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  1. Old Pro, I like your "Drinking Thinking". Now, I just have to remember it on the course!
  2. #1 - Anti Gun. I don't need another Liberal Media Puke telling me to turn in my guns during Sunday Night Football. Having to listen to Tony Dungy is bad enough. #2 - Seems think he's WAY better than the everyday guy. I used to like him, back in the 80's - 90's. Great at baseball. The local morning DJ's had him on the radio numerous times (they worked together in Ohio back in the early 80's) and he was a hoot. Now, he's just way to full of himself.
  3. It sounds like you love your current job and playing with your buddies, so I wouldn't stray from that at 25. Agreed. Take it from a 59 year old. Married, had kids in the house. Still married, kids are gone. I'm just now getting to enjoy golfing almost whenever I want. Loving it. Keep your real job, and play as often as you can. Once a wife & kids come along, you probably won't have the time you do now.
  4. Emergency fix... Don't take a full backswing. SLOW DOWN. Works for me.
  5. The ONLY time I play 9 holes in is league...after work. Almost never time after work for 18 holes.
  6. I've been playing in a league for about 10 years now. It's been pretty good. Most of the guys are decent enough. It "Guarantees" I'll get out on a regular basis. Always a chance for some prize money (our league is handicapped). Really no downside, IMO.
  7. My personal best yesterday (8/26). Shot an 87. 6250 yards. 11 FIR, only 4 GIR. Made some great up and downs to save par.
  8. Walking, twilight rates, used clubs...plenty of ways to make golf cheaper than other hobbies. Agreed. I rarely pay full price for golf. I'm a cheapskate.
  9. Nothing really to do with "Gamesmanship", more about getting in my own head. This week in our league, I was matched up against my instructor. Thought about it all day long, leading up to the match. 1st hole, slice on into a pond. 2nd hole, tried to lay up on a hole with a creek out at 235 yards. Hit my H3 right into the creek. Farthest I've EVER hit that club...normally good for 210-220. I ALWAYS hit that club on that hole, and NEVER hit the creek. Goes on from there. Totally psyched myself out.
  10. We waived a twosome on last Friday. I was playing in a foursome. The course was dead, so it made no sense to have this twosome behind us. Plus, they were better golfers than we were.
  11. We play in a league. 5:15 Tee Time, shotgun start. There is another league that tees off at 4:00 to 4:30...NOT a shotgun start. The course always puts us on the same 9, due to a ladies lesson/league night on the other 9. For the last month, we've never got done before 7:45. Always waiting on every hole. We're considering moving to a different course. No way EVERY week should take 2.5 hours for 9 holes.
  12. I'm 58 years old. Been playing since I was about 17. Took my 1st lessons about 5 years ago. The 1st two years were absolute Hell. trying to un-learn 30-some years of bad form. Finally now, the lesson have become fully ingrained for my shots. I'm not having to do a mental checklist for every shot. I'm not having to replace my golf glove every few weeks due to a worn out heel. I'm hitting the ball farther than I ever have. I still have some blowup holes...that's why my handicap isn't coming down as much as I'd like. Stick with it...you'll get there.
  13. I've been playing since 1975 (or so) and have never got a Hole in One. Had 4 or 5 within a foot, but never in. I never took a lesson until about 5 years ago. I wish I'd have done it YEARS ago. I'm playing the best golf of my life now, even though my handicap is still real high.
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