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  1. Especially since my 60-degree wedge has 100+ rounds on it. Admittedly, this video is coming from a company that sells wedges.
  2. Related to the ubiquitous "how often should you replace your wedges" question:
  3. Love it, @DaveP043. The old-school "sketch" yardage book is very cool.
  4. Yeah. Especially when you consider how many innate faults we have to overcome: motion-induced blindness (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion-induced_blindness), speed blindness, object fixation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_fixation)...the list goes on and on. Everything about driving a car is fighting our natural biological and mental instinct.
  5. This video may help:
  6. @Asheville, I read the USGA piece you quoted above. I have no issue with the "pace of play" piece...I'm not sure it would help, but I'm not sure it would hurt, either. While I wasn't clear, I'm glad you posted this, because it's specifically the text you put in red that I was referring to when I made my "ignorant or dishonest" statement: I mean...anyone who has played golf for a significant amount of time just knows, instinctively, that those two situations are not even close to occurring at the same frequency. I can't remember a single time in the hundreds of rounds of golf I've played where a ball hit the flagstick and bounced out, when it might have gone in; if it's going fast enough to bounce off the flagstick, it's not staying in the hole. But I can think of dozens where the second case was true; hell, that probably applies to 75% of the times I've holed out from off the green (including my hole-in-one, and yeah, I'm going to use any excuse to mention that, @iacas ) That statement in red, to me, has to be either ignorant (they never bothered to think about the fact that two situations occurring with drastically different frequencies don't cancel each other out), or dishonest (they wanted the flagstick rule to improve pace of play, so they made a dodgy argument). Here's a fun one... We're going to pass a law that headlights will be removed from all cars. On balance it is expected that there should be no disadvantage in driving without headlights at night: In some cases the glare from headlights blinds the driver of an oncoming car, causing accidents In other cases headlights allow you to see other things at night, preventing accidents
  7. You forgot the part where you miss the 2-footer.
  8. Ooo...cool. I've been wanting to check out Nemacolin anyway (it's only an hour from me)...maybe now I'll turn it into a "real" trip and play both courses. http://www.nemacolin.com/golf/shepherds-rock Newport Cup 2021 venue?
  9. Sure, they probably COULD, but it doesn't mean they would (or should). Engineering to an absolute limit (like the COR limit) is one thing - you set a top-end, and the manufacturers all work right up to it and try to make other improvements that gain distance. Trying to engineer a ball that would be tailored to swing speed would be overly complicated. Also, how do you choose 110? Why not 109? Or 108?
  10. I don't have much to add in this thread, since @iacas covered it so thoroughly, but THIS ^^^ is what bothered me so much. They're either being dishonest or ignorant, and I'm not sure which is worse.
  11. Good round today, considering I haven't played in almost two months, and haven't even practiced as much as I'd like. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Hardspoon/round/1456755 I particularly enjoyed hitting three great shots on a par-5 (that lob wedge was a really tricky downhill chip) and then missing a 2-foot birdie putt:
  12. No, they send out letters in April. As others in this thread have mentioned, at a school like Carnegie Mellon, admissions and athletics are two entirely separate things (for all sports). First you apply and decide to attend, and then you try to make the team(s).
  13. I'm not an expert or a landscaper, but if I were doing this, I'd consider regular re-sodding instead. Grass takes time to grow, and takes a lot of care. Call local landscape companies and tell them you'd like to buy a certain amount of sod every month.
  14. OK - I can see that. The very start of my downswing still has the handle starting down more than out, so I could see how improving that thought would help. I'll work on this at home. I only hit maybe 10 balls, so there's nothing to say that the difference in toe shots was anything more than coincidence. Looking forward to being able to practice more often as the weather improves. Thanks!
  15. My sporting event would be Game 6 of the 1986 World Series (Bill Buckner). I actually remember watching it as a 6-year-old, but to be able to enjoy it in person would be spectacular. Historical event ("Disembodied Observer" category): I'd like to see the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. Probably one of the most powerful events in natural history, and - bonus - you get to see a few dinos. Historical event ("Physically Vulnerable" category): I'd pick something personal rather than something of grand importance. Most likely the construction or grand opening of a historic building I know well and restored.