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  1. I guess that can work, but it seems like a pain to wad up tissue after each shot, I'll just use a short rubber tee holder, and a real tee for the height I want, they're only $5.
  2. The time has finally come here on LI, forecast for Friday is sunny and 70's, I don't think we've seen that since last September, what a brutal winter. Take a day off to play? yes please.
  3. While the 7-day forecast is kind of BS, I'll take it right now, because next weekend looks promising!
  4. April is cruel, so close and every day brings hope for tomorrow, but it seems to just get colder and snow keeps falling, this is nothing new, May is usually when the season really starts, anything in April is just a bonus. Glad I love the range.
  5. It's all a huge part of the game, I don't think anyone who plays well will attempt to argue that GIR isn't anything short of the primary mission, the big stat, a good score starts there, but when you see people that can't break 100 3-putt time and again you know it would be huge for them to fix that, and when you see Ian Poulter drain a 20' to force a playoff and then go on to win, that's huge.
  6. I watch it all so I wouldn't change much, get rid of the movies would be one thing, I don't need to see Tin Cup again, just rerun some old tournament, actually I would like to see more old events shown, US Opens and Masters especially. Bring back Holly of course, that girl is getting old somewhere unseen, it's a crime.
  7. I'm not for any of the changes the OP suggests, I like big greens and long putts. All I ask is that the entire bag is being challenged for the pros often, to be considered a golfer worthy of making millions I think a player should be looking at many different yardages throughout every round, so if the game is at the point where long clubs are not being challenged much it's time for change, whatever that may be. The problem is how to you setup a course to challenge the bag of a Dustin Johnson and not unfairly hurt the guy who's 50 yds behind him? I don't know that they can, so here we ar
  8. Golf is a far better game when the entire bag is challenged, where choices are presented to the player, and shot shapes are needed to excel, risk reward, various clubs off the tee. The game has gotten away from all this because of length, now we see driver-wedge all too often, the courses had no choice but to move the tees back and that leaves nothing interesting about the holes, because they weren't designed to push the tees back, now its just hit the ball 300 yds, roll out to 350 and enjoy a nice approach. Another bad thing about it is what's happening with the players, young kids are
  9. Agreed, stand wherever you want, it doesn't bother me, talk all you want as well. I wouldn't mind someone asking me to move, whatever, but it sounds a bit uptight to me.
  10. The tour may have a problem with too much distance, but not the amateur game, and I agree it's not so much the ball but the ball does play a part. I think the only reason its really a problem on tour is because many great courses are getting longed out, so they won't be considered for events, which is a shame, otherwise the tour loves it and will continue to support the length.
  11. I'm a musician, I have a gig tonight, and I'm just OK at golf. I don't think it helps at all, because golf is so much more than good tempo or rhythm. But I would think dancers can make for great golfers, more so than a musician.
  12. I'm a fan and watch the LPGA all the time, I'll take that tour over the Champions any day. And I think most know how good the ladies are- very good. But the bottom line is most fans of the game are men, and most men only want to marvel at the very elite players of a sport, they want to see the player do things they simply cannot do, and that's the PGA, sorry ladies but even your best is not as good as the men and that will always keep the LPGA from getting as much "credit" as the PGA.
  13. True, but I don't see why anyone would care about that whatever the case, the other drugs in his system are far more alarming.
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