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  1. While I really appreciate the feedback, I was hoping to hear from the people who actually read the book and/or viewed the videos and put the A Swing into use on the course. Still hoping to get some feedback from them.
  2. It has been over a month. To those of you who tried the A Swing, please post an update of your experiences on course, video if possible. Just ordered the book and am curious if those who had success early on are staying with it.
  3. Am I delusional or does Dustin Johnson's swing have a lot of Dante in it?
  4. There was a very knowledgeable poster on golftuitiononline.com named Ted who went by rotator. He used 4mm quite effectively and was able to give some good insights into the method. Wish I had a way to contact him. He wasn't your usual poster in that he was always helpful and never a discouraging word about anyone. The difficult thing about Dante is it seems that no one teaches it and the only discussions on message boards are infrequent.
  5. It has been a few years since I used the 4 magic moves, but my iron play as of late has been so bad I started re-reading Dante. I originally had a lot of difficulty with woods.
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