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  1. The Land of "They got it right". Almost back to normal. Masks NOT mandatory, since the Governor's Mandates were ruled unconstitutional (rightfully so). Wear them if you want to. Maybe 5% to 10% wear them inside. One or two of the employees wear them...it's their choice. We can pull the flags if desired. Still have the foam in the cups. No ball washers, no rakes. No limitations on carts. Beer carts are working on the weekends.
  2. I have a friend that thought his kid would make it to the Big Leagues in baseball. Ever since he was 10-12 years old, traveling teams, baseball camps. Easter Break would send him all over the Country to baseball camps...one time to Puerto Rico. He and his wife kept talking about getting scouted, getting a scholarship. Other friends of mine that had their kids on the same teams said "He's OK, but he's not great". Never even got a sniff at a scholarship. I played softball with two twins that had made it to A Level baseball with the Orioles. Those two were head and shoulders above every
  3. It's $900.00 at my club in SE Wisco...yeah, way too much.
  4. We love it at our course. The way we do it is one guy enters it on his phone, another guy enters it on the card. Helps if there is ever a conflict as well. All the wagers are marked on the card as well. Our Men's Club helps pay for the software, since we use it most of the time.
  5. A divider? Outside? The air currents while driving the cart isn't going move the air around? Unbelieveable.
  6. 59 years old. Had a double knee replacement back in 2015. No pain in the knees. Hit the gym every weekday. Stretches, core exercises, strength training, cardio. I HATE going to the gym, but it keep the weight off, and keeps my back in shape. Take 2 Aleve in the morning and 2 in the evenings. Stretch back, hips & legs for about 5 minute prior to golf. I can play 36 holes in a day, or 18 a few days in a row. A LITTLE bit of an achey back, but nothing terrible. A cocktail always helps.
  7. I use The Grint app on my phone. GPS seems close enough for my golf game. My family all uses it to keep track of handicaps. Make betting a lot easier, as long as everyone agrees to handicapping the group.
  8. I should tattoo this on the back of my hand, to remind me of this mid-round. Thanks, David.
  9. I've worn glasses since 4th grade. Let 20 years or so, I switched to contacts with sunglasses. Wore the sunglasses all the time except for putting. Had problems looking out of the corner of my eyes, seeing the frame, yada yada yada. Got prescription sunglasses a few months ago Have not golfed with them yet, but I have been putting with them (since I won't be able to take them off during shots). I've been lining up & hitting my putts by keeping the hole inside my glasses frame, and looking at the ball minimally, or out of the corner of my eye. Seems to be working OK durin
  10. Old Pro, I like your "Drinking Thinking". Now, I just have to remember it on the course!
  11. #1 - Anti Gun. I don't need another Liberal Media Puke telling me to turn in my guns during Sunday Night Football. Having to listen to Tony Dungy is bad enough. #2 - Seems think he's WAY better than the everyday guy. I used to like him, back in the 80's - 90's. Great at baseball. The local morning DJ's had him on the radio numerous times (they worked together in Ohio back in the early 80's) and he was a hoot. Now, he's just way to full of himself.
  12. It sounds like you love your current job and playing with your buddies, so I wouldn't stray from that at 25. Agreed. Take it from a 59 year old. Married, had kids in the house. Still married, kids are gone. I'm just now getting to enjoy golfing almost whenever I want. Loving it. Keep your real job, and play as often as you can. Once a wife & kids come along, you probably won't have the time you do now.
  13. Emergency fix... Don't take a full backswing. SLOW DOWN. Works for me.
  14. The ONLY time I play 9 holes in is league...after work. Almost never time after work for 18 holes.
  15. I've been playing in a league for about 10 years now. It's been pretty good. Most of the guys are decent enough. It "Guarantees" I'll get out on a regular basis. Always a chance for some prize money (our league is handicapped). Really no downside, IMO.
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