Phil's videos and tried the "hinge and hold". Putting aside poor results (which could have just been attributed to me being new at golf), it just always felt so UNNATURAL. It was very difficult for me to feel smooth when trying so hard not to let something happen (hands pass club). Recently, I abandoned it entirely. I try to use a pitching motion as much as possible, and if I do have to chip, it's basically just a putting motion (no "hinge").
  3. I'm a 19-hc, and I've talked with my brother about going out to play Pebble for some sort of 40th-birthday thing in a couple years. I'm not sure what "worth it" means, but for me it's a bucket list thing. $500 really isn't THAT much...that was only about 6 weekend rounds of golf where I used to play in Philly.
  4. Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    Just make sure you check it for holes! That's actually how I lost my first wedding ring - I had a bag that I would use when running to hold my stuff, and it developed a hole without me realizing. Fortunately my ring cost about $50...
  5. My Swing (iacas)

    It's really neat to read about your approach to your own swing, especially after working with you on my own stuff. I'm definitely going to pick one of those up.
  6. New Snell MTB on the way in 2018?

    Interesting. If I had to guess, I'd bet they're doing a Pro-V1 / V1X style compression pair. I hope they make the 2018 MTB in yellow.
  7. NFL 2017-2018

    I think there are a lot of people hiding behind the "call was correct based on the current rule" crap. But it isn't that simple. You can call reaching for the goal line a "football move", or say his "initial contact with the ground" was "survived", or a lot of other ways to say that by any subjective measure, that's a catch. It makes no sense to me that it was overturned. Maybe upheld if called incorrectly at first...but not overturned.
  8. Recap Your 2017 Golf Goals

    I achieved #1...came close to #2...and was a good bit off from #3. I just didn't practice (or play) enough to see the kinds of gains I wanted to.
  9. These are fantastic: https://gizmodo.com/behold-the-most-hilarious-wildlife-photos-of-2017-1821301269 My personal favorite, since I'm apparently a complete juvenile: And, a golf-related winner:
  10. My Swing (saevel25)

    Good stuff! Definitely nice to get some winter work in. Random question: is that a headcover in the first photo, or did you bring your dog to watch?
  11. From Arccos website: "Display of your optimal strategy" is listed as an element of Tournament Mode. Perhaps it just means off the tee?
  12. Lightning at 1000 FPS

    "Oh, jeez...could this music be any more over-dramatic, I mean reall...holy crap that's awesome."
  13. "Intent" in the 2019 Proposed Rules

    I wouldn't consider that to be "at" the ball...that was only point; the subjective nature of "at" makes the "intent" part unnecessary. But you'd never place it on the "spot from which it was lifted or moved", right? I'd think it would be simpler to just say that once the ball is placed back where it was, it's in play again. It would be on the players and caddies to make sure there's no confusion, and that they place the ball far away from where it was. Anyway, this was just nitpicking. I guess my point was that if you really wanted to get rid of intent entirely, you probably could (the dropping one is probably the toughest, since it's easy to envision an accidental drop).
  14. "Intent" in the 2019 Proposed Rules

    That's definitely a change for the better. I agree with others here that "intent" is sort of a last resort when it comes to rules (this isn't just a problem in golf; it's created some weird rulings with intentional foul rules in basketball, for example). Even the four examples that are left seem odd. I can see why you'd want the 3.2 Match Play rule...you don't want to have to make concession verbal, since that seems a little fussy. But, if you wanted to avoid any ambiguity, it'd make sense. That's why they have the challenge flag in the NFL. It's dumb at times, and maybe overly "official", but at least it's unambiguous. 5.5a - Practice During Play, "A practice swing made with no intent to strike a ball." - This one seems redundant, given "While playing a hole, a player must not make a practice stroke at any ball on or off the course." I don't see the situation that exception covers. I guess you'd just end up interpreting whether a stroke was "at" a ball, which is sort of the same thing? The dropping and replacing ones are also strange. It seems like a player could "plead out" of a bad drop by saying that the ball slipped out of his/her hand. And, why is intent necessary in the "replace" example? Would there ever be a time where you'd place the ball in its previous spot WITHOUT the intent for it to be in play? I'm being a bit fussy, but it seems silly to go so far towards eliminating it and then leave these examples in the Rules. @iacas - based on discussions you've had, was there a conscious effort in the drafting to eliminate "intent"? Or was it just a biproduct of simplification? There is one big one that's sort of similar: "accidentally". By definition, that implies intent, right? "Accidentally" occurs 28 times in the rules, and some of them (in my quick review) create some gray areas.
  15. My Swing (Hardspoon)

    Wow - first post here since October. It's been a tough few months for golf - I just haven't had (or made!) any time to practice or play. I took a trip up to Erie today to work with Erik a bit and get some momentum back on my game. It felt good just to screw around at Golf Evolution for a few hours hitting balls and swinging a club. Based on the couple videos we took, my work on the "stab" piece has led to good results; my impact position was definitely improved. Since it will be another month before I have time to devote to focused practice, we just worked on a single backswing piece that I can practice at home for a few minutes each day. The goal is to bring my hands inside more on the takeaway, with a hinge "up" rather than "in". This results in an overall steeper backswing, with a shallowing move at the start of the downswing to keep the club working in-to-out.

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