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  1. I'd say lose it if you only intend on using it from the fairway but keep it if you tee off with it a lot. There is really no point in carrying a club you never use or need.
  2. Pretty damn good prediction. They are almost spot on. Who do you work for??????????
  3. I wish people would stop trying to act smart. Go back to school people and learn how to write, or, better yet, learn English. Doesn't anybody read their replies before posting?
  4. Obama will win. The Republican beast is finally dead. Too bad the Democratic beast is still alive and well.
  5. I wouldnt worry too much about getting a 3 iron hybrid to fit in with your R7's. The 4 iron is 22* which makes it pretty much a real 3 iron.
  6. I always love to see a golf related forum flirt with threshold of absurdity. However, to answer the question, I would say racism is still very prevalent in America. Did I see the US Senator debate in Texas? No. I'm a Texan and I don't believe anyone of those idiots represent 1/4 of what I believe so to hell with 'em both.
  7. The 58/8* wedge looks like a T grind variant and the 52* looks like it has some trailing edge relief. I'm really not 100% though.
  8. 95% of the time I use my 58*/12* SM Vokey for all greenside shots and bunkers. The other 5% of the time I use my 52* Vokey 200. I have been using the 52*-58* configuration for a while now and, at least for me, it is the most versatile setup to have. I tried the 52-56-60 setup and discovered that having a 58* wedge with the right grind could easily replace the 56* and 60* wedges.
  9. PW are usually anywhere between 45-48* (although sometimes you will find PW's as low as 43*, 44* and as high as 49*). Gap wedges are usually around 50*, 51*, 52*, 53*, and sometimes 54*. But this doesnt mean you couldnt use the 53 or 54 as a strong sandwedge (alot of players use a 54*SW). Sand wedges are between 53*, 54*, 55*, 56*, 57* 58*, 59* and 60* (58* 59 and 60* depends on the bounce angle). Lob wedges are 58*, 59*, 60*, 61*, 62*, 63*, and 64* and can be identified with a low bounce angle (ie, 60/4 or 60/6, etc). As a beginner, I would suggest carrying a driver, 5 wood, a couple of hybrids to replace your 3,4,5,6 irons as they tend to be a little difficult to hit consistently, 7,8,9,PW, 52* GW, and a 58* SW/LW (10* or 12* bounce), and a putter. This configuration would suit a beginner well and you always add in your mid and long irons as you get better and take out your hybrids.
  10. I can appreciate that. I've also been curious what, if any, other OEM's build their clubs in the USA.
  11. It will be the L.A. Dodgers and the L.A. Angels playing in the World Series. I couldnt care less who wins as long as it's not Boston or the Cubs. Go Astros 09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. get a 48* wedge and make your new 44*pw your new 9 iron. Then add a 53* and a 58* or 54* and 60*.
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