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  1. My Swing (Psyco)

    Yesterday with trackman
  2. My Swing (Psyco)

    Now i play thin, fat shot, push slice (iron) , snap hook (driver), hard time to play golf :) Today i have try short my swing after 18 bad holes.
  3. My Swing (Psyco)

    I work on my new swing in this holidays. I have more problem to do the correct movement. Yesterday i have play a nice louisiana with nice shot and a perfect driver. I have try to play a fade on every shot for stop my hands flipping in a devastate hook and this has succefull work. Now i don't hook the ball but the flight is a little pull or fade 5-15 meters right to flag. I try to coming more inside to the ball with passive hands for try to eliminate the fade effect. For mvmacs and iacas: i work to sliding and short my backswing but is very hard for me. I need much more time and more pratice for resett my old swing. New video
  4. My Swing (Psyco)

    ok i short the backswing do 1 /4 of swing. The other part of my backswing is better of my previous video?
  5. My Swing (Psyco)

    The stall at the top is bad because my wrists give away and the club go down. I have try many times to block my wrists but i have not been successful
  6. My Swing (Psyco)

    New video of progress It's very difficult for me play with this move if it's correct. I need more pratice I have play yesterday with 90% of power with iron and driver. Much better, straight ball and good timing. No pull hook but only little draw 10 meters off from fairway and two driver center of the fairway.
  7. My Swing (Psyco)

    Thx i try saturday in the pratice range. It's possible my hook is caused left chicken wing over a bad weight transfer?
  8. My Swing (Psyco)

    I have see the video mvmac and i have try the correct move at home
  9. My Swing (Psyco)

    Front Iron swing Front Driver Swing
  10. My Swing (Psyco)

    Thx for the help. Saturday i try weight shift and turn and i make new video. There are a drills for training that in my house? I have little space for swing where train during the week.
  11. My Swing (Psyco)

    In this video there is the face of my driver. Saturday i try do better video of my swing. Unfortunately i play golf only saturday and sunday.
  12. My Swing (Psyco)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: hook and push/slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull hock Videos: Driver And a good iron when i don't push the ball. Im working to eliminate my overswing and across the line. But i need know if the problem of my hook is a esagerate in to out path. 2 month ago my swing was out to in and i worked to change the path.
  13. Hi from italy :)

    Hi all!!!! My name is Matteo I start play golf two years ago, now i play a 13 index and i have more problem in my swing to be solved. I read many thread in this forum wich have help me to improve my golf and my swing. Now, i wanna partecipate actively in this forum for help another users to improve their game. Thx all

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