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  1. Hey! Who you calling a beginner? hahahaha! I've been misquoted! 😉
  2. I am the opposite. My hybrid is the most unpredictable club in my bag. No problems off the tee, but hitting hybrid and 3 wood off the deck can be unpredictable for me at times.
  3. I think "shifting your weight" if often misunderstood... even by decent players.
  4. I'm 49 and have lower back issues. I have to balance practice and keeping my body healthy enough to golf the weekend. I just found out that I can't go a week without hitting a ball and expect to play my normal game. ha! I always end a session with a good drive. I've taken a sleeve of balls out of my bag to do so before. 😉
  5. I used to have a problem closing the face on partial wedge shots or partial punch outs under trees. I tend to leave the face open when I swing easy. Try closing the face at address 15-20* when you hit these shots at the range. It sure helped me a lot.
  6. I've seen long drive guys that allow their lead arm to bend some. They probably would rather have a longer swing than a straight left arm. They are a whole different breed though. I think the term for the lead arm should probably be straight-ish.
  7. I should try this with my full swing. ha! I never clear my hips enough.
  8. I occasionally stop by this site and saw this thread. I thought... how hard could it be? I got a bogie on the par 5 SECOND HOLE! Still shot my first under par round in two years. It took 4 birds to do it. I'll take a 71 and bogie 6 any day. ha!
  9. That seems like way too much club.
  10. The rule reads, "______ Hole" Funny... That's what my friends call me.
  11. Power lines must be the only "reload for free" obstacle. What if you bounce off the windmill and deflect off the clown's mouth? ;)
  12. Thanks for the info! I've never hit one before and the guy I was playing with was very sure of the rule. I wasn't the first to hit this thing, as it had about 50 dents in it already!
  13. Sorry if this has been brought up before... I hit my 2nd shot on a par 5. I hit a thin 3 wood and it absolutely nailed an electrical box. A playing partner said I get a free redo. I never knew this rule, but re-hit. Was he correct? Yesterday my high capper buddy hit a worm burner that nailed a "no carts" sign that sits 8" off the ground. He brought up my redo with that electrical box and wanted the same do over. I told him I thought it was different. We don't play for money or anything, but I was curious about these two situations. Thanks in advance!
  14. I've seen a drill where you put a golf ball under the outside of your back foot. It will be really tough to sway back.
  15. I'm around a 5 and I'm not even close to scratch. + golfers are from another planet.
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