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  1. What did Dan get out of this? What did we get out of this? ***if it inspires even one person to quit their day job and find happiness in their own plan, then the Dan Plan is a success.*** Should anyone quit their day job? Was this even a success? He didn't reach his goals (shocker) but the lack of updating is atrocious. Close to fraudulent for those that donated based on his story. Did he stop playing or stop posting? If he is injured, it is ok to say you are injured. Perhaps he just doesn't like golf and is not even trying to get through his injury. It is ironic that he is advocating quitting a day job to find their own passion when he never had any clue about professional golf. Before you quit your day job, you should know what you are getting yourself into at a minimum. There are many jobs where you just can't go back into if the "dream" plan doesn't work out. You just lost years of experience. And the majority of us have day jobs because we have financial obligations. Dan doesn't have a wife or kids. He is responsible only to himself.
  2. He really aged. [quote name="DrvFrShow" url="/t/45853/the-dan-plan-10-000-hours-to-become-a-pro-golfer-dan-mclaughlin/3528#post_1203583"]The reason for going to Florida would be the level of instruction available. But as has already been stated.... resources. [/quote] Which was also an undisclosed flaw in this plan. He didn't "retire' from a "job" to do this. He quit a free-lancing gig with a modicum of savings to try to reinvent himself and "sell" this to others to fund his golf-bum lifestyle. He conned a country club for a bit before they told him to the road. Who would pay him to be a motivational speaker?! This was all a horrible idea. He looks terrible, is injured, is mediocre at golf and broke. He lost four years building up a career.
  3. He didn't have a JOB to quit. He just stopped taking on new clients. He did decently as a gig. But not nearly enough to support 10,000 hours of golf AND living expenses. So, his "plan" from the outset relied on begging for money. GoFundMe. From his blog***Though his isn’t an easy endeavor and is quite possibly impossible, if it inspires even one person to quit their day job and find happiness in their own plan, then the Dan Plan is a success.*** Why is it a success if someone quits their day job? In fact, this "plan" should show exactly why you play golf for a hobby and don't quit your day job!
  4. I think this proved the exact opposite of what Dan wanted..."Don't quit your day job!" I thought he had enough savings for the 10,000 hours. Not. I thought he would update his journey. Not. I don't think he even had a real job to quit. What was his job? It sounds like he was a freelance photographer. It wasn't like he was a partner at a law firm or a doctor. He has done a decent job of getting stuff for free under the guise of "I am going to be on the PGA Tour".
  5. From his updated blog that goes on and on about some injury. ***Sorry for the long delay on posting, my mind has just not been on golf lately as I can’t do it and don’t like to think about what I am missing out on.*** This sums it up. He is not a guy who plays golf. He is not a golfer. The golfers that I know LIVE it. It oozes out regardless if they are playing it or not. They wear golf gear, follow the PGA Tour, and are always talking golf. Dan just comes off very lost. In life and this plan.
  6. The problem was that he was/is a novice golfer and designed the 10,000 hours around his lifestyle. He needed a dedicated person to control the 10,000 hours. And then perhaps he could say he reached his full potential whatever that is. This is 10,000 hours of goofing off at a local course. He was also doing a decent job on the marketing experiment side. But he has even let that lapse. His lack of playing tournaments has made each one now seem so important. If I was in charge, I would have him do 30 tournament rounds in the next 60 days. Does he want to at least pretend to attempt to being professional golfer? The ones that are really good and trying are so much more passionate about their game and golf than Dan. They will play a one-day Pepsi Tour event in Fresno if they have to. They will sleep in their cars.
  7. I would think after that Southwest article, he would be updating his website regularly, especially since he has more time with his injury. ***Every step of Dan’s journey from novice to professional golfer will be documented.*** ...or not. Where is his tournament summer schedule? If he wants money, it would be interesting to see all of the costs associated with this project so far as well as his future budget.
  8. Can't be him. The "real" anthony kim gets an exemption. I think there would be a lot more news if he secretly showed up like this.
  9. What a tough spot. If he doesn't play, he will be known as a sell-out. If he does compete and fails, he loses a fortune and financial security. Plus, the added pressure of scrutiny. Bottom line - too much fame and fortune at a young age.
  10. It is more he isn't being honest with us. I also think he is incredibly short-funded and needs to keep this charade up to keep the media and investor money flowing in. The Catch-22 of the more tournaments he plays, the more it will expose that he is just another amateur golfer. And that PGA Tour talk that generated interested becomes more of a joke.