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  1. Perhaps I didn't clarify, or perhaps you didn't read close enough, but I said it's typical for me to consistently shoot in the 90's. I've shot low 90's on great days but, more often than not, am shooting in the mid-to-upper 90's. It's also not uncommon for me to fail to break 100. I'm pretty adamant about playing by the book, so to speak. If you want to say I have a lack of knowledge of the game, fine, whatever, but I don't think that necessarily correlates directly to scoring, but I'm not going to argue that. The reason I ask is because I've never had a proper bag setup,
  2. This seems like the best area of the forum to put this. I have put off ditching my Walmart clubs and getting new ones for years due to the fact that I never felt it was worth it. Now that I play a bit more than I used to, want to dedicate time to getting better, and have some disposable income, I want to get a whole new setup. I obviously know I need a driver, putter and iron set. I'm looking at some game-improvement irons that are 4-AW and finding a driver and putter is a simple enough feat. My question: what else should I keep in my bag? Specifically, if I were to get an iron s
  3. You can't really compare being a musician to a golfer. In golf, most people just don't have the skills to become a professional. For musicians, there are plenty of people who gig local clubs that are much better musicians than a lot of highly successful artists, they're just never discovered.
  4. I have my own set of clubs, but last summer I didn't have any wedges in my bag, so I'd use my friends whenever I needed to hit a wedge shot. It did not slow up play at all. In fact, it might actually have sped it up because I was much better with his 56 degree from 75 yards in than I was trying to use my PW.
  5. What exactly goes down at a driver fitting and are they really necessary? Is the purpose really just to figure out what kind of shaft you should be using and seeing which driver you hit better/further?
  6. I think Tiger does plenty and it's really all he can do. It's really the game of golf that prevents a lot of black children from being more involved with the sport. I don't think there are too many inner city black kids that grow up wanting to play golf and those who do have those dreams, just simply cannot pursue them for financial reasons. That's why you see the NBA dominated by black players. Basketball is a sport where all you need is a ball and a hoop. It's not an expensive sport and there are tons of basketball courts in the inner city.
  7. So, say I needed longer irons and got fit and ordered them and they were great and worked out. Should I just use those same measurements to order my wedges then or should I go back and get fitted all over again for the wedges? And just because I need longer irons, doesn't mean I need a longer driver, right? Obviously I want to get fitted for everything properly, but these are just a few general questions I had.
  8. Look out for Suzann Pettersen. Runner-up two years in a row, she's bound to win one, right? Lol
  9. I use the Noodle Long & Softs and really like them. Not to mention, they're pretty cheap.
  10. I simply make a black aiming line halfway around the ball, usually covering the text that says what type of ball it is (i.e. Long & Soft). Does anyone have any tips for making a straighter line though? I have troubles with that sometimes. Lol
  11. Oh, and right now I play the Noodle Long & Softs Love the price of them and really like how they play.
  12. As a high handicapper, I completely agree with everything you've said. I'm in the process of upgrading my bag, but for now I use an old set of clubs I got from Walmart oh, probably close to ten years ago. I can hit/play decent with them, but when I've hit my friends driver on the range, there's a huge difference. I'm not saying technology and new clubs are magically going to bring me down to a single digit handicap, but nice equipment definitely helps your game. Anyone who says otherwise, in my opinion, is foolish.
  13. Yeah, I'm looking at a two wedge setup for now.
  14. How accurate are things like this? I've always sort of wondered how accurate the results they give you after those measurements are.
  15. jrode

    Tiger Love Fest

    Yes, I enjoyed watching golf more when he was away from the game. But more-so I'd just rather someone put him on his ass so to speak and put a little bit of a dent in his God-like status.
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