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  1. My most favorite memory was when Freddie Couples was 2 back of leader going into the 16th hole. his second shot on the par 5 almost went into the water then kicked opposit direction of where the ball was headed landing just off the fringe. putts to make eagle and the crowd just goes crazy. noise heard all over the golf course. leaders who heard the noise was worried and choked making bogies after hearing the noise.....it was monty and someone else who were the leaders. next hole, the island green for freddie, lands safely about 20 ft away.....makes the putt for birdie....crowd goes just bizerk. end of story. just one of the best finish of all time.
  2. anybody know the exact date when Titleist 905 drivers hit the stores?
  3. thanks to both of you that replied. i guess its just investing more money into this game. every year i seem to invesst lots of money. i think i should really go see a shrink
  4. Just curious how big of a difference it would make to one's game by having clubs that are custom fitted versus off the rack standard stuff?? currently my golf game is going the wrong direction. my mental game is just not what it used to be.....i think i have ADD or something. ive been reworking my swing and in the process, i lost my mojo. i can't hit any greens....not comfortable with chipping, putting, working the ball, basically not the 3 handicap i used to be. recently ive been playing to a 9 handy, and its pretty ugly 9 to. somebody help my game out
  5. one group of foursome we ante up $50 bucks a piece. $20 front and $20 back. $10 goes towards the KP pot which someone buys a box of proVX. winner of KP wins a sleeve. you can win a box with a 10$ investment....kinda of gives it a tourney experience.
  6. where do you get those moving icons? there hilarious!!
  7. my list of favorites in order: 1) can't be any prettier than Fred Couples swing. Hands down, THE most prettiest swing in the universe. 2) Tom Purtzer......how can such a nice swing not win more tournaments?? 3) Davis Love.......i heard his swing is the most technically sound 4) Ernie Els ........smooth as a dove 5) Jeff Maggert.....the swing i try to imitate....his my size.
  8. The whole ABC crew with the exception of Nick Faldo should all be fired. How u feel about Judy, i feel about Tirico. Next time u watch golf on ABC, listen to his announcing very closely. All he ever announces are numbers and name of events. it will drive u up the wall. the guy has such dry personality. i hate it when ABC covers any golf tournament. CBS....how coverage should be NBC....not to far off....i like Johnny ABC....pleez fire mike tirico
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