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  1. Not sure if you can help me or not...I have a conventional set of Rocketballz irons currently with the normal 85gram shafts. I have a driver club head speed of 105mph and my 7 iron averages about 95mph...the trajectory I hit the ball was tracked at being much higher then normal so a club pro told me to look into a heavier shaft to get a lower more penetrating ball flight. I was thinking of going with a stiff true temper dynamic gold s300 with a weight of 121 grams. Being a novice, this is the first time I have stepped into the shaft arena. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Should I be using a lower cg iron set?

    Thanks...great info....think I'll stick it out.
  3. Wanted to see if anybody had some feedback on the CG of Irons...I am a big taylormade iron fan and have been using the rocketballz irons for the last year. I like the irons but heard the rocketbladez were a better iron overall, so I ordered a set. After reading about the rocketbladez I found they have a 6% lower CG then the rocketballz. Everything I've been reading says that a lower CG is designed to lift the ball higher in the air...My issue is I already have a very high launch angle already when hitting my irons and I'm not sure if the lower cg in the rocketbladez will cause me to lose distance...Should I cancel my order? or am I concerned for no reason? Any feedback would be much appreciated...