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  1. This is a perfect example of why this argument gets silly. Ruth was definitely better compared to his peers. But...if you put him in the game in Aaron’s day, against the same pitching, he would have been mediocre at best. Things are all relative.
  2. It's not a thing that applies to a round golf ball on a green. 😉 (besides, I doubt anyone who actually knows what they're talking about would refer to μ as "friction value") Yeah...I think part of the perception problem they have is HOW they create difficulty. Fans seem more willing to accept a course that punishes any minor mistake tee-to-green, but once the players are putting, they feel like it's "gimmicky" to create too much difficulty.
  3. From the article @iacas quoted: I don't mind Bryson, but this quote is dumb. He sounds like a stupid person trying to sound smart. What the hell is a "friction value"?!? That's not a thing, buddy. It's like the reporter asked him to "say something sciencey, please".
  4. Very cool. I'll probably buy a pair of the white ones. I like white shoes with colored soles (beige in this case)...helps them stay looking new for a much longer time. From the photos, it looks like I need to get some joggers! FWIW, the Original is actually zero-drop (part of the reason I bought them).
  5. I’m not sure they do - what if it’s just a vocal subset of players? Is the golf media going to publish quotes from 20 PGA players who think the USGA does a pretty decent job overall? No way. All you see us the (anonymous) quotes from the whiniest of players.
  6. Went out today to practice the stuff that has been plaguing me lately - clubface control (practiced using slow speed swings with a variety of clubs, trying to start the ball left, right and center) and short wedges (simply a matter of getting my weight forward to make better contact on those 40 - 75 yard shots). If I could get the wedges figured out, and keep working on my short game (pitching practice in my yard and putting with the Puttist), I'd expect a pretty good benefit to my scoring in a short period of time. I also need to schedule a trip up to Golf Evolution soon to continue progress on my full swing.
  7. Maybe, but they aren't professional golfers!
  8. Such a weird round: View this round on GAME GOLF I had 8 pars (good for me), and the most GIR I've ever hit (56%): ...and still ended up with a roughly average score. I had about 5-10 short game shots and putts that were so terrible they probably cost me a stroke each (pitch shots that went 1 yard, a putt off the green, etc.) I played a stretch of 5 holes in one-over-par...with four pars and a quintuple bogey. Oops.
  9. My favorite is the Short. If I’m playing a new course, and I notice a 105-yard par-3, I’m instantly intrigued. The unusual greens and elevation changes that designers use to make short par-3’s challenging are generally interesting to me.
  10. Maybe a minor point (to some), but that is a pretty poor graphic, and basically pointless. The article is about volatility...why not plot volatility (deviation of score to par) for each golfer against their strokes gained? Maybe they tried and it was flat so it didn’t make for a good article?
  11. I’m surprised he didn’t try the old trick that children use: ”Actually, the first official said it’s OK, but I just had to ask you first.”
  12. I think the title of this thread sums it up perfectly. I also think an article of anonymous quotes is bullshit. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the quotes are adjusted by the author or intentionally taken out of context.
  13. I bought a cart bag with 14-way dividers, and I really like it (actually, it has 15...which is weird, and I have no clue why but I just don't use one). If I were going to carry, I'd probably go with a lightweight bag that has fewer, but since I generally use a push-cart I like the extra organization. No matter how many, you should make sure you get something where the dividers go all the way to the bottom of the bag.
  14. Also, obligatory GCA link: Golf Club Atlas » Country Club of Charleston
  15. Played a really fun round this morning - we were the second group off the tee and finished by 9:30. View this round on GAME GOLF I actually hit the ball better than the score (98) would indicate...I hit 5 GIR, and a few more nGIR, but my short game was simply horrific. The course also has a very tough set of fast (relative to what I'm used to) and undulating greens, so putting was really tough.
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