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  1. Dang. I forgot August 11 due to some family stuff. But I did get in a few swings against my impact screen working on slowing the hands. August 12th Played 18. Was not pretty. Shot a 105. Looking at the video I took, I'm coming across the ball bad.
  2. August 10, Hit about 75 balls into my impact screen. Took slow deliberate swings working on keeping my trail foot from spinning out towards the ball. This has been my biggest struggle.
  3. August 9, 2017 Made slow and deliberate practice swings working on keeping my head back yet getting my weight forward. At the same time I'm keeping an eye on my shoulder tilt to make sure it's 90 degrees to my spine tilt. Did this for a few minutes then hit about 20 balls into my impact screen.
  4. I did a search and didn't see anything posted about this, but I wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue. As you can see in the pictures, my 5 Iron has a chip in the outside face slot and my 6 Iron, a little less noticeable, has is starting to pop our and crack. I'm going to be contacting TaylorMade regarding this, but I'm concerned that they will just send me two new heads that will do the same thing. I've read that people have upgraded to the 770's with a few hundred dollar up-charge, but I can't do that right now and also there is no way I can hit that club. I got the M2's because they are game improvement and now looking at it, I don't know why they would put that in there. The people these clubs are geared towards, seems they like me, would have issues with striking the center on a consistent basis. Just curious on everyone else thoughts or experiences. I have the whole M2 line from AW-4I, Rescue, 3 Wood and Driver. I love them, but this is concerning 5 Iron 6I
  5. August 8th Spent about 15 minutes working on my swing in the backyard. Working on getting the feeling of keeping my head behind the ball but getting my weight forward. Started off with super slow swings and progressed in speed up to about 75%.
  6. August 7 Did about 50 swings in my back yard with the step drill working on getting my weight forward. Tried to hit a few in the garage but ended up shanking a lot of them so I went back and did 50 more swings. Still also focusing on spine tilt at the top of the swing.
  7. August 6th Played 18. Shot a 95 which was better than it felt. Had about 5 penalties, so I know the round could have been better. Focused on taking easy smooth swings. Learned I hit better/longer shots with what feels like soft arms through impact.
  8. August 5th More work on my take away and getting my shoulder tilt on my back swing to be 90 degrees to my spine angle through some swings in my backyard while watching myself in the reflection of my sliding glass door. Then went into the garage and hit some balls into my impact screen focusing on what I was working on.
  9. August 4th Worked on my take away in the back yard for about 5 minutes. Tried to keep the lower body quiet and move the ball towards the ball and not towards the trail knee. Then went in and hit about 30 balls in my garage into my impact screen. Worked on getting forward.
  10. August 3rd. Had a 30 minute lesson today. Worked on being less spinny with my trail leg and hips. I seem to have an issue with being able to separate the lower and upper body. I was making good contact during the lesson, but still a lot of work to do.
  11. August 2nd More practice swings in my backyard for about 10 minutes, working on shoulder turn and tilt. Then I went into the garage and hit about 20 balls focusing on the shoulder turn and tilt. While hitting, I was also aware of my temporary, trying to get that to come naturally.
  12. August 1st Just spent about 15 to 20 minutes working on my shoulder turn and getting to be 90 degrees to my spine angle. It was recently pointed out that my shoulder turn is flat, causing me to cut across the ball. The work consisted of using a long rod across my shoulders and turning and making turns trying to make sure the rod points a foot or two outside of where the ball is. I also worked on stretching in order to make this turn more natural.
  13. Golf Balls

    I used to go cheapest, because I will end up hitting them into a location in which I will not be able to find it. Then I started going by feel. I started with Noodle because I loved the feel. I dabbled in Nike for a bit, and then back to Noodle. I'm now settled on Bridgestone. I've hit a few ProV balls in my day. Usually a sleeve that was part of a tourney girft bag. I never felt comfortable with them. I would be curious about how the Snells feel.
  14. My Swing (Rsuslow)

    Great information, iacas. Thank you. I am going to have to pull out a mirror and start to get the feel of where my shoulders should be. I think I'm also going to have to start stretching so it doesn't feel uncomfortable and easier to do more naturally.