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  1. Hey guys, just moved down to the Fuquay-Varina area south of Raleigh. I'm looking for a course to join in the area for a decent price (none of this 20,000$ initiation fee stuff). Id like to stay within a 20 min drive because of my work schedule. If anybody has suggestions that would be great, thanks for the help
  2. Bethpage Black Tee Times

    Shot 81 from the tips, the course was brutally hard when you missed the fairway. I was a little surprised by how flat the greens were. All in all a great trip and a new favorite course, course was in phenomenal shape.
  3. Bethpage Black Tee Times

    Thanks for all the help everybody, I have an 8:03 am tee time tomorrow, cant wait to play.
  4. Got a question for anybody who has played the course recently. I live in the syracuse area and will only be here for a few more weeks. I want to play the black course while I am still a NYS resident. I'm thinking about going down to play this coming Wednesday. Wondering if the better strategy is to camp out in my car overnight or try the tee time reservation system? Also, if I camp out in my car what time I need to get there Tuesday night? Thanks for the help