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  1. FWIW, swing speed is related to shaft length, not loft. If you have a 20-degree hybrid and a 20-degree 5-wood, and the 5-wood has a longer shaft, it will have a higher swing speed.
  2. Lexi Misses Two Footer, Loses Player of the Year

    Man, that was an awful stroke. Agree with @iacas - you could have paused before she hit the ball and knew she was missing.
  3. Tri-Stix Golf Club Stand / Holder

    I can only see this being useful on a grass range with no bag stands. I’d never lug it with me for a round of golf. I have played with people who used one of these: ...even that, which is lighter and easier to use, seemed unnecessary.
  4. Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    This is OT, but I randomly started getting Golf Magazine this year also. That’s what reminded me how crappy it is. There is definitely a place in the market for a golf periodical with real substance. I hope this is it.
  5. Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    I ordered the first issue (that was the only "single issue" option I saw on their site, actually). I'm excited...I hope it karmically balances out the absolute shittiness that is Golf Digest / Golf Magazine.
  6. Subscribe to Golfers Journal

    I’m going to get the $20 single-issue and check it out. The photography part intrigues me, and I’m always looking for things to read while traveling.
  7. Cool design. Cool engineering. Probably very cool to walk around on, and experience. Looks evil and foreboding from pretty much any angle.
  8. Where do you Put the Cheese on a Cheeseburger?

    The cheese clearly goes on top, and, as @iacas mentioned, is the “glue” that holds bacon in place (this applies to egg sandwiches as well as burgers). Of course, a third option exists: INSIDE the burger! http://aht.seriouseats.com/2008/11/good-dog-cheese-stuffed-burger-philadelphia-pennsylvania.html (this was one of my favorite burgers in Philly)
  9. Hardspoon

  10. Favorite Team Game

    I voted Four Ball...I like keeping my own score, and feeling like every shot "counts" (unlike a scramble)...but still being able to have my typical few awful holes and get bailed out by a teammate.
  11. The Architecture Thread

    The circulation, storage and organization of physical books will continue to be come less relevant to the design of libraries. That said...it's not the architect who isn't doing their job in @Shorty's scenario. It's probably more like: "Any library that directs its architect to design a library around its physical book collection is doing a poor job."
  12. Seems like it could be legit, depending on the age of the poster. This isn't even all that idiotic...are kids in elementary school still required to use public libraries for anything? If not, it's easy to imagine someone never having any experience with one.
  13. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    I use a 5i. It's my lowest lofted "real" iron (I have a JPX Fli-Hi 4i). I prefer the iron for punching out versus the wider sole of the hybrids and the Fli-Hi.
  14. DC's Justice League

    Ah. I just looked into this a bit...yeah, looks like Cavill is in the movie, but I'm not sure Superman is actually ALIVE in the Universe...right? (emphasis mine in the excerpt below) Yeah...honestly, the quality of the Wonder Woman movie is a big part of why I'm interested in actually seeing this, despite not seeing any of the previous ones (and having almost zero interest in a Ben Affleck Batman movie).
  15. Hi From Northern NJ

    Welcome to TST, @Gemgirl63. I actually grew up in Bergen County, but I haven't lived there for some time so I can't help you in the search for a partner! What courses do you play there?

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