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  1. I have been looking to replace my current irons (Mizuno JPX-800's) for a couple years now. They are over 10 years old, and they were the first set of irons I ever purchased when I started golfing so they weren't fitted at all. I thought about manufacturer-agnostic options like Club Champion, but decided to do a single manufacturer so they could really be more detailed about the actual products/options without overwhelming me. Yesterday, I went up to Golf Evolution in Erie for a PXG iron fitting. It was a great experience. We started off just talking about my general needs. As a 1
  2. The worst course I ever played was Cobbs Creek Golf Course (currently undergoing a $20-million renovation). It was a good layout, ruined by terrible conditioning, lack of maintenance, and complete disregard for tee times or any planning. I've played a lot of courses since then that I think are kinda "meh", or too repetitive ("Oh, look, another built up green surrounded by bunkers that you have to fly the ball into"), but none that I'd truly call bad.
  3. Since I bought a GG Live unit (maybe two years ago?), I've been uploading the same way. I connect to my phone before the round (since I like using the GG app anyway), and then when the round is done I click "Upload Round" on my phone and that's it. It's been working without any issues.
  4. Shot my personal best yesterday: a 78...on an easy course, but still, a 6.9 differential...almost 10 better than my index. A really fun day!
  5. I've still been playing a lot of golf, and not really practicing. I am focusing on two full-swing items when playing: Finishing my backswing / full shoulder turn Proper grip (still a recurring issue for me) When I do those two correctly, I have the ability to play pretty well. I'm also focusing on two things that lead to a lot of lost strokes in the short game: Shoulder turn when hitting partial wedges, rather then getting "armsy" and hitting a lot of fat/thin shots Hip turn in my pitching motion...same thing I'd love to have time to practice more and real
  6. Picked up birdies on #1 and #5 yesterday...making really good progress (on the "away" course, since I don't have a home course).
  7. Resurrecting this thread for this one! Shot a smooth 100 from the Blue Tees at Oakmont Country Club, in 20mph (!) winds. https://www.gamegolf.com/player/Hardspoon/round/3035926 My wedge game was terrible...cost me a ton of strokes. But, I'm never going to complain about an 81-degree day in April on a bucket-list course. This was the most fun hole...a 4 on #10 for back-to-back pars: I hit my best drive of the day, and caught both the wind and the downhill. I had 105 yards to the center of the green, and had to hit a little 50-yard pitch shot!!! It rolled the re
  8. I use GameGolf, because it's the only app/device combo that has what I want: Small, unobtrusive tags Really nice app for seeing hole maps while you play No watch And...that's it, haha. I've never used manual tagging of shots, and have no desire to. I've actually recommended the app to folks just as a GPS app for getting distances to the green...it's really intuitive and lets you get yardages to any point on the hole.
  9. Maybe that? Published in 2007, though...but it's green.
  10. I’m definitely interested (in both available spots; if I go, I’d want to bring a friend who has always wanted to play there).
  11. @iacas raised a good point earlier - one of the reasons I love GG, and keep using it despite its glitches, is that the app is (IMO) really good. Its visualizations are nice, very simple to read, and it gives me an idea of both yardage and where not to hit. When I walk up to the tee on a course I haven't played before (or, for Erik, one I've played only 25 times or so, since I don't pay attention), I take out my phone and get an instant visual and pick my landing spot in seconds. Also, if I hit an errant shot or one that I'm not sure where it landed, I'll use it to instantly figure out t
  12. Doesn't Zalatoris use a long putter with an arm-lock grip?
  13. Knocked off two more holes today (7 and 15) on the composite. 6 birdies in 4 rounds is excellent...especially with how poorly I’ve been hitting my driver recently.
  14. @iacas - Definite @billchao - Definite @boogielicious - Definite @BradSomrak - Likely @Hardspoon - Definite
  15. I played an easy course today (68.9/118, 5800 yards) and took advantage with three birdies (4, 14, and 16). It counts! 🙂
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