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  1. New wedge?

    Thanks for all the replies. I DID NOT buy a new wedge. After taking the clubs out of the rafters, it's my 58 degree that's pretty beat up. The 54 isn't too bad. I ended up going to the range this weekend, and spent a LOT of time chipping. Practiced Flop Shots, and wedge play in general. After an hour or so, the ball was stopping pretty good. NO backspin, but not running off the green either. Now I just need to bring that to the course.
  2. New wedge?

    Good day all, I’m kicking around getting a new wedge, and I’m wondering what you all think. I currently have a Pitching wedge, my 100 yard club. I have a Cleveland 54˚, which I use from 80 yards to the green. I also have a Cleveland 58˚, which I very seldom use. I normally am not able to put a lot of spin on the ball. I focus on hitting the green, and that’s about it. My Summer goal is to learn to spin it…hit the green and make it stop. My 54˚ is pretty well used, I bought it used…lot’s of wear on the face, scratches, etc. Do you think it’s worth it for my skill level to buy a new wedge at this time? Or should I wait until I see if I can learn it, then get a new wedge? Thanks in advance.
  3. 2016 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    If you ever get a chance to play The Castle Course at Northern Bay in Central Wisconsin, they have a few replica hôles, and 18 there is a duplicate of 18 at Bay Hill. Seeing it yesterday on TV, and having played Northern Bay, it seemed like I was (almost) there myself. Especially when I saw balls go in the drink. I've done that plenty.
  4. Article on: 42 ways to get fit

    As far as the gym membership goes... I've been a member for about 10-12 years. It's right on the way to work (A huge factor for me). I have to view it as part of my job. Wake up, grab a bite to eat, go to the gym, shower, then go to work. I go to the gym almost every day I go to work for a 30-45 minute workout. I do see the results...keeping the weight off, no more back problems, easier rehab from my double knee replacement. But I still don't like going there.
  5. Taylormade irons

    So I did some quick research on 4 different sets in the same price range. I picked only the 7 iron...like I said...QUICK. The HL was 32* loft. All others were in the 30 to 31-something degree. Would the increased loft help golfer like me? I plan to hit various sets before buying.
  6. I'm looking at a new set of irons, as mine are currently over 10 years old. I'm a High Handicap shooter, and I don't plan on spending gallons of money on irons. My question is this. What is the big difference between Rocketballz HL and Rocketblade HP irons. Both are within my budget. I know the HL is for High Loft. HP is for ?? Any difference besides the loft? Thanks in advance, WindLaker
  7. My surgery was 8 weeks yesterday. 16 weeks would be in March...plenty of time to get ready for golf season here in WI. I sure hope I'm as lucky as your friend.
  8. I had a Double Knee Replacement on November 11. Back to work 1/2 days on December 14 (I have a desk job). Back to work Full time January 4. While doing some shopping on New Year's Eve, I swung by Golfsmith. I swung a 6 iron for about 20 balls. Hit a majority of them straight and in the air. I was only taking about 3/4 backswing and not a full follow through. I thought the recovery would be quicker. Knees are still swollen and achey. joekelly, how long did it take you to get back to "Normal" golf? Windlaker
  9. Arthroscopic knee surgery

    Played my first 18 holes (actually 21 holes) Friday night since my April 10 surgery. Things went well. After the 3 Sudden Death playoff holes, I was feeling OK. Especially since I beat my brother! The Meniscus pain is 100% gone. The Arthritis pain is killing me. I was told it was a possible side effect...I guess I got a winning ticket on that front. We took a cart. I cannot see myself walking even 9 holes, based on how my knee feels now. After the round, it was a little achey. Had a big Margarita, but my knee up with some ice on it, and all was right with the world. Woke up Saturday, feeling no worse for the wear.
  10. Growing old is NOT for the faint of heart.
  11. Have you ever hit anybody golfing?

    I've never hit anyone. I've never get hit with a ball. When we were kids, our Dad's cut down some clubs for us to hit in the yard. So my buddy is setting up to hit a ball, and I'm "next in line". As he does his takeaway (which was like "Crack the Whip") the shaft flies out of the handle and hits me square in the knee. Actually, the same knee I just had surgery on a month ago. His Dad sets us both down, ha has comparing my kneecap to my buddy's, to see if they feel the same. Big lump and a bruise, but no blood.
  12. Arthroscopic knee surgery

    Played my first 9 holes last night since the surgery. Shot a 48...around my average, so I wasn't too upset. Great getting out again. No surgical pain at all. The arthritis pain was getting bad the last two holes (we took a cart), but I don't feel it affected my game. I had my long drive of the day (and a MISSED Birdie putt...AAARGH!) on the 9th hole. All in all, I'd things are great regarding the surgery, so-so with the side effects (increased Arthritis pain).
  13. Arthroscopic knee surgery

    Went again to the driving range yesterday. Got a large bucket of balls. Chipped & putted for about 45 minutes, then hit the whole bucket. No knee pain whatsoever. Only one downside to my surgery.... The Doc mentioned that the arthritis pain may change because of the surgery...could get better or worse...different side effects for different patients. The arthritis pain in my Left Knee (the one with the surgery) has been increasing as time goes on. It's pretty painful right now to walk due to the Arthritis. The Meniscus pain is completely gone. I go for a followup appointment in a couple of weeks. At that time (if this pain stays as is) I'm going to ask for a cortisone shot. I know this isn't a "Magic Bullet", but I don't want any more surgery until after Golf and Hunting season. I've come to the conclusion that I'll be taking a cart this year, unless something drastic happens. But at least I'm golfing. WindLaker
  14. Arthroscopic knee surgery

    Went out and did some easy swinging yesterday. Only took my wedge and my putter to the range. Chipped around the practice green for about 30 minutes, putted for another 30. Then to the medium bucket and took full swings (with the wedge). No pain while shooting. Felt a little achey after a couple of hours, but no pain. Had the surgery on Friday the 10th. Happy with my progress. Still doing the exercised the Doc (and joekelly) gave me. Going to the gym after work tonight for the 1st time. All seems to be going great. WindLaker
  15. Arthroscopic knee surgery

    Joekelly, I've added your yoga to my exercise routine provided by the Doc. He has one similar, but I've added yours anyway. The rehab is going well. Using a cane @ work (I do a l ot of walking), but around the house walking without assistance. No Meniscus pain, very little surgical pain. Have taken no Narcotics or even Advil since Sunday AM. Very little swelling, but then again I spent almost all weekend watching The Masters with my leg up and ice on the knee. Have not swung a club yet. Asked the Doc about it the day of the surgery. He said I cannot damage anything by swinging, but it may hurt. Maybe this weekend I'll take some easy swings in the yard and see how it feels. WindLaker

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