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  1. I am building a set of clubs. I currently bought my irons (Callaway X-20 Rifle 6.0 Steel Shaft +1" 2UP) and I am currently looking at putters and drivers. Which ones are good for a person shooting in the 90s that are at a reasonable price?
  2. What do you guys think is the best bag ( I am specifically looking at Callaway, Ogio, and Titleist) with full length dividers?
  3. What are the best golf bags you would suggest buying and why? I am looking to buy a new stand bag even though I use a cart more often than not. thanks
  4. Also I am 6'5 and have my irons at +1 inch, is it necessary or beneficial to get your wedges lengthened as well or does standard length work?
  5. Is it necessary to have a gap wedge (50 deg.), sand wedge (56 deg) and a lob wedge (60 deg.) or can manage without the lob wedge?
  6. Is it bad to use the same brand bag as any of the clubs in your bag?????
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