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  1. I used to think it would be nice to shoot bogey golf on a regular basis (and I still don't know), but after observing other golfers and reading here, I'm thinking bogey is just an intermediate goal. Too bad because I think of golf as a social tool and I need all the tools I can get in that department. When I play now, I don't feel too social around strangers with my ~50 round and they are shooting in the low 40's.
  2. This is interesting. At least to me - I started golfing about 15 years ago, but have recently returned after a somewhat self-imposed exile from the game. Just before golf season got going, I started to have the inside elbow pain you're talking about. The pain is mostly gone after 3-1/2 months. I didn't know what to do for it, but will mark this thread in case it returns. Thanks for the info, guy!
  3. I had to check with a semi-private course close by here and at one time they suspended their initiation fee. These new members who didn't have to pay the initiation fee, had full golf playing privileges but no voting rights. They could pay the initiation fee at a later date to get voting rights. This makes sense to me: The club gets new, paying members who want to play golf but these members cannot influence the club's future as much. If the member finds the club enjoyable enough, there is incentive to pay those initiation fees. Maybe this doesn't work out normally, though...?
  4. Me neither. But I wouldn't mind shadowing Fred Couples. His swing seemed so smooth, and I always got the impression that his attitude, in general, is so easy going that I wouldn't mind some pointers. PK
  5. Well, that's too bad. I imagine it was a lack of demand decision. Or maybe just a hassle compared to selling OEM. That's the way it goes sometimes.... Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hey there - 10+ years ago I started building my Golfsmith pro wedges and ended up with a bag full of Golfsmith clubs. That was a few years ago and not that I think I want new clubs lately, but started looking on Golfsmith's website and noticed that the component selection is much less than I remembered. Their clubmaker's forum seems to be gone, too, even though they still have at least one link to the forum that gives an error. Is this a recent development? Is component club building lost it's edge for one reason or another? I see I paid $26.50 for each iron head so I thought I got quality clubs and still think that today, but maybe it makes more sense these days to buy brand name, assembled clubs? TNX PK
  7. We had a golfer throw his club in a tree. Later in the season we had an informal tournament with gifts and someone made sure this guy got a specific package. You had to see his face when he opened it to find that club he threw away. Funny.... I think he got that gift a few times, too. When I am most upset with my shot, it's because my expectations were higher than the resulting shot. Probably too high. The more I play, the better my golf *should* be is probably my reasoning. The first time I am out for the season is better because I'm not expecting much.
  8. I was having a normal, crappy, round a while back when I came up to the 17th green and noticed something in the right-hand sand bunker. I went to investigate and found a sand wedge snapped in half and stuck upright in the sand. I didn't see it happen, but could relate somewhat.
  9. I wonder if those numbers will come up in time. I think 50 +/- years ago, it seemed almost taboo to be left-handed.
  10. My wife is also left handed. When she took up golf, I suggested that she start right handed because of available equipment and it seems golf instructions are referenced from a right-handed golfer's point of view. PK
  11. I seem to have similar problems. This year, my larger head driver is doing nothing but starting right, staying right. I dropped back to my smaller driver and am staying in the fairway much more often. I need to get a tune up. PK
  12. Thank you both for taking the time to post your insight. That helps somewhat. I appreciate it.
  13. If I may ask, do you have full voting privileges or do you have some reduced benefit(s)? And, I assume a club that is closer to failing financially wouldn't be passing out too many returned initiation fees without some structured exit strategy. Maybe a new member needs to signup/pay before returning money? TIA.
  14. When a club suspends initiation fees, I think I understand the potential long-term benefits of increased membership, but how do the current, initiation fee-paying, members feel about this? I'm not sure how I would feel if I had paid my fee and I'm now golfing with someone who has less outlay in their membership and might not take care of the club as someone who paid more to be a member. I imagine this goes up for a vote, but still wonder... PK
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